Way Walkers: University3--suggestions and feedback


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Alright. So I do what @WayWalkerLeigh said choose Nor’wah, Rhean as a main trait and Dwyn as my mc name but it seem it won’t unlock. Did I do something wrong?


Did you try to fight the dragon wraith, fail and die, then choose to continue on in your current life with an impairment?


Havent. I will try right away
Ok i tried and successfully unlocked the Dwyn not afraid of no dragon-ghost but the Dwym for the win, cannot.


Weird. I’ll double check the code.


Actually, who was the mastermind in question? Can someone either PM me or post it as a spoiler?



That would be Juns evil past self, along with the group that refers to itself as the “way within the way”.

Sadly, not a heck of a lot is known past that.


@Hani_Fina – AH, i forgot you need to choose the talent (Rosin) option as your supplemental stat, so when the teacher is asking you what you want to do in Tar’citadel, you need to choose the magic heavy one-- ie, get yr talent (Rosin) to 30+.

Hope that helps. :slight_smile:


BIG update, guys


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Oh my, congratulations! I’m so happy for you! In the clinic where I work we have plenty of couples who can’t have children for a reason or another, and I know it can be super discouraging and stressful sometimes, so when it finally happens it’s the best feeling in the world! Enjoy every second of your pregnancy and keep the stress level low! (Yeah I’m talking about moving out- ugh it’s the worst right haha)



Wow, congrats on your pregnancy! That’s exciting, and it’s great that it sounds like you have people nearby who are happy to help out. I hope you both have the best health and that the pregnancy goes smooth.

I wish you best of luck finding a place and executing the move before your due date. Moving is the worst!




You are normally not meant to ask the release date of games as it might put unnecessary pressure on the author, since they might be busy or whatnot (and yes, it is stated in the rules). That said, WayWalkerLeigh makes sure to update people on her progress both here and on her website. Beyond that, it will be awhile (especially since she is now pregnant) so all we can do is wait.


More updates


Congrats! I wish you the best and happiness in your life! :heart::heart::heart:
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