Wayhaven Chronicles Fanwork! Everyones art in the first post!


Why not both? :joy:

It’s supposed to be my MC and Felix baby. That onesie is the only clothes she wears when Felix is looking after her.


Back with my crappy comics! :grinning:







Ahhh I love it! I’m always looking for more ava fanart. I would give you more than one like if I could.


More draw the squad, can’t stop won’t stop!


livin the dream




i love it so much, omg


Than you so much!! :heart_eyes:

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me @ me: hey, rose, remember when you said you’d draw unit brav—?

me: more charlotte, yayyyyyyyy (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ✲゚。⋆



Since we were talking about cars in the discussion thread.


Farah twisted the key forward and felt the engine rumble to life beneath her. Screwing her face up in distaste she glanced Ava, who gave a brief nod. “Good. Now shift it into gear.”

“Uh, I change my mind,” she said, reaching for the key again. “This feels weird.”

“You should learn to drive, Agent. It will be useful in the field.” Ava grabbed her hand and moved it gently but firmly to the gear shift. “Put the car in drive.”

Nat watched anxiously from the back seat. “Ava, are you sure she’s ready? She only learned what cars were last year. It’s a big step.”

“If I don’t teach her now, she’ll never learn. Agent Hauville, begin.”

She moved the gear shift, wincing a bit at the feel of the machinery through the seat. “I don’t need to drive. I can run faster than this hunk of metal.”

Ava scoffed. “In rural areas, yes. The last thing the Agency needs is you flying down the street and being seen by humans. Not all of them are like the ones at the Agency. Take your foot off the brake.”

“I don’t see why I have to learn when Nat doesn’t–it’s moving!” The car rolled forward a few inches and Farah slammed on the brakes.

Everyone jerked forward. Ava sat back, both hands clutching the dash, and stared straight ahead for a long minute. Farah watched her carefully.

“Could you watch it?” Morgan growled from behind her. There was the click of the woman’s lighter and the sudden scent of tobacco smoke permeated the air. Farah coughed. “You just sent Ava to her happy place.”

Ava’s grip on the dash tightened. “Yes, Agent, it moved. That tends to be what cars do. Next time you want to stop the car, press down on the brake slowly.”

Morgan groaned from the backseat. “Do I have to be here for this? Ava can just teach her by herself.”

“We’re here for moral support,” Nat chided. “Farah’s new on the team. We should spend some time together and get to know each other.”

Ava released the dashboard, leaving behind a slight dent. “Agent, try again, and this time, move your foot to the gas pedal and press down–slowly, don’t floor it.”

Farah followed the directions, and for a few minutes, things went alright. Morgan grunted from the backseat with each jerk of motion as Farah maneuvered the car in a very slow circle around the empty section of the facility parking lot.

“Speed up! Put your foot on the gas and keep it there.”

“Morgan, she’s learning. Let her go at her own pace.” Nat tutted.

Next to her, Ava added, “Don’t listen to them. Put your foot on the gas pedal and push down gently. Hold it there.”

The car moved a little faster and remained at an even speed. Ava nodded. “Good. Now let’s try driving on the road.”

Farah gulped.

I love this, and I love you

Nat is such a mom, I love her!




Hello everyone, here i did a doodle(? of Farah :heart:


I’m trying to draw on my pc with the mouse :’)
(I still prefer to draw with paper and pencil though)


Excuse me. When, did you just say with the mouse?



That is some mouse you got there! I can’t even get such good lines with my tablet.

Mason is an intimidating, grumpy vampire man which means he’s the perfect cute cartoon


Awwww, look at him, he’s about to bitchslap Bobby…so cute!


In yet another attempt to make a Farah romancing detective stick…meet Gina.

"Smile, Detective!" "Uh...alright?"

…My phone didn’t like the lighting.

Growing up Gina didn’t really have friends, so she finds her current predicament of being surrounded by four rambunctious vampires equally exciting and exhausting. She’s very quiet and doesn’t usually talk if she doesn’t need to or have a good reason. She isn’t all that shy, just very introverted. She really likes Farah’s laugh.


When F finally drives on the road.
F, grinning: Hey, this is easier than I thought. I think I’m really getting the hang of it.
M: Says you!
A : Ignore him, you’re doing good. Now turn left at this corner.
F, looking extremely pleased, turns the steering wheel to the maximum and presses harder on the accelerator.
A: Slow down and – F, look out!

Car crash scene


A, groaning, rubbing hands over face: This is ridiculous.

I have absolutely no idea how anyone can crash a car like this, but with F, the most ludicrous things can happen.


i almost forgot to upload the new edits and fic i’ve made/written here, so… here’s a bunch!










“I can’t see me focusing very well if you get injured.“
The statement makes my stomach suddenly flip. “What do you mean?”
“Oh come on, you’re a detective. Figure it out,” she replies, smile widening. A wink follows the words.





“I have to meet with the others. Can one of you debrief my daughter in the mean time?”
“I’ll go.”
“I’ll do it.”
Nat and Ava speak the hurried reply at the same time.
“Do it together, that’s fine. Thank you,” Rebecca says.
“Do it together?” Farah’s grin widens, eyes sparkling like stoked embers. “Now there’s a thought.”

i thought you didn’t want me - rated m
second person pov. warning for mild sexual content.

“I thought you didn’t want me.” The statement is followed by a raised eyebrow and a hint of a smirk. You’re unable to hold back a scowl.

“Shut up,” is all you say, before you’re crowding in her space and claiming her lips with your own.


I just played Wayhaven Chronicles yesterday and I’m absolutely in love! :hugs:
also I’ve been lurking in the forum looking at all the discussions and fanarts (kinda makes me regret not playing it sooner)
this thread makes me wanna share some drawings of my MC too (I’ve only played Adam’s route)


I was going to play N route for the first playthough… but I got swayed by A’s charms… I’m weak :joy:


Nice art! I love your version of Adam.

Who can resist their brooding charms right?


I can’t stop staring at your Adam, he looks soo good! :sob::heart: And your detective is so cute! You have such a nice style. :slight_smile: