Way Walkers: University3--suggestions and feedback


Yeah that’s why there’s so few of them and why so few attempt it.


Will it be possible to learn elemental magic and summoning? So far you only have things like energy balls or telekinesis.


Technically the energy balls are elemental. But the elements in WW refer to the energy source the Talent draws from, not the type of maigc that comes out. Example: you can make a fire ball by drawing in wind energy, it just takes more of it for the conversion. It’s easier to make a building of stone using earth energy but you can make it using fire. It’s the fuel the High Mage is mergeing with.


Are any of the Elements easier to merge with than the others?


They are all difficult, though it’s generally understood that usual elemental absorption for casting follows that air/wind is the easiest, followed by earth and water equally, and fire is the hardest. Most energy manipulators (mages) have a preference, and some are more apt to absorb one type over another. For example, a particular mage might be able to absorb air energy, but it takes them longer or requires more effort or don’t gain as much than if they were to absorb from fire.

When I comes to High Mages, it is understood that you would try to merge with the element you have the easiest time with; for most this is air, but obviously not all.


Could a high rosin mc be able to do something like this but on a more minor scale?


Something like what? Become a high Mage or absorb an elemental energy source? Cause all Energy Manipulators already absorb one. They might not be aware that’s what they are doing, but the MC does it any time they cast anything.


Well we certainly be a high mage yet lol. But oh I didn’t know that would we be able to learn more about the MC elmement in game.


Actually it’s detailed more in the books, but I’ll make a note to slip it in somewhere, probably EM class. :wink:


I like the sound of that! :grinning:


What are the Drannic? I thought Tazu are the strongest cause montage is the ultimate way.


Drannic are another race that claim no alegance to any of the 12 that anyone knows of. They are very rare and I only mention then in the books thusfar


Im guessing immortal as in…Lich?


No, no litches. It’s more you don’t have control over the cycle. So, one a month if someone touches you for any reason at all they will die.

Needless to say they are forbidden from having intimate relationships, ever


No even with other high mages?:eyes::thinking:


that has advantages. only touch the enemy at that time or is the day randomized


The Tu’suri are not High Mages. Their lives are extended, but not in the same way.

And they are one of the few things that can kill a High Mage. Or Red Mage, respectively


Ahh I see where I miss read! But thanks for clearing that up it’s interesting!:grin: Also is your book on Google?


I think it’s currently only in Amazon due to it going through another Amazon First run. I sadly don’t know if/when it will go to other platfroms again. :confused:


By being immortal does it mean you cannot die at all or that you won’t die from old age but can still be killed in battle?