Way Walkers: University3--suggestions and feedback


Yes. The immortality of High Mages, Red Mages, most Avatars/Aspects gain means never aging-- as in they convert enough energy to keep from doing so. However they can die-- it’s just really freaking hard to do it, as they can usually regenerate rather quickly. What occurs with the particular Turin Way Path and with Clan is more of a slow ageing. The Turnics tend to double their life spans-- so humans would now go to around 150-200yrs or so, where as a Tazu in that state could make 1000. Clan, on the other hand being to slow-age at about 25, ie they age normally until about then and then they slow considerably, gaining about a year of physical age for every 1000-- this was actually not discovered until about 5k into the history of the race, when Erin Manna of all people started to notice some gray hairs, and she realized she’d aged about 5 years since the Great Fall.


So basically if you turn into a High Mage right now you’d look 14 forever and never grow? Wouldn’t it look kinda weird? Are there even any High/Red mages under 20 though?
I was imagining a scene when you go out with Sem 20 years later and everyone will think he’s your father o.o


LOL OMG no you’d never be a High Mage at 14. My God. XD That’s like saying you have four Doctorates at 14. It’s just not possible. The youngest High Mage was Shahara (also only High Ice Mage) and she was 40.

VAST majority of High Mages are wizened old men who give it a go in their later years and then use the regeneration to get a younger body back again XD.


Okay, so my original get in the embassy choices have been widdled down to this:

Ultimately, you decide,
#A nice ‘slip’ on the ice outside and a ‘twisted’ ankle will probably get me into their infirmary.
#Talking my way in by claiming to be running an errand as Semryu’s replacement for the Headmaster-- he’s got to have one, what with Sem being on probation and all. (or food delivery if sem wasnt arrested)
*if sadie_help = “true”
#Wait, isn’t that Sadie over there? I bet my favorite street kid will help me out…
*if language_class = “Casfeildian”
#Talk my way in on the basis of practicing my Casfeildian.

this it’s a good mix. However, i still need one idea that you can do with Jun that ALL MCs can try (so not *if related, has to be non contingent) thats not telepathy, or the food delivery.




I went for the High Mage path before meeting Sem out of curiosity but after meeting him I am like definitely doing it because I imagine, like a 1000 years from now, Sem is a really important/scary person and is trying to be all serious then his High Mage spouse comes in and is like remember when you turned someone blue? I live for immortals juvenile teasing one another😁

PS: Just out of curiosity, what is Sem’s last name?


There is a canon part of the timeline where an Avatar of Rhean said “NOPE NOT DOING THIS ANYMORE” and left the Clan Lands rule to his son, moved to Tar’citadel with his wife/Aspect Ra’vien, became teachers, and then got into a prank-contest that lasted nearly a century with the old spymaster from Clanna-Ca’sta. One of the best pranks involved was the same ‘theme music’ prank from the Jun prank scene, and a pen that was magicked so you’d want to pick it up, but then when you did, you’d immediately forget everything about yourself, but then when you put it back down, you’d immediately remember everything again except having picked up the pen.

This actually caused a poor unwitting student to get locked in a pick up pen put down pen loop for nearly three hours.

and sem’s name is hinted at and i did an accidental spoiler higher in the thread you can find it but i’m not gonna repeat it because i’m silly like that :stuck_out_tongue:


pssst @Asha111 it’s Sana

Sorry to derail the conversation away from your request even further @WayWalkerLeigh but I’m surprised that an Aspect can be a being in their own right, existing simultaneously but separately from their original…persona, I suppose is the closest word I can use.
I’m so used to a god’s aspect being a single facet of personality or duty (e.g. Athena Parthenos, Hermes Psychopomp), are Aspects in the WW really more like counterparts who have their own souls? Or am I completely missing something (very plausible, considering that I’ve only read the games so far).


Speaking of the theme music, not a prank what happened to me (I’d like to say this is my theme song) but I was going to a Circle (pagan gathering) class once and right as I entered the Imperial March ringtone I had started playing so I had my own entrance music the second I walked in the door. Made everyone laugh, couldn’t have timed it better if I’d planned it. Coincidentally it was a friend in that class calling me so she inadvertently gave me the best entrance of my life! :smile:


Aspects are the twin flames of the Avatar. They are complicated, sometimes being an oppipsite side of the same coin, and sometimes overlapping. But they are tied together. Example: Rhean is the protectior and patrion of spies and sneaky things. His Aspect is Ra’vien, known as the Punisher, the Black Phenoix, she is the deliver of divine, karmic Justice. Kubesh is battle, adrenaline, physical endurance, his Aspect Ta’kani is strategy, measured thought, calculation and percistion of strike. Rosin is magic, will, manafestation. Her Aspect Bau is the natural order, negation, deconstruction.

@Scrivener that is glorious. I might have to bring a song selection to pagan pride day next year XD


Are the avatars like Rosin still alive or they’re more like gods? Will you ever meet one of them?


Avatars and Aspects are actually born quite often, though they are only Incarnations before they Awaken then Ascend into full power.

And I’ve said several times in this forum that there is a Incarnation running around Tar’citadel in WWU. (Not Sem and not the MC) :wink:


I have a strong feeling that Owen is the Avatar :thinking: There isn’t much to base this feeling on though, besides the fact he’s an Exemplary (and a very strong one at that). I guess I just really like the idea of this small, soft-spoken boy being a badass Avatar, especially if he ends up being Kubesh. The warrior Child who isn’t (or doesn’t seem like) a fighter :grin:


If Owen isn’t an Incarnation, I will eat my hat
NOTE: I don’t own any hats they make my hair frizz like crazy

That said, Sharrah is quite the artist. For all we know she could be an Incarnation of Bree. :thinking:


Still think Miles Redold/Reldod for his lit piano skills :ok_hand:



Wait, no.
He’s like way older than Sharrah.
Damn. :tired_face:

Unless twin flames can be born apart? :thinking:


@impeccably-stressed of course Avatars and Aspects can be born apart. Sometimes there’s a 1000 age gap in there if one dies and the other doesn’t.

Though if the older twinflame found the younger one when they were like under 18 or so they’d probably be like “OMG NO I’LL BE BACK LATER BYE”


Sadly there may not be a PPD where I live this year as the event organizers are passing on the torch and so far nobody has stepped up to claim it. I hope they do because there’s this blade guy that I bought stuff from last year and he gave me a discount because I was so excited and happy to get the knives and he could tell I’d be a repeat customer :smile::grin:


This is the second time @WayWalkerLeigh has liked that suggestion of mine.

Think I’m onto something, guys.


“See ya in the next life, sweetie!” [runs]

But that’s still good to know.
Since the only example of twin flames in the games so far are Jun and Ay’Cure/a (and I think they’re only maybe a year apart) I wasn’t sure just how separated by age they could be.


Does twin flame always have to be a romantic relationship? :slight_smile: