Wayhaven Chronicles Fanwork! Everyones art in the first post!


Just something short about sad baby detective just wanting to go to the carnival.


Another car zoomed past and Zoë’s shoulders drooped a little more. She glanced at the clock again sighed, breath fogging the glass. Rebecca was already an hour late.

“Zoë? I don’t think she’ll be home in time.” Alice took her by the shoulder and pulled her away gently. There was a lyrical cadence to her words. “Go wash up. I’ll let you pick two bedtime stories tonight.”

“Please, Miss Alice, just ten more minutes?” Zoë pleaded, not noticing the surprise that flashed across her nanny’s countenance.

Alice composed herself quickly. “Oh, alright, then. But if she’s not here, it’s bedtime.”

“She’ll be here.”

Except that ten minutes passed and she wasn’t. Another fifteen passed—because Alice loved her too much to deny her this—and Rebecca’s car still didn’t roll into the driveway. Alice eyed the sky. It was still a deep blue this late in the summer. “Zoë, get your shoes. I’ll take you.”

The girl bit her lip at the temptation. Carousels, funnel cakes and mountains of cotton candy waited. She was well aware that Alice would indulge her tonight, as she always did when Rebecca missed planned day trips and movie nights. However, the idea of going with Alice made something deep within her ache, and she pressed herself to the window and shook her head. “Mummy promised she’d take me.”

Alice couldn’t imagine what another hour would hurt. If Rebecca were home, she reasoned, the child would be bouncing between carnival stalls, high on sugar and laughter.

When that hour ended, teeth were brushed, hair combed and braided, and clothes changed. Every time Zoë heard the quiet whoosh of an approaching car, she dropped whatever she was doing and raced to the door. Her hopes were disappointed each time, but she persisted. Finally, it was time for bed.

Zoë’s eyes burned as she shuffled up the stairs. A confusing mix of frustration, disappointment and betrayal twisted her stomach into knots. She glanced back every couple of steps, just in case. All that was there was Alice smiling apologetically.

The crackling sound of wheels on gravel woke Zoë around ten. She flew down the stairs and barrelled into a harried Rebecca. “Mummy!”

“Zoë.” She hugged her back. “I’m sorry I’m late. Things got hectic.”

She deflated. Things always got hectic. Zoë didn’t know the dictionary definition of hectic, but it usually meant Rebecca wasn’t coming home on time. She frowned.

Alice, hoping to avert a nuclear meltdown, added, “Your mother’s work is important.”

More important than me. She didn’t voice it, but she thought it. Instead, she whispered, “You promised.”

Rebecca held her tighter. “I know. I’ll make it right.”

Zoë wasn’t holding her breath.


Ahhh your angst will be the end of me


…did I just make a moodboard aesthetic for book 2 based on that small summary alone? Yes, I definitely did, don’t judge me please. The whole carnival setting just makes me so excited. :sob:

I will make a more accurate one when we actually know something about book 2, lol, but meanwhile. I was partly inspired by good old Carnival of Rust music video.

The carnival has arrived


It’s also on my tumblr.


Okay, so I’ve decided that instead of spamming this topic with my detectives I’d make one post for them that I’d continuously add to. That way they’ll all be in the same place and I won’t have a ton of scribbles/facts all over the place.

Detective Emma Lee Langford

Age: 26 or 27
Height: 5’6
Hair: Short, light blond
Eye Color: Light brown
Style: Practical/Casual
Highest Skill: Deduction/Knowlege
Likes: Cooking (she’s alright), Playing the guitar/keyboard (she’s alright), Coffee, Reading, Watching movies
Dislikes: Crowds, Deep bodies of water
Other Fact(s): Knows just enough Spanish to hold a conversation. Just. Drums her fingers and taps her foot when stressed.
Favorite Color: Blue
Positive Traits: Dedicated, Protective, Loyal, Alert
Negative Traits: Workoholic, Stubborn, Tense
Bobby: Ex Friend, tried to put things in the past.
RO: Ava

