Way Walkers: University3--suggestions and feedback


@Mim – or i just like everyones theories ;p

@Scrivener- i know that feel. i hope someone does it near u too. If not, come to NJ we’ve got like three of then and then the NY and PA ones XD

@impeccably-stressed-- yeah, the best one i think is: the Avatar of Rhean was like, 50 or so, and he’d not found his Aspect yet, and this cousin of the imperial family-- the Rhe’a family, the calopi family tied to the Rheadani imperials but not, like direct cousins --had this accident with a fire on a boat and the only survivor was their 4 yr old little girl. And the Avatar-emperor was all like ‘oh i shall adopt her and take care of her till she’s grown cause i’m nice like that’ and then he meets her and is OMG NO YR RA’VEIN BUT YR FOUR and then like stealth-fully shuffles her off to his actual cousin and is “HERE YOU RAISE THIS I’LL BE OVER HERE” and then literally hides from this kid until they shuffle her off to tar’citadel uni, where he then shows up when shes like 21 and kinda pokes her with a stick like “hi do you remember me?” shes like “lol wht?” and then he runs off again and hides out in Clanna-Ca’sta until she turns 25 and comes home and is like wow yr kinda cute cute i’m a gonna flirt and then he basically pounces on her. (endearingly so)

@Mim-- yes, yes it is. there’s rare cases where they dont end up together, and even one time Bree and Bron thought it’d be fun to be twins and date other ppl but it got weird real fast and they ended up dying saving the world and such.


Miles or Owen for being the incarnations.


[reads the Rhean story]

Oh, that’s kinda cute! :blush:

[reads the Bree/Bron story]

Bree: Let’s be twins!
Bron: Sounds great!
Bree: Oh, we did not think this through very well.


@WayWalkerLeigh potential legitimate thing that could happen, New Jersey is about five hundred miles from where I’m at so only nine hours of driving give or take a few min. I’d make a road trip of it see friends along the way to justify leaving the state for adventures :blush:


@impeccably-stressed-- yep, pretty much XD Fun fact: that particular Rhean and Ra’vien are the ones that were murdered by A’ron De’countes in the books. And that Bree and Bron twins set ended up in this kinda odd-sih polly thing with Beleskie and her Aspect before the whole dying thing.

@Scrivener-- let me know if you do-- i’m always happy to meet fans and talk shop. :slight_smile:


I’d like to think I’d be easy to spot in a crowd. Right now my hair is a bright red, last week it was purple, weeks before that green, before that fire truck red yellow and orange, before that partially purple and blue before we got the right bleach. Who knows what color it’ll be by then. And if my plans to go to Warped Tour for their last year pan out I might go crazy with the color options.


Honestly, at PPD, you’d blend right in XD


Right? Compared to unofficial PPD dress code I’d be normal and underdressed. Although my corset and fantastic attire would say otherwise. I’ve had that thing so long I can get it on and tie it myself in under five minutes no problem. Every year I go dressed head to toe in the blackest of black and every year I say never again. I’m not a reliable cookie when it comes to changing my PPD wardrobe to colors other than black!


I am impressed by yr corset skills. :slight_smile:

But, seriously, guys, ideas to get the MC and Jun into the embassy? Non telepathy or food delivery?


Political science course questions? They have to go in and look around so they can do a presentation, and gosh, why isn’t there a guided tour, really.


@WayWalkerLeigh ok i may be wrong and a bit foggy when it comes to magic. so if somebody walked the way of turin and if, i assume, some magic takes the form of the way you dedicate yourself to following. What would a very experienced walker of turin be able to do.


@Beaterxys-- it depends on the Way Path. (think of it as a class in typical RPGs) The most common Way Path of Turin are the shandi, who are the primary mediums of the Ways. They do stuff like dealing with ghosts who need to move on and cleansing spaces from Native Near Siders, to grief counseling and funeral rites. Fauni are another path that deal with a more physical aspect of death, working with body parts and crafting of artifacts. (they also fight with skeletal golums and are pretty cool)


idk why but i just imagined that they can decay anything or just damage somebodies soul. So what can followers of Montage do. Anything?


Sadly that’s with an underbust only, I’d have to custom order an overbust to fit me properly to practice on the same way.

As for the food delivery idea I like that, and if they get suspicious like we weren’t informed of any potential food deliveries the MC could be like look guys I just go where my boss tells me to go and between you and me if I don’t get this food delivered quick enough they might actually go through with their threats to fire me and I really need this job right now so can you please let me deliver this?


Could any particular follower of a way learn to cheat death or live very very long beyond their species normal lifespan?

And I don’t know about you but my boss uses actual fire when they fire people…


@Beaterxys-- some of them can do things like that-- though ‘hurting your soul’ is kinda broad-- any powerful energy empathic can screw with a person’s chakras and mess up how their Ability flows. thats the kind of ‘spiritual attack’ some turinics are known for.

As far as Montage followers, they can do anything, think of them as the ultimate multi-classers. Tat being said it takes them a LONG time what with all the picking and choosing to get anywhere, so they are kinda regarded as ‘meh they’re useless’ to “OMG RUN” with little between. (technically tar’ka-besh tend towards being considered and unofficial Montage path)

@Scrivener-- was looking for non food related XD

@Drakeye-- i just went over High Mages like last night just scroll up a bit in the thread. also lol thats delightful


Apologies while i have been reading i probably forgot. Thanks


The embassy wouldn’t happen to offer tours, would it? :thinking:


I think my craving for food and sense of adventure took over for a little bit there :smile: Okay definitely know what part to brainstorm now got it


Hurm, maybe i can just have the MC try to talk their way in based on food and have it fail so miserably that JUn winds up Telepathing them in anyways? I just wanted to have something they weren’t reliant on Jun for but made sense for two of them to get into the embassy…but also not branch this monster out any further than it needs to DX