Way Walkers: University3--suggestions and feedback


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Guys I know I am late to the party but can anyone tell me how to get the following achievements in way walkers university 2-
Successfully sarcastic
Never cross crazy
Shard through the heart
Brain break
Man behind the curtain.
Someone anyone please help me with these achievements.


A long way up you were talking about something like twin flames? Who is the mc’s twin flame???


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The MC’s twin flame isn’t going to be revealed, because there are multiple romance options, and Leigh doesn’t want to invalidate all of the others by saying that one is the ‘right’ option.


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I’m guessing you already figured these out but in case anyone else is wondering I’ll write about the ones I do know:

  1. Successfully sarcastic: Go with Sem to the lawyer meeting, pick the snarky response to the guard guy. Not sure if there are stat requirements or not–my character had high intelligence (40+), high magic and montage (50+) and low red (<30) so maybe one of those is useful?

  2. Never cross crazy: This is what you get if you go to the ball with Ay’cure/Aycura. Obviously you have to not be friends with Jun. But the scene might also happen if you didn’t successfully help Jun. So these first two achievements are impossible to get in one play-through because you either go with Sem to the meeting or help Jun.

  3. Brain break–Be enemies with Jun, go with Sem to steal the history tests from Cael’s office, successfully use telepathy on Cael. Your magic probably has to be high enough or maybe you can have high enough montage and less high magic and it will still work.


You don’t have to be enemies with Jun for 3


Thanks for the help man I got those three already but I didn’t get a shard through the heart and man behind the curtain someone help me with those please.


Shard through the heart you have to go against sem from day one then manage to kill him during the zoo. (This ends the game)

Man behind the curtain you must fail both times during Juns past life, then successfully find illyans research (this is a hard plot reveling one so I don’t like to explain it too much :wink: )

And @Morphine you do have to be enemies with Jun for that acheivement as otherwise Jun does the brain breaking. :wink:


And i thought your evil stopped at Jun


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Sem is immortal my delusion will not allow him to die, just like Commissar Cain can never be listed as killed.


@Drakeye – in WW cannon, Semryu is alive all the way into the timeframe past the Tazu Saga books. :wink:


I find it interesting that a Manna holds such a prestigious position within the judicial system, considering the Mannachi’s particular susceptibility to the Red’s Taint, in addition to the inhumane treatment of humans vassals within their provinces :thinking: Has she ever prosecuted anyone from her own clan?

Random question, have any Annarites ever studied in Tar’citadel? Would the university consider admitting them, assuming the potential student showed no signs of being ‘Red’ and were rather talented (e.g. an Exemplary)?


Good points. It just gives you an idea of how amazingly netural Erin Manna can be. Also keep in mind that the Mannas Being more susceptible to Red Taint came about after Marin Mannas death at the hands of the Red during a failed experiment dealing with trying to control/undo Red magic. While Manna previous to this we’re always considered “wiley” and a bit manic, they weren’t considered Tainted-- that came about much later. And yes, she’s sentenced many a Mannachi in her day-- it’s actually one of the reasons she gained the position as the High Judge, because basically she was the only athority figure the Mannachi would unflinchingly submit to aside from Rhean himself.

And short answer, yes, long answer you will have to wait for the next part of WWU3 :wink:


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