Detective Cassandra Durban

Name: Cassandra Durban
Age: 26
Hair: Long, black
Eye Color: Grey
Style: Subdued/Smart
Highest Skill: People
Likes: Lemonade, Puzzles, Stargazing, Mythology
Dislikes: Allergies (she gets them bad), Sports, Lizards
Other Fact(s): Has a small golden telescope she utterly adores. Crescent moon tattoo on the back of her neck.
Favorite Color: Purple
Positive Traits: Compassionate, Charasmatic,Gentle
Negative Traits: Nervious, Emotional
Bobby: Ex Girlfriend, hard to be around.
RO: Nat

Detective Jenna Dewire

Age: 28
Height: 5’7
Hair: Very short, dark brown
Eye Color: Dark blue
Highest Skill: Science/Technology
Likes: Remote controlled aircrafts, ~S-C-I-E-N-C-E~, Listining to music, Bubble baths
Dislikes: Bitter foods, snakes,
Other Fact(s): She suffers from insomnia. The hoodie was a gift from Tina. I’m tempted to give her a tattoo but I dunno what. Would wear flip-flops everywhere if she could.
Favorite Color: Yellow
Positive Traits: Intellagent, Reserved, Friendly, Patient
Negative Traits: Unmotivated, Clumsy, Blunt, Exausted
Bobby: Only met a few times, just doing her job.
RO: Farrah

Detective Hayden McKenna

Age: 27
Height: 5’8
Hair: Medium, Deep red (dyed, shh)
Eye Color: Dark brown
Style: Practical/Modern
Highest Skill: Combat
Likes: Fast cars, Alcohol, Flirting, Kids, Origami, Sweets
Dislikes: Heights, elevators, goats
Other Fact(s): She’s less of a hard-ass then she likes to act, and tends to hide her insecurities behind a snarky remark.She’s been working on quiting smoking but a certain dark-haired vampire is making it very difficult. Realized she was gay when she stumbled across some Harley Quinn X Poison Ivy pictures as a teenager and was ridiculously turned on by them. Wears her hair down when she’s not working.
Favorite Color: Red
Positive Traits: Protective, Bold, Fearless, Tough
Negative Traits: Impatient, Moody, Aggressive
Neutral Trait(s): ~S n a r k~ :point_right:
Bobby: Ex Girlfriend, over it.
RO: Morgan


They all look so awesome and cool! :slight_smile:




I kinda liked the format I did for Sonja’s little profile so I decided to do it for my other two as well!

Samir Parker

Rin Takahiro


A quick study of Charlotte over the course of a year (Spring, Summer, and Fall/Winter).

Springtime Charlotte is not yet ready for the wacky weather that punctuates the season, as such she always wears a cardigan and keeps her umbrella handy in case of cold winds and rain, but she has shed her winter leggings, which means she has to shave her legs almost daily. She has also dyed her hair a lovely shade of orange in preparation of the bloom so she’s easier to spot to potential mates, but it makes her more susceptible to predators (coughMurphycough).
Spring colors for Charlotte include light hues, with many baby greens and blues to contrast with her hair, and baby yellows and pinks to contrast with the greenery.

Summertime Charlotte sheds (read: dyes) her hair, revealing a sunny blonde. While her hemline hasn’t shortened, Charlotte has removed the remaining clothing layers in preparation for the oncoming heat and beach days—shaving is of utmost importance now.
As you can see, Charlotte is hilariously incapable of properly regulating her body temperature, making her susceptible to overheating and freezing—please do not leave your Charlotte out in extreme temperatures.
Summer colors for Charlotte include deep reds, blues, clear reds, yellows, and blues, and white. Lots and lots of white. Darker colors only overheat her, and she has learned her lesson from her Goth-ier days.

