Way Walkers: University3--suggestions and feedback


Not impossibly rare, obviously. The basic general rule is if you can get through one birth alive you’re far more likely to continue to be all right. It also tends to be more dangerous for younger Clan women-- say between 20 and 50-- than for Clanswomen over that age. Beyond 1000 though, many Clan women simply have conception issues. (beyond the typical low conception rate for Clan-- women do not drop eggs every month, closer to 2-4x a year, which is closer in keeping for Tazu who only mate to conceive once a year, with half-bloods doing the 2-4x thing.)

As far as the actual children, about one in three to five will just die, either immediately after birth or within the first year. They are delicate until then, and things like even a small amount of sunlight can kill, or lack of oxygen from not Feeding enough or a variety of things. Most believe this was added into their biology by Prothidian Altar specifically to keep the population in check.

@Frogs – yes, it was impossible for me to do a deviant path for those against Semryu in WWU3. like, literally.


Which probably explains why they are very protective of their families for the most part.


I read somewhere that there are only like 1 or 2 Clan members for every 1000 humans in the Clan lands. How come the humans don’t rebel against them and overthrow their rulers? Is it that the humans there have no magic talents or that the Clan themselves are just extremely powerful? Sem doesn’t seem that powerful though


Yes, though some FAR more than others.

@Frogs-- Clan aren’t oppressive dictators, #1. Secondly, there is a human upper class, known as the Calopi, that are basically cousins to most of the powerful Clan families in each clan. So humans make-up a huge portion of the upper and middle classes, respectively. And of them, most are directly related via either blood or adoption to their Clan First families. Also, there is something known as the Life’s Pact, which Rhean set down that basically states Clan will care for, protect and serve the humans in their realm in exchange for their required blood-- and that no Clansperson shall Feed without permission. Breaking the Life’s Pact is a BIG FREAKING DEAL, and will result in a Clan-style execution, which involves getting released into some woods, hunted down by a bunch of Clan and then getting your blood drained out of you.

So, yeah you don’t want to mess with a Clansperson’s humans. XD


Oh I thought humans there were only used for feeding and to be servants/slaves. Also what race in the world is considered the strongest? Is it Clan or Tazu (or something else), and what nation is the largest and most powerful?


I think the Clan, Ki’Ra, and Tazu get into a spirited and sometimes vicious debate about which one is the best.


The Drannic are actually the most powerful. And Tar’citadel is the strongest


Actually, many would make an argument that humans are the most formatable overall, as while there is a smaller percentage of their population that is Talented, because there are just so many more of them per capa, they majority of Talents are thusly human. Humans also make up more than 80% of Excemplary Talents.


I love all of this lore!

The highest red stat I can get is 59.


For those who romance Sem, will the MC’s shorter lifespan ever be discussed? I can already imagine my MC saying the following:

MC (to Sem): “Compared to you, the number of years I have to walk this world are nothing but a single drop of water in an ocean. One day, I’ll leave you for the Far Side of the Veil…”

MC’s gaze drifts for a moment before fixating on a distant point on the horizon. A soft smile adorns their lips

“…but I don’t need to worry, do I? I’m sure you will find someone else, someone beautiful and wise and kind. Someone who will love you as I do. And until the day we reunite, I hope this person brings you as much joy as you brought me.”

(Or something equally dramatic)

On another note, are there any ways to drastically increase one’s lifespan/become immortal other than becoming a High Mage or Red Mage? Perhaps through a different Way? (I vaguely remember some followers of Turin are immortal and undergo a constant cycle of growing old and becoming young again?)


High Mage, Red Mage are the only ‘true’ immortals, though there are other methods that will become apparent in the books and are quite spolier-riffic. (For those of u reading books, keep yr eyes in the Shadow Court and the Drannic, and that’s all I’m ever gonna say. :wink: )

That being said, Avatars and Aspects can also reach that high level quazi immortal state that High Mages and Red Mages do. Also you do not want the Turinic path that embraces death. It’s extreme and you don’t get to be immortal like the way high mages are XD


How do the high mages become effectively immortal?


How do the high mages become effectively immortal?

Asking for a friend.


Mc:Calculates how red can be and still live woo! Does all the red things save one on the list then does the last one
guide: btw did you account for the fact that calculating how red you can be and live is a red act in itself?
Mc: …damn dies
Guide: would you like to try again?
Mc…yea sorry
Guide: it’s ok, I had 20 bucks you’d fail
Mc: thanks that mea-what!?!


It involves fuzing with an elemental source.


What kind of elemental source?


Earth fire wind or water energy.


Interesting. I wonder how that works?


I can’t get into specifics cause it’s spoiler, but fun fact is most Talents who attempt it fail-- and usually die as a result.


That’s a major yikes for me!