Way Walkers: University3--suggestions and feedback


Time spent on cake is never wasted




Honestly though, not having the cake probably won’t make your life any worse or better, but having the cake can only be good, because there is nothing wrong with just having a cake around, ever.

Unless it blows up.


Because there was another cake inside it


You learn fast, you padawan, soon I will have nothing left to teach you. :relieved:


Can MC have a chance to throw a tantrum? ‘Um, excuse me, I have my vocal chords to think about, look at all that dairy you expect me to just eat, what even is wrong with you, Kess why didn’t you stop this, you’re trying to ruin my career, I’m going to Rhean a bitch-’


LOL there is a really awesome ‘revenge’ you can do if you have precog and the Rhean death flaw, but if i say more there will be spoilers. :wink:

also the fact that you just used Rhean as a verb is glorious.


If my MC threw a tantrum it would be more about being upset about the mess from the exploding cake lol.

“Why did you think it would be a good idea to ruin my favorite shirt/dress?!”

Not entirely related but it just reminds me of when my friend and I went to a renaissance festival and he hugged me after getting all dirty from the mud show. I love him but I wanted to murder him after he deliberately got my favorite shirt covered in mud.

What was that again? You have trouble balancing or something?


Yes, balance, dizziness and anxiety attacks.


I’m just hoping my librarian girlfriend isn secretly evil


For number four Addams Family style?


[lost my balance lifting my head up too quickly not even five minutes ago]

[wonders if I have a death flaw]


sounds like it’s a blood circulation issues. the Rhean death flaw is actually based on an inner ear imbalance that i actually have-- though mine is a far lesser version than the one i used in WW:U. XD The Beleskie flaw (the stutter) and the Ulic Flaw (memory issues) are all also variants of the same inner ear imbalance-- in fact only the Kubesh flaw is deviant in that it’s wholly physical.


Hmm, that is something to keep in mind, but I’m sure it’s more to do with my tendency to speak and articulate with my whole body.

Point to something across the room? You mean pivot on my heel to throw my entire weight behind my arm to point!
Use concise hand gestures to explain something important very thoroughly? You mean wave my arms three feet in every direction while talking about my favorite PopTart flavor!
Laugh at something funny? You mean forget I’m leaning against a wall and throw my head back in a laugh only to hit my head on said wall!

So…how’s the cake coming along? loljkjk

Although it’s very interesting to learn that most of the death flaws are based on real life experience. Is there any other piece of trivia like that that you’d be willing to share?

For example, are the Ki’ra are based off the Thundercats or is that just wishful thinking on my part?


Thundercats are wishful thinking. I actually couldn’t stand that show as a kid, though now i do enjoy the memes.

And gods, so much. so very, very much is based off real stuff and people DX


Sometimes it’s a lot easier in my experience to take real life situations and change them to suit the world you’re writing. That asshole that cut you off today? Yeah he’s gonna be the town nightsoil gatherer.


How do you Kill Jun to get the achievement Jun’s a Wraith?


Your red has to be above 70 going into the Zoo scene; you need to go with Sem, not the Zoo. After, instead of offering to room with him, you’ll just skip to that night, where Jun will try to kill you. You then will have several attack options, most of which will need talent >=50 and/ strength >=50, montage >=50 and/or be in dueling, or be an Energy Manipulator, or karma >=40, depending on what you pick. It is not easy, but i will also warn do not try to go toe to toe telepathically with Jun. EVER. lol Though a fail here will earn you the achievement Red Death.


This one seems pretty awesome


Would be cool if you could be Clan yourself and follow Rhean, you’d be a stealthy type of character and assassinate your enemies (and meet Sem’s family too). You’d be a noble too and your relationship with your family and the humans there could be pretty interesting. It could also be interesting to play as an Annarite but be against the way of evil and try to rebel against warlords and change the nation.


How do you get your Red above 70?