Way Walkers: University3--suggestions and feedback


Pretty much just be a bastard to Jun from day one and make every effort to continue to be a jerk XD


Just to Jun or to everybody?


well, you need to be friends with Semryu to go to the museum with him.


When you’re so red that another red tries to kill you for being too blatantly red.


Yeah, there’s this thing a mid Red followers they call ‘Red Mad’ and it’s when yr so evil that you’re actually dangerous to other Red followers and they decide to kill you. Fun!


Or when you’re too dangerous to a specific red sect that may or may not be trying to infiltrate Tar Citadel and take it down from the inside.


Yes. or that Jun just hates you so much because you killed them in a past life. that also works XD


I was more hinting at the books with that comment.

IIRC they did mention a “Way within the Way.”


Actually that works for both books and games XD


I just imagine Rhean coming back.

“I can’t believe you stabbed me.”

It was an acccident!



Yeah, no A’ron would wet himself Rhean actually sows up like, Hey. Remember that last thing that happened…?"

Yeah, A’ron’s biggest nightmare lol


Family squabble gone wrong. Happens all the time with Clan right?


OMG for real. they are the WORST for that hands down. Mannachi essp.


Families that don’t stab each other in the back at least once a decade can’t be trusted…thier hiding something. :shushing_face: I’ll get to the bottom of it :male_detective:


Otherwise known as the “No Chaotic Neutrals” rule in DnD.


@impeccably-stressed Actually Red-Mads are more Chaotic Evils. Think Joker from Dark Knight. It’s ‘I’m just so freaking evil i’m a gonna go punch Rhean in the face just for the LOLz and i don’t care how many Red followers he kills trying to get at me and i’m not even going to try to kill him’. Granted, there are levels of Red Mad a lot of Red followers will put-up with depending on the situation and person-- but there have been some famously betrayed followers for going too far. One of the most infamous was a Red Mage who was just so vicious and uncaring in his destruction of fellow Red followers on his way to murder Rhean that the Red HIMSELF removed the Red Mage’s powers JUST AS he reached Rhean.



Can you survive the game with 70+ red?
I never tried it before but technically you can avoid Jun attacking you if you are friends and you can avoid the zoo scene if you go with Sem to check the vibrations. Would it still be possible to be friends with Jun with 70 red though?


there is a slim margin i htink to do it, but i’m not sure how. it was designed to make sure anyone with 70+ Red wouldn’t make it to WWU3


I have a question, like how rare is it actually for a Born Clan to survive childbirth?


I’m pretty sure you could survive but the question is if you can achieve 70 red while being friends with Jun.
You gain a lot of red from being enemies with Jun (like the scene when you leave her to die).
By the way the zoo scene is kinda weird, I mean if you don’t support Sem it shouldn’t change the outcome of the attack. I guess it was like this cause the next 2 chapters are all about Illyan and you won’t have much to do if you didn’t support him.