Way Walkers: University3--suggestions and feedback


Yes, Yevette Ashton-- one of the Originals from the Ashoni --is of Puerto Rican, Russian and Chinese decent with an American nationality. And also how the heck does an author not know Puerto Rico exists in this day and age? O.o

@Frogs-- there are no Solki in Tar’citadel, but if you want more on them they come up in small bits in the novels. :wink: And there is a Niju-Iku in the school, your energy empathic teacher in 1. :wink:

And Annarites are addressed somewhat in WWU 3 :wink:


You’d be surprised! I’ve talked with a lot of people who didn’t know it was a thing until after the hurricane. They mostly think it’s a place in Mexico or something.


There are 2 more races there (Okten and something else) that have no description, I think they are the Ulic and Bree followers (cause it seems every race follows a way). Will they ever be featured?


Okten are Ulic. And the Masafran (tyr’stat) are Bree. The are both in WW:U2 :wink:

@lyriumlacedelf-- that…that is disgraceful. I’m so sorry.


What are tyr’stats like? I don’t remember them. Oktens were bird people I think?


literally from WW:U2:
“Master Khay is of the Tyr’sat race, which you’ve heard rumored have legs that shift into the legs of different animals. You can’t really tell in class however, as he wears the long scholarly robes of a biologist in silver and green which obscure his legs. The rest of him looks human, with deep chestnut skin and black hair shaved close to the scalp.”

And honestly if you want a lot more on them, read Tangled Paths. there is a massive section of the book dedicated to Masafran and Tyr’sat :wink:


Does Turin have a race?


That would be the Solki race. :slight_smile: He took the creepy ones XD


Not surprising at all. What about Desmoulein?


I just wanted to say. I have no suggestions for this game. If you were to ask me for suggestions for any other sequel to something I’ve played real or hypothetical I could give you one. But this is like JK Rowling asking for suggestions. Nah I am enjoying your work. I could say something silly like “Have a cake in the next part” but it wouldn’t be an actual suggestion.


Funny you should say that since there will be cake!

…I assume, since the MC’s birthday is in the next game.


@lokidemon007-- Niju-Iku are Dez.

@GenecoInheritor – thank you so much! And yes, there will be cake. A big one, that may or may not explode. :wink:



Um, what?


Can Sem jump out of it though?

(Come on, he totally would.)


Either the MC has pissed off Sem or Evil!Jun is planning a version of Operation: Valkyrie on us…

  1. Semryu plays a prank with an exploding cake

  2. The Red try to Assassinate someone at a party with a cake

  3. Someone put a stripper in a cake and they explode out.

  4. someone baked a stripper into the cake whether or not the stripper was in the cake before or after it bakes determines if it explodes or not.



There was a cake inside the cake, but the double layer of cake was too much for reality to handle, thus the cake blows up in a supernova type explosion so as to release such an intense concentration of cake creating a cake system with little cake pops orbiting around it.

And then they eat it bc it’s the MC’s birthday, lol.


I shall tell you this: someone got it right. :wink:


aw yeah, cakeception theory ftw!!! :birthday::birthday::birthday:


damnit, now i want cake…wonder if i have time to whip-up a sugar free red velvet…