Way Walkers: University3--suggestions and feedback


Ahh very well


Stats shown as text worked brilliantly in tin-star, I loved it. Also good for describing certain flags within relationships. Nicer than hard number, and better ball park.


300K words… And you’re not even halfway? Part 3 is going to be epic!


If I ever finish the damn thing :rofl:


Maybe you should use time travel and then you can write 300k words easily?


here have a preview:


You can do it!! We believe in you!! :heart: :heart: :heart:


You have my money


A perfect friendship. Best friends all the way. That is, until youve realized youve stepped on one of @WayWalkerLeigh 's friendship destroying landmines.


Hey, it’s not my fault Jun is mentally unstable.

Oh, wait…


Hahaha anyway Goodluck @WayWalkerLeigh wish you all the best for this awesome story! Have a great weekdays! :hugs: :hugs:


in the spirit of full disclosure, i want you all to know that writing evil Jun’s dialog really fills me with unmitigated joy. XD


That’s a pity, cause I have them as a friend :yum:. I am curious what devious plans you have given them to eliminate the MC.


just because Jun’s yr friend doesn’t mean he isn’t still evil. muhahahahahahahahaha :smiling_imp:

seriously though, secret evil Jun’s dialog is EPIC. ya’all ant gonna know what hit ya :rofl:


50 bucks says I do a ‘I never’ game with them and it turns out the most evil thing they’ve done is…stay up pass curfew :scream:. Jokes aside, what is the worst thing they’ve done, without mister evil incarnate whispering in their ear (if it’s not spoiler territory)


the problem with that questions is Mr Evil has been whispering Juns whole life, so kinda impossible to differentiate between what is and isn’t influenced. And there’s some pretty bad, and very spoiler-y, stuff.


Playing with Jun as the adversary is definitely interesting.

Also, why wouldn’t the school administration let the MC change rooms officially, if they’re concerned for their safety?


Two reasons, and these are gone over in the game but no one seems to remember…lol

#1-- typically, the MC would need to find someone of the same gender and same age to switch with them and take the room with Jun, and there was no one available, and #2 even if someone was available Lady Xeni was hesitant to move someone into the situation who was unawares of Juns weirdness.

That being said, the only student in First Teir who was absent a roommate was Semryu, so even if the MC pressed it, he’s who they’d ended up with anyways so I didn’t feel like dragging it out lol


And say Jun killed the MC. Would Tar’Citadel be held accountable?


Jun would be held accountable.

That being said, if/when Jun would kill the MC, Jun would do a damn good job of covering it up.