Wayhaven Chronicles Fanwork! Everyones art in the first post!


i drew this for fun cuz a romantically shy detective who is both intimidating and friendly is now my fave thing…

P.S. sorry no color im lazy lol


i feel this on a spiritual level
but ohmygosh, I love your art style!


Eh black and white are colors right? If thats the case than your picture is full of color!:smile:


with my unasked opinion i prefer it black and white looks just better to me


lmao ikr??? XDD and the heat here aint helping lol also thank youuu thats really awesome to hear :smiley:

@dary0004 lol XDD good point im an idiot when it comes to the color wheel lol

@Aleksa100 oh thank God cuz im honestly lazy! thanks for that :smiley:


i’ve been more of a silent lurker on the wayhaven threads, but i decided to go ahead and try to be more active on the forum! so i just wanted to reply with my few contributions to the fandom!

i’ve been taking fic requests on my tumblr, and started posting them in a ‘collection’ on ao3. you can find the twc fic i’ve written so far here! :slight_smile:


Ohhh those moments where Nat tries to use tech are just the best… One like is not enough to express how much i enjoyed reading it


:open_mouth: gasp Yesssssss.


@Aleksa100 i’m so glad you enjoyed reading it! thank you for the kind words.

@Dagger1819 :^)))

also, i almost forgot to post the graphics i’ve made for the characters!

the first is a moodboard for my detective, the second for the pairing of ava/surina, and the rest are aesthetic posters for each love interest. i also posted them on my tumblr.

i’m not completely satisfied with how some of the graphics turned out, but i hope people like them nonetheless. :smiley:





f1 f2

f3 f4


n1 n2

n3 n4


m1 m2

m3 m4


a1 a2

a3 a4


So, after a lot of soul searching and fear I have decided that I will try the Love Triangle…

BUT. If I am going to do it I am going to make it ironically funny for me. So, meet the MC who’s going to be doing the Love Triangle!

Sonja Rein

Now ya’ll are probably thinking “she seems totally normal why is that funny for you, Mewsly?” Well, you see, Sonja was originally a DnD character which I then transferred to a different tabletop game called Monster of the Week. Super fun, highly recommend it

In MotW she is a Forensic Scientist, she lives with her Aunt and Uncle at their Pizza Shop, and she is just trying to find love… Oh, and she a 5th Generation Vampire Hunter. Because when I think “Bad Ass Vampire Slayer” I think “Velma Dinkley,” of course

So, you see, I think its funny because the one Universe where she can not only easily find a SO but has two very charming LIs they happen to be vampires! :smiley:




I might have get a tablet recently :see_no_evil:


Refining the sketch now :smiley: I’m kind of scared to paint it, because I am such a noob coloring, hopefully photoshop will make it easier.


I decided to paint it, and let me say I am not totally unhappy with it :smiley:

I just realised I didn’t add the freckles. What is wrong with me (I finally edited it, lol)


i have quite a few fic requests, so expect to see me here in the future, lmao. :^)

visiting hours - rated g
set directly after book one. farah visits the detective in the hospital.


:weary: Yessssss.


A couple of days ago I drew a portrait of Mason for Anathema and she asked if I would share it on the forum. So…

Yes, that wink is an extremely important aspect of the drawing.


Gorgeous! :heart_eyes: :black_heart:


Book 2 has me really excited… Rin, not so much.

I Had To


The artwork looks so amazing wish I could draw like that lol.