Way Walkers: University3--suggestions and feedback



we have proof Jun is going to kill the mc and is really good at covering it up!
Kidding…watch someone accidentally run with this post in confusion


To be fair, they almost got away with it with their first attempt at the zoo. Clearly, they underestimated the MC.


*** Evil Laughter ***


Hello! I just finished part 1 and 2 of Way Walkers University for the SECOND TIME and hopefully made better choices this time round haha! Absolutely enjoyed the heck outta these interative novels and i love how the world of way walkers is so vast and immersive! And ofcourse, Semryu being a romancable character is a dream come true :joy: Jun went from slightly irratating to a full blown twat with how he hates my MC for literally no sensible reason -_- Regardless, im really really looking forward to part 3 and how itll all end! I hope theres a part where the mc is able to take semryu up on their offer in part 2 ice sculptures date, to go see his homeland! Also really excited to see how this whole business with Illya is gonna end and ofcourse, the most important question of all, will Sem FINALLY pass Continental History??? Cant wait! :"D


@MIGSey Both of you stop saying Jun. It wouldnt be him. JUN IS TOO PURE FOR THAT EVEN IF HE HATED YOUR DAMN GUTS.


Yeah; that’s not Jun. That’s some evil ghost which has taken control of his body and mind. The real Jun is either completely subsumed, or has been brainwashed to the point where he has no choice either. (And I don’t think the argument “it’s his past self, so it’s him” holds up, because past selves don’t work like that with anyone else.)


Don’t look at me, I’m only following the leader aka @WayWalkerLeigh. Innocent whispering :kissing::kissing::kissing:


@Saffirah_Khan glad to hear you’re enjoying! Hang around here for previews and updates as they come. :slight_smile:

@ParrotWatcher-- sorry, technically it is Juns past life so it IS him, and other ppls past selves do affect them, as you shall learn when the MC and Sem go spelunking into their past selves in 3. Granted, Juns past self is a wee bit more dramatic than most. :rofl: (In cannon it’s actually considered a spiritual illness of which there are several variations, so Jun is not the only person in WW world to have this particular problem.)

@MIGSey – good call lol


I’m really looking forward to doing the trekking into the past lives. I’ve been looking forward to that from the first time I played the games!


Yes, the Sem-MC one is far more extensive than the one with Jun and probably my favorite sequence out of 3. :blush:


And aren’t there two different variants of the Sem-MC past life exploration?


Technically more than two. The base relationship between the MC and Sem is based on the current relationship with the MC in the game, but beyond that there’s also three distinct personalities (and sets of Abilities) the MC can choose from, and then two main locations the MC can pick from for the climax portion. (Kinda like in 1 where you could be theater, arena or illyan when the fixed event of “boom” went down. )


** Jumps on Hype Train to talk about marrying Sem background **


It’s not the greatest guy alive Jun. its him but it’s not him at the same time. Dont say Jun did these things, he did not, other guy did. That piece of shit. I WANTED HIM TO SUFFER. (if you haven’t noticed. ive grown attached to Jun and Sem cause they are great friends and nothing will break up the trio.) Jun died after you stole his girl or pissed him off enough and the other guy took over. There is no Jun at that point. Only that piece of shit. (iirc did you add his name in or is that a spoiler)


Lol okay fair enough. And no, I’ve never named Juns past self. TBH I’ve never been able to come up with a name for him …he feels more powerful, more mysterious without one.


I’m looking forward to seeing Sem’s reaction to the past lives!


Thats before you read the text that calls him Jun’s past self or Past Jun


Read this series years ago and always was looking for another part to come out glad it’s still alive. Take your time I’ll wait as long as it takes :slight_smile: good luck!


Am I missing the demo link?


Are you referring to Waywalkers 3? There’s no demo as far as I remember. This thread is more on suggestions and feedback on what to cover for the last book.