Way Walkers: University3--suggestions and feedback


When you’re trying to lure Ives away from the records room, and Jun goes all fair employment act on you…

Cocking your head to the side, you eye Ives, who does genuinely look exhausted. Maybe. Though we really need her to leave for a while, and I don’t know if she trusts us enough to do that. Ultimately, you…


#ask Ives, “Have you had dinner yet?” in the hopes of convincing her to take a longer time away.

The older woman starts somewhat at your question, then sighs, running a hand through her dark hair. “No, and I hadn’t intended on doing so.”

{roommate}'s mouth drops open in genuine shock and concern. "And how often do you go about skipping meals?" {he} demands, forceful enough to make Ives blink repeatedly. “That’s terrible! No wonder Shelly’s been worried! The Headmaster should be ashamed of himself, allowing you to suffer like that!”

“Oh, it’s hardly that dire,” Ives replies, though you notice a slight drop in her shoulders as she says it. “He’s a busy man as well. We both do what we must.”

“Well, not tonight, not while I’m here,” Jun insists, hands going to {their} hips and the most indisputable parental tone just seething out from {their} voice. "You go right now and get something to eat! {name} and I will get more of this done for you and keep anyone who shouldn't be out of the office. [i]And[/i] after you get back, I'm going to have a heck of a few choice words with Semryu about helping out more." !{he} shakes ${their} head at you, completely flabbergasted. “I can’t believe this is how they treat someone who works so hard!”

Clearly taken aback, Ives looks to you with wide eyes, to which you return a glance that clearly says, please don’t argue with ${him} it will be bad for us both.

She takes a few seconds to ponder it some more, but then ultimately nods. “Honestly, you’re right, {mr} {roommate_surname}. I do deserve a meal.” Removing her keys from her pocket, she puts them in the top drawer of her desk, then gives you both a very firm glare as she shuts it with an ominous thump. “But you two best behave, and do not let anyone go poking around in my desk or in the office. If the Headmaster returns, he can unlock in door but no one else. If I find my trust in you to be misplaced, there will be nothing short of the Red’s type of fury to pay. Understood?”

“Of course, Ives,” you promise, then shrug. “Though I don’t anticipate anyone wanting to look at a bunch of dusty old files all that badly.”

“Enjoy your dinner-- no rush!” ${roommate} calls after her as she heads out, then turns to you with an exasperated sigh. “Can you imagine? I swear I’m going to give Sem such an earful when I see him later!”

You’re unable to contain your chuckle at your friend’s venom. “Oh wow, you really weren’t acting there, were you, Jun?”

“Acting?” $!{he} blinks at you a few times, then huffs. “Oh, right! No, I wasn’t but stop looking at me like that and grab those ruddy keys!”

"Sure thing." Shaking you head, you do as told, then head for the restricted room. "Pure heart to the end, ${roommate}," you say with a snicker, then unlock the door.


So I know The Tangled Paths book was written in the same world as WWU. Are there any moments in the book where characters from WWU appear? Sorry, I know this was probably asked before.


Hey y’all what’s happening? It’s been a while since I checked in on this thread.


Not the characters, not as of yet, but there are references to the events in WWU in the second Tazu novel Broken City. (There is also a much more direct reference in the thrid one that directly mentions Illyan, but it’s not published yet. :wink: )


This thread seems active, can somebody please help me. How to get Man behind the Curtains achievement in the second book?


Isn’t that if your date asks you away from the dance? As far as I know, only Sem and Kess (and maybe Umbrave, but I can’t recall proper) have I noticed when you run into the guy.


No, the achievment comment is - discover the true Mastermind behind Illyan’s imprisonment, so I don’t think it was the dead tark’abesh.


Oh that !

Well, I found out who was the mastermind through this method (I’m sure the others have found other ways, unless this is the only one)

1. Help Jun with their dream problems. When facing their evil past self, let them face them, not you, they (my opinion) are more sure of themselves

2. Help Sem with stealing the test results. Choose to actually steal the results (the third option). Afterwards, after Cael is unconscious by Jun, convinced them to ‘interrogate’ him and you learn who is the mastermind (p.s you might enjoy who it is)

Like I said, this is how I found out. If others know of alternatives, I welcome them. In fact, you can even ask the author herself.


Thank you, I’ll try it! And while we’re at it, how to get a duel with Clay?


Antagonise him when confronting Owen (I think also failing to use rational reasoning and empathy also leads to this but I forget) and then accept a duel from him


Thank you <3


Which one to choose? As i you can see there isn’t option to let Jun handle it. I always chose the fourth one and it didn’t work.


Oh my bad, I should have elaborated; When I say let Jun handle it, I mean, you have to fail when confronting their evil self (failing the four options). That’s when they step up.


That’s bad, I h a t e failing. Is it the only way?


How do you beat Clay? I lose every time. About to just let Owen fend for himself. Messing up my school rep… :sunglasses:


@alessin, as I said, that’s how I got it. Again, I ask others to see if they have other ways or again, ask the author. Sorry on my behalf.

@EarnBoogie, if you have high Rosin or Kubesh, you should be able to beat them. Probably helps if you do duelling as well from the previous game.


Yeah, it was a question into the void, you have nothing to be sorry for, you were great help <3


Can someone tell me how to unlock Dwyn for the win (unlocked the canon character) and dawyn’s not afraid of ghost-story


hi, sorry for not responding sooner, i’ve been down with a cold and pretty much unconscious for the last week and a half DX Anyways, what @MIGSey gave you is the only path to it, as Jun has to see you in mortal danger in order to truly stand up to their past self. Anything else leave that same past self still active. :wink:

@Hani_Fina – Dwyn for the win is unlocked when you choose the Nor’wah homeland, Rhean as you main trait, and, of course, the name Dwyn. Dwyn’s not afraid of no dragon-ghost can be achieved by going with Semryu to see Illyan, ending up in the hallway with her, then choosing the ‘dragon-wraith-smagon-wraith’ choice. it will lead to your inevitable death and revival, but it’s worth it knowing that it’s what Dwyn would have done. :slight_smile:


You know the best part of me when I play COGs ? I never pay attention to stats or whatnot and I still somehow get the good stuff. Case in point, I found out the truth, using a premade, on the first try (or second or third, I forget :man_shrugging:t5:). Pure accidental luck :joy: