Way Walkers: University3--suggestions and feedback


That is Athena, my crazy calico. She does this to me daily :joy:


It’s mandatory


deep cleansing breaths

OKAY, first off, if you think @MIGSey was being hostile, you’re just gonna loooove the realz I’m a gonna drop on you, so strap in, cupcake.

#1-- as said, MIG was NOT being even close to hostile with you, he was informing you quite nicely actually of forum rules before your post got banned by the admins, and before I saw it cause everyone on here knows not to come into my thread and ask about finish times, as you would also know if you’d done five moments of reading in the forum rules like a courteous person. Also, you were in no way in your one liner of "when is 3 coming out’ asking for anything other than an exact date so don’t BS me about otherwise.

#2-- You do NOT get to tell me how to feel about you coming in here and asking when it’s going to be done, cause let me tell YOU, buttercup, it does NOT make me happy to see. It’s a cold, metal dagger to the heart, a stiff, cold vicious reminder that it’s been six years to finished something I intended to take only one, and it literally stressed me out so badly I had a NERVOUS BREAKDOWN last year due almost entirely due to my utter failure at getting my written works done on time. So, no, you don’t get to tell me that I should be happy about how many ppl are waiting for it as I am QUITE AWARE when u barge in here and remind me I’m not done yet.

#3- wooooow. Thanks so much for congratulating me on my child in the same breath as belittling my carrier down to a hobby and then assuming I’m a just gonna be drowning in baby stuff and not work even more. AWESOME.

#4-- I’m not inclined to tell anyone the gender of my child, thank you. Don’t assume everyone want to advertise that, essp on the freaking internet.

And lastly, literally all of this you could have known for yourself if you’d spend a bare minimum of time actually reading the forum rules or idk going back and READING MORE OF MY BLOG. instead you come in here claiming to be treated hostility when yr the one breaking rules and being rude. I appreciate all my fans and I love that you love my work, but seriously I don’t owe you all my happiness. So take five minutes, really think about what you say, and remember I’m a freaking human being with a range of feelings and experience that just might be out of your typical scope.

Seriously, OOOOOOf.

And again, thank you @MIGSey for trying to defuse this nicely. Not yr fault you tried to keep em from poking the dragon.


It’s ok darling! It doesn’t matter how long it takes, I rather it take 20 years and be the piece of art that I know will be, than be 1 year and not as good.

You have to think that another reason the game takes a long time is because you spoil us and give lots of variables and different paths, and that… Is fucking long yo :joy:

Also, WW1 is the first game on this place I bought! So it will always have a special spot on my heart no matter how long we have to wait <3


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That’s yr problem, is you THOUGHT you were being nice and you can’t handle the concept that you might have miss stepped. And instead of reflecting on your actions, you double down on being a jerk.

Don’t let the door hit you on the way out! :hugs:


@baahh, I should like to inform you I have, along with other community members, often said this gentle reminder concerning release dates to games to new members, such as yourself, so as to avoid you getting into trouble here. Accusing someone of being hostile or angry when in fact they are just informing you is quite insulting to not just me but the rest of the community. And before you ask, I have said this before on other threads and seen others say it to new members, none of them ever said we are either hostile or angry at them.

Also, it is not our position to ask for, dare I say, sensitive information about a unborn child that this author is having, e.g gender. None of us asked because we respect the privacy of said author.

I apologise if you feel offended what so ever, but word of advice, don’t jump to conclusions and make false assumptions and frankly, don’t be inconsiderate, on this forum EVER.

I apologise to @WayWalkerLeigh if I overstepped my bounds and I’ll accept if the moderators want me to delete this message.


@MIGSey Don’t you dare applogise to Mr Terrible. You have conducted yourself courteously and amicably, and as I’ve been around this fourm a long time I know you’ve done nothing to warrant such behavior from another member. The entire reason I even addressed the little troll was because I will not stand for a loyal good hearted fan being treated in such a way, and with so many discourtesies in such a small small space of sentences. If you were in the wrong, he’d not been flagged for his comments. I appreciate you greatly for your kind hearted efforts. Not you fault he can’t see how harmful he was being. <3


Also thank you dear you are so sweet. :blush:


With all the respect I can muster (which is not much) as a newcomer to this thread, (basically because I just found it) I gotta say,
@baahh , what the hell? Why do you assume you have any right to know anything about the author? If they (talking about every author here) haven’t said something, at least out of politeness, you don’t ask, because you don’t know a thing about them more than what they want, and you don’t know when you’re stepping on a landmine, so, when you do, you can’t complain.
I’m sorry if it seems disrespectful to anyone, but I don’t like it when people assume to have a right to something they do not, and complain when they are scolded.


Please let the moderators deal with issues like these. The posts in the question have already been dealt with/responded to, and piling on isn’t helping. If you see a troubling post, please flag it, and don’t respond to it.


I got ya Gower. It’s done folkes, the darkness has been driven from our shores.

Here have a cat picture so we can all move on.


Agreed, lets change the subject.
Soooo, when does the book get released?
Which gender is your kid?
Sorry for making the easy joke, too good an oppurtunity.


Since we’re looking at precious kitties, I now petition for a scene where we can bully romanced Sem to co-parent a cat/dog with MC. It’ll likely not work, but I am still obsessed with Sem and feel the need to tease him at every turn.

‘omfg no mim stop-’


OMGKITTEH!!! I wants to scratch the chins!! >.<


@Prekto when the sky falls and and moon and sun rise together and the world shall be as ice and fire!
And there is no gender only Zul! :rofl:

@Mim if yr friends with Jun you can get a kittle as a pet. One of the name options is Mini-Sem. :grin:

See, I can be fun :joy: