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Just a doodle dump of Blaire while I practiced expressions



Okay, so a few months ago I just stumbled upon this cool new and amazing game called Wayhaven Chronicles. Now, let me be frank, the name firstly came off as a bit odd (don’t hate me) to me but i still gave it a try and guess what? I LOVED IT!!! I was never a fan of vampire genre but this game JUST CHANGED MY MIND about the whole chemistry between vampire and humans. So the game was awesome and the character which I loved the most was Nat. I’m crazy for her :heart_eyes: if by any chance she was real I’ve would’ve proposed her long ago. And why wouldn’t you love someone like her? She is understanding, she is so sweet, she is so friendly that you can actually tell her whatever you want even when she isn’t using her pheromones on you to control your mind. So I was practically daydreaming about her. I literally went batshit crazy when the game ended with my MC and her not REALLY confessing their feelings towards each other (Okay, they did. In a way. But It wasn’t clear enough) then when I romanced other characters, I realised that every character ends up either feeling confused about the MC or holding their feelings back. I found that idea pretty anticlimactic. But then that’s best part. The anticipation. I bet everyone is waiting for the things to be out in open with the mc and whoever character they were romancing with. So, back to the point - while daydreaming about different scenes of Nat with my MC I came up with this scene. I’ve used the anticlimax element that you find in almost all the scenes with your RO in the game.

Situation: it takes place in book 2
1.Murphy strikes back as he had escaped in part1
2.MC tries to arrest Murphy.
3.Instead MC ends up badly injured as the Unit Bravo wasn’t there on the situation to aid him.
4.MC somehow manages to escape Murphy
5.Rebecca finds out about MC going up against Murphy all alone
6.Rebecca and MC have a mother-and-son-quarrel

Now what happened next…

“You shouldn’t have gone alone on this thing!” Rebecca yelled at her son.

“It’ll be better that you start trusting me more! I’ve had training to handle criminals!” Detective yelled back. His face flushed with anger.

“You aren’t trained to handle people like Murphy! Something could’ve happened to you!”

“Oh, stop it! It isn’t like you really care.” The detective drew out the last word in a partially accusing tone.

“What do you mean?” Rebecca’s stern angry features shifted into a frown. The relation between her and her son hadn’t been the best one. Oh, they had a very professional way of conducting themselves to each other but there wasn’t a time when they had that sweet and lovely air of affection between them. There was only the kind of atmosphere that you really find between a soldier and his junior. There was stern discipline but no light heartedness. This fact was pretty clear to both the mother and son and that’s the thing that stung the most - there was nothing either of them could’ve done to wipe the tension between them. Even the hidden supernatural world which was revealed to the detective by his mother had just made the condition worse in their case. He felt cheated. By his own mother.

Rebecca’s question still hung in the air with an earbleeding silence. That one innocent question was about go unanswered and unheard but then the detective raised his eyes to meet his mother’s gaze.

“If you ever really cared about me, you wouldn’t have kept IT a secret from me!” The bitter words escaped his lips.

Rebecca’s face shifted into a scowl, she was about shoot back but her expressions softened and her eyes welled up with tears. She wanted to tell her son that, Yes, it had killed her everyday, every night, every moment to keep that secret from him. To keep the strange and dangerous reality hidden from him for so long. Parents always mean well for their kids. But it’s the damned children who won’t understand.

Now the tears were uncontrollable. Her chest was tightening with guilt and sorrow. Rebecca turned away and the tears started to roll down her face. She rushed out of the room.

The detective almost stepped ahead and grabbed her but held himself back. Wasn’t he guilty too? He knew he was. He knew, his mother wanted to protect him. He knew she had done it for him. He knew everything then why had he behaved like an annoying brat who wouldn’t appreciate anything good? He understood his mother. He wanted to tell her that he loved her as much as she loved him. But, There was an abysmal emptiness in those words which were unsaid. That emptiness came from all the time Rebecca had spent saving the world from the rogue supernatural while her son speculated his mother as a selfish witch.

The detective sat back on the hard fibre chair and exhaled a long tired breath. The door of the common room creaked open and there she was. Nat. Standing good six foot five and blonde strands of hair cascading her shoulders and outlining her marvellous face.

“Is everything alright? Rebecca seemed upset while she went out.” She said. Her voice sounded like a soothing symphony. Like a soulful tune where a couple can hold each other and sway along the beat almost involuntarily. Patiently and lovingly at the same time.

“Oh, we… had quiet a chat.” The detective shook his head.

“Was it about Murphy?” She asked as she walked towards him and sat on the chair beside him. Their knees touched. There was a tingling against his skin as he felt the contact. He was excited by the sensation and annoyed by the question which reminded him of the fight he just had with woman who called herself his mother.

“What else could it be about?” He said.

“She cares about you.” She said gently. Those words - as great as they sounded in her voice still stung like a giant hornet. The stinger penetrating the flesh. Penetrating all the epidermal layers and the juices emptying into the bloodstream. Then came the burning. The wild, very wild burning. That’s how he felt. He knew that his mother cared about him. He had hurted the woman who had risked every thing to protect him and he had hurted her. He knew it. And it stung him the most.

“I know.” He said. As the words escaped his lips he felt as if some heavy load was taken off his chest.

“You know, it’s a fact that we all tend to piss the people we care for the most.” She said, a soft smile in her voice which lightened the mood and eased his stress.

“Is it?” He asked.

“Yes. Consider me and Ava. We both piss each other a lot.” She said and this elicited a chuckle out of him. “Then there’s Morgan.” The chuckle became a laugh.“And I don’t need to mention Farah. We all piss each other all the time.” He laughed loud at this. She smiled as he stopped to catch his breath.

The detective and Nat sat without saying anything. There was a silence but there wasn’t any silence. The quietness between them was never the awkward one. This was the kind of situation which didn’t need any words to fill the emptiness. That’s what they both enjoyed the most in each other’s company.

Then the detective looked at her.

“How do you do it, Nat? How can you make me laugh so easily.” He asked looking into her eyes.

“Because, I just don’t want to see you sad.” She said and stroked the side of detective’s face. Her touch burned holes into his skin. The sensation made him skip several heart beats. “Those weren’t the pheromones that made you laugh. All the good things come easily when I want to do it for you.” She said as her finger trailed down the detective’s jaw and stopped at his chin. She gently raised his face a bit higher. Neither of them had realised that their faces were too close to each other now, and it was hardly an inch that separated their lips from each other.

“Nat…” The detective whispered.

Nat said nothing and they both inched closer. Their soft breaths were dancing on the lips of the other. The proximity itself was enough to make them melt into each other. A part of themselves was actually confused that how were they even keeping themselves so still? They came even more closer and…

“Hey, Nat…” Farah chimed in from the door and they both recoiled as the real world came back into focus.

There was a smirk playing on Farah’s lips.

“Did I interrupt something?” She said smirking.

“No.” The detective said, fighting back the disappointment in his voice.

“Are you sure detective?” She said, still smirking.

The detective frowned.

“Nat, Rebecca wants to see you.” She regarded Nat. Nat fumbled to get to her feet. Her face was flustered. Her heart was pounding like a jackhammer.

“I’ll see you soon, detective.” She said as she started to walk away.

A nod was all he was able to manage. Then Farah and Nat disappeared.

The detective leaned back and once again drew in an irritated long breath and exhaled slowly. He was disappointed on the interruption but there was silly grin that played on his lips. He thought, maybe he had the “L” word for the agent who was capable of making him laugh so easily.

_hope it was good :slight_smile: _


hi y’all~! I did some prompt fills over on my tumblr, which can be found here for people interested in Nat/Tanwen, Keiji/Tahir or Tahir/Val (another of my detectives).

I did a Thing... A Thing that has Spoilers so you are Warned

  1. Samir is adorable, 2) This is 100% how people in love act, as I can confirm from my observations and 3) all in all, a 10/10.


This is just proof that Mason is, like, the worlds next Romeo. A true romantic. I swoon every time I get to this part.


That is one of my favorite scenes with him. :heart:






unit bravo + planet symbolism

farah hauville as the sun
natalie sewell as jupiter
ava du mortain as saturn
morgan as mars




Morgan leans closer, her shirt-covered arms framing her face. “Are you sure you don’t want to take this conversation somewhere a little more private, Detective?”

I swallow hard, the action stinging against my dry mouth. “No. We really should probably stay here….”

Her teeth run over her bottom lip, dragging it slightly into her mouth, and I can’t stop my heart from skipping at the sight of it.

“If you’re happy in public, then so am I.”

tangled in bed - rated pg-13

“We need to get ready for work,” they say.

Farah, curled around them, an arm still wound around their waist and a leg thrown over their hip, whines. She wiggles closer, her breath warm on the back of their neck. “No.”

wearing their clothes - rated m (ish)
warning for suggestive content.

“That’s my shirt.” Standing at the mouth of the kitchen is Ava, clad in only a bra and pants.

They can’t help smile at the sight, which slants into a smirk once they register her words. “Good morning to you too, Ava,” they say dryly. “I slept well, thanks for asking. And you?”


after getting permission from @Mewsly and @impeccably-stressed to post this, here’s some fanart I drew of their detectives!




Me @ You


You drew him so cute, thank you!! :two_hearts: And you also drew my love, Charlotte?! :heart:




Rather than let this rot in oblivion in my files, here’s an old unfinished wip of A, N, and F. I never got to Mason, and I lost interest in the characters and the game after a while.


What is that, you ask? Time for another round of ‘Rose writes some prompted ficlets and promptly shoves them in everyone’s faces’? Well, you would be correct.

good things
A collection of prompted ficlets featuring Mason, my detective Keiji, and @SomethingSome’s detective Tahir in a poly relationship. Or, in other words, three thirsty bastards with 0 self-control have a good time together.

1: Lazy morning kisses
2: Kisses to distract the other person
3: Trying to resist kissing the other before giving in

A ficlet written for the prompt “When one person’s face is scrunched up, and the other kisses their lips/nose/forehead”.

Felix loves Val, but he thinks their flirting skills could use some work.

And for some non-Wayhaven specific pairings (Val/Tahir and Lucien/Jay, to be exact), have a link to the tumblr post!


I’ll just drop these here…


Mom: “Kira, no.”
Detective: “Kira, yes.”


Mood of the day!
Nat and Farah <3




Spawned from convo a long, long time ago talking about UB in tank tops.

I was hoping to spend a lot bit more time on this, but my attention has been diverted onto other games and I know myself well enough to know that if I didn’t finish this up today, it would die a slow death on my hard drive. Apologies to Adam and Felix, their faces and hair deserve more.

Oh well, mission draw some biceps was a success!

My attempt at a colour version using overlays

Ava judging me

And a goofy pic I traced over ages ago of Mason but the discussion has yet to swerve back to his sax skills so I’ll just leave this here.



So I just came up with another scene. This time with Ava. She is my second favourite RO in Wayhaven. Hope you like it. Here it goes-

So the situation is somewhat similar to the one that I had written the scene with Nat.


  1. Murphy strikes back 'cuz he got away in book one
    2)Detective tried to stop Murphy (by himself) but ended up getting himself bruised and hurt
    3)Rebecca and Detective had a fight about detective playing the foolish brave guy
    4)Ava offers to train the detective after he is recovered from his “injuries” So that he can handle himself if he lands up in any other situation like this
    What happened next…

    The detective went for a roundhouse while he tried to figure out Ava’s strategy to defend the blow. She was completely unreadable. Maybe that or he was just too bad at hand to hand combat. It had been three hours since him and Ava had been sweating themselves at the training area in the underground base. The detective wasn’t sure if Ava was as worn out as himself but he surely was feeling spent already. The last three hours had been full of vigour and absolutely exhausting. He had been trying to hit Ava at least once - pouring all his knowledge and strength in every attack but Ava had been like a cat. Swift, agile, deceptive and borderline brutal (maybe she was going soft). She made comments and judged his blows without bringing any kind of expression on her face. Her inner commando which would mostly be dormant in deeper parts of her personality out in Wayhaven was now in full throttle. But, the detective wasn’t going to argue the fact that this little training session - with all the pain - had been really fun.

    The detective’s punch was about to connect her jaw. For that split second, he thought that he will end the training with at least one punch if not winning even a single round. Yes, it was about to happen but, Ava with her stoic face, dodged the punch by a duck and jabbed the detective in the face.

    “Oww!” He cried out, holding his busted lip.

    “Your movement was a clumsy shuffle and I was able to predict that it was a roundhouse before you were even close.” Ava commented, in her cold soldier accent.

    “What is that supposed to mean?..oww!” The detective said, nursing his mouth which was now swollen slightly.

    “We are not talking about humans here, it’s vampires. And someone like Murphy, most importantly. He is a clever bastard. He can figure out your next move before you were even about to execute it.”

    “Okay, which means?”

    “Which means, you have to be unpredictable. Don’t let him know what’s going on in your mind. Don’t let them see anything beyond your face. Most importantly, act on your instinct.”


    “Yes, the vampires can smell your fear and read your minds. They can see you figuring out your actions. They can see you react before you really do it. So, that’s where instincts work like a charm. Instincts are completely unpredictable. You don’t think about anything, you just act.”

    “Okay, keep a poker face and act on your instincts. Got that!” The detective said, light bulb glowing bright in his brain.

    Ava sighed. “You know what? Let’s take a break. You need to catch your breath, detective.” She said. The detective nodded. They both walked off the dojo they were sparring on and made their way towards the bench which was laid in a far corner.

    There was a sipper bottle and a wet towel lying on the bench. Both of it belonged to the detective. Ava didn’t bring anything as vampires aren’t really exhausted after sparring with an average human. And Ava really wasn’t exhausted. The detective found this thing about vampires partly amusing and somewhat useful. After all, Ava, herself had shown up for the training with nothing but her grey tank top and track pants, her blonde hair pulled back in a tight boxer braid. She was Hillary Swank, straight out of Million Dollar Baby. But, everything about the look just made her look more beautiful.