Cold-Weather Charlotte—beginning from the first day of Autumn and ending on the last day of Winter—dyes her hair brown both as camouflage against predators (they’ll never catch her when he hair blends into tree bark!!!) and because she will always, always dress up as either Princess Leia or Rey for Halloween, and she happens to share her natural hair color with them, making her costumes easier. She also begins to pack on layers like it’s going out of style—which it is. Charlotte no longer keeps up with the latest fashion, she has gotten to an age where comfort and function outweigh appearance.
Cold-Weather Charlotte colors are more muted and Earth-y if you ignore her bright red scarf and hat.
Charlotte also begins to pack on weight for her two week winter hibernation period. Starting from the end of the office Christmas party, where she will gorge herself in preparation for her oncoming, self-imposed, and completely avoidable famine. For two weeks, Charlotte will do everything possible to avoid leaving her apartment, only emerging to either hunt for food, or—more likely—go watch the latest Star Wars movie (if the weather is mild). For approximately two weeks, Charlotte will subsist entirely on leftover Christmas candy, Halloween candy she may have forgotten about, movie theater popcorn, and Twizzlers.
Upon New Year’s Eve, the Charlotte will emerge from her apartment building, irritable and starving, but will prepare for the new year nonetheless.

In two months’ time, she will shed her layers for springtime, beginning the cycle again.


Rin looks like she could kick my ass and I love it, and Samir looks like he can name all of David Bowie’s albums in order and I also love it.


Ahhhh!! Charlotte is such a cutie!! :two_hearts: A year-round cutie, an amazing feat!


all I can think of is that Charlotte is literally a pokemon. I can’t unsee it now help. (this is a real pokemon)



thanks, i love it!

F as Pokémon trainer: Gotta catch 'em all!


Here’s my take on a serious looking Ava, and my MC, Nathan Clarke. He’s 6’1 tall, 26 years old, can handle himself in combats, but not a very outgoing person. Of course Ava is his RO :slight_smile:


huehuehue, guess who wrote another fanfic?

Weird Science (762 words) by impeccably_stressed
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: The Wayhaven Chronicles (Interactive Fiction)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Charlotte Greene, Tina Poname, Ava du Mortain, Morgan, Nat Sewell, Farah Hauville
Additional Tags: No Relationship, unless you count Charlotte/butts, Ava is so done with Charlotte’s crap, Morgan is insulted, Farah is all for this, Nat can’t help but help, it’s all Tina’s fault, But we all knew that, and we still love her, [insert Parks and Rec meme]

It’s all Tina’s fault, but nobody minds (except Ava and Morgan).


This is hilarious. I definitely didn’t run cackling down the stairs to make my mother read it while she was playing Borderlands. That is a thing I did not do.

You are very good at comedic writing.


Well…Ava does work out…


Imma do…a thing. Thoughts or conversations my detective’s would have (I will continue to add):

Detective Hayden McKenna

In regards to her past relationship with Bobby: “Small town limited dating options. Also I might have been drunk at the time, it’s a bit of a blur.”

“God, here I am trying to date all responsibly and you throw this thing at me.” motions to Morgan

“Mr. Mayor! Great to see you, just…give me a second…puts earplugs in How can I help you?”

“Doug, you’re doing a great jo-…I mean, you excel at…Good job on the hair!” finger-guns Positive reinforcement my ass.

Leaning against her desk “Hey, Morgan, do you want to-FUCK!Loses her balance and falls hard on her side. grimaces “…so, what do you say?”

Detective Emma Lee Langford

Tina: “No wonder you and Ava get along so well, you have matching sticks up your asses.”
Emma: Offended
Tina: grins “It’s adorable “

Detective Cassandra Durban

“She-she’s just so…lets out a long sigh and smiles you know?” –Cassandra in regards to Nat.

Nat is so sweet…I wonder if there’s a polite way to ask for her to wreck me…


@Hannah_Minger No one’s ever interrupted someone while they were playing video games to make them read something I wrote before, omg!!! :smile: I hope your mom liked it!


Well I certainly missed a lot. Great stuff everyone. ^^


I have been fucking ill, with a box of tissues being my best friend, I am still ill, but at least I am not dying in the corners. Since knowing more about our little sister Alex, I wanted to make her something special. So I asked, and found out her favourite romance is Ava… and, well, here it is :smiley:

Alex, if you see it I hope you like it <3