    The detective sat down on the bench and stretched his limbs, Ava sat beside him - stiff and alert (like herself). Then the detective picked up the wet towel and dabbed at his injured lip. He winced as the coldness stung in the beginning and then brought a soothing effect.

    “That advice about instincts sounds pretty useful. Where did you learn that?” He said.


    “Good or bad?”

    “Does it really matter?”

    “Yes. Sort of. The good experiences become a warm memory and you don’t need to learn anything from them. But, bad experiences, they are the ones that teach you stuff so you don’t repeat the same mistake again. So, I’m gonna presume that this instinct thing comes from a bad experience.” The detective said and picked the bottle and took a sip.

    “Your deductive skills are rather advanced but I’ll judge this one as one of the human philosophies that don’t really help in life but sound good and mature.” Ava said.

    “So is it really a bad experience?”

    “Maybe,” She said looking a thousand miles away.

    “I can understand. I’ve had a lot of bad experiences with a lot of things too. But the catch is that, you just can’t forget it.”

    “Are you trying to sympathise for something, detective?” Ava shot out of nowhere. “It’s not really something worth it. And I’ve already come beyond the phase where I needed some sympathy.”

    “I’m not talking about sympathy, Ava. You just act that you don’t feel anything but who are you fooling? Of course you feel pain, of course, you get angry. What you need is not sympathy, but a warmth… from someone special.” The detective put his hand on her. She didn’t pull back, but instead she turned to him and his eyes were boring into her. Was it a flutter that she had felt when those eyes were on her? Was it a good one or just an irritating tingle?

    “I don’t need anyone.” Ava said, her voice, barely a whisper.

    “Are you telling that to me or yourself?” The detective’s voice was low and maybe a bit husky. Maybe that or Ava heard it that way. Whatever it was, it wasn’t at all repulsive.

    The detective leaned closer. Ava was able to smell his sweat. It wasn’t disgusting but it was as if didn’t matter. His breath was caressing her face. Ava wanted to pull back but, the sensation of it was just too good to push away. It was overwhelming in a very positive way.

    The detective raised his hand at Ava’s face. He graced her cheek. Ava wanted to brush his hand away. She wanted to slap him in the face. She wanted to condemn him for misbehaving with her. She wanted to despise him. She wanted to hang him down the roof and practice boxing on him. But, a part of her - which she thought never existed - wanted the warmth, wanted the affection. Of course, she felt the pain. Of course, she felt angry. But she wanted someone who can just brush it all away. She wanted Him to do it. But how was she going to tell him that? There was this shell, the ruthless, cold soldier that she was (or maybe she wasn’t) was stopping her.

    A stray lock of blonde hair had somehow found its way out of her tight hairdo. He brushed it back and gently rubbed his thumb on her cheeckbone. She exhaled, as if intoxicated, as if she had pushed something too far away. For once she wanted to break the shell and be someone who maybe really was her true self.

    She raised her own hand at his chin and stroked his slightly swollen bottom lip. This was absolutely unexpected but not something that he didn’t like. She looked at his lips and then back at his eyes. He shuffled closer and his hand slid to the back of her head and the other one to her waist. She caught her breath. “Stop”. She thought, but her other part just wanted to see where this would lead. A part that wanted to rob a bank for the heck of it, a part that wanted to scream in a crowded place, a part that wanted to be free. That part was over ruling her other side and she liked the feel of it.

    In that moment of proximity, where both of them wanted to do something that they hadn’t done before - something completely unexpected happened. The intercom in the gym announced her name, summoning her for something. She held back a very obvious sigh of irritation.

    “Detecteive,” she whispered. He was still holding her. “I need to go.” She said.

    “Of course you do.” He snorted softly. He let go of her. She sat somewhat stunned for a moment and then scrambled to her feet. She shuffled out of the training area. He watched her go and kept looking at the entrance even after she was gone.

    Hell, it was an overwhelming stunt. Was it even real what had happened? Whatever it was, he knew Ava wanted to be the person she really wasn’t from outside. He had seen it in her eyes. How they had bored into his, There was an anticipation, almost a longing in them. But, was she longing for the thrill of the situation they had or was it him?

    But, he knew, if he kept at it, then maybe Ava might start to feel about him the way he felt for her.

    Or did she feel that way, already?

Hope it was good😊


Too lazy to edit first post: here’s a link to two of my MCs when it was still a work in progress: The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book One (WIP)


any Bobby fans in here? or is it just me? </3


You are certainly not alone c:
I am a fan of Bobby as well (only difference is that I see her as a female). And I write fanfiction about the past relationship between Bobby and my Detective.