Way Walkers: University3--suggestions and feedback


Bet you can’t eat all of these in under a minute!


I like the idea of the chocolates being presented as something to raise money for the club or team.


I have decided to go with a suggestion from hubby of “someone gave these to me as a romantic gift, but i’m dating X so…”

This was chosen mostly because if Sem is with you and dating you, he can make a joke about wanting to chuck them out a citadel window. XD


“Hi, I have made this chocolate cake and need an honest opinion. I would ask my friends, but they are going to tell me is nice no matter what”.


Could honestly use some cheering up. :frowning:


Aw! Summer sicknesses are the worst!

Just take your time and relax for as long as you can. Nothing is more important than your health and I’m sure we all wish you a speedy recovery! :heart:


Oh that’s awful. I’m sorry it’s in the middle of your break. Reminds me of this Calvin and Hobbes :joy: . I caught influenza last year and was on my ass for a week. I ended up marathoning Buffy because I couldn’t spare a brain cell for anything except trying to breathe.

Hope your health improves soon!



I know exactly which Calvin and Hobbes comic you’re talking about! It was funny, but I too hate being sick in the summer!


at least im getting something done today…

Ives purses her lips, and for a moment you think she’s going to say no, but then she asks, “What kind are they?”

“The spiced dark ones from the cafeteria,” you reply, trying to keep the relieved sigh from your voice. “Shelly said they were your favorite.”

“Indeed.” She shoots Semryu a glance sharp enough to cut a diamond. “If there turns out to be some sort of laxative in these, Mr. Sana…”

“Oh, perish the thought,” Semryu exclaims, his lip curling up in genuine disgust. “My pranks have class Ives-- I’d hardly stoop to something so, so crass and call it funny.” He strokes his chin. “Unless of course there was some ironic overtone to it as a form of revenge, but truly, Ives, I would take no pleasure in you being put into such a state.”

“Also, just, eww,” you add.


Can’t wait to discuss pranks as an art form with Professor Sana :woman_facepalming:

Oh cripes, I just got a flashback to one of my art teachers who would encourage us to do graffiti.

"Art is only as meaningful as the moment it's made."

Professor Sem: A prank is representative of your personality and your soul…

Professor Sem: Now, raise your hand if you think laxatives have a place in prank.

[half the class raises their hands]

Professor Sem: Get out, this class isn’t for you.


Gawd, Professor Sem. That should be a meme. :rofl:


Somehow, I just can’t imagine him in a tweed jacket. :sweat_smile: Yet, I would take his pranking class in a heartbeat.

That said, I think Ay’Cure/a would be the best teacher of the cast, hands down.


Totally agreed. Though of the bunch i think Shelly in the one destined to academia. :wink:


I mean, when you can instantly understand the intended meaning of an author, it’d almost be a crime not to.

God, she would be so useful in literature departments.



and for some reason it wont let me post unless i include a complete sentance. -_-



and yeah, for some reason all caps aren’t accepted but i can do all lowercase with nooooooo issue but what about when i need to express myself, @theforum, what about then???


What are Poe debates?


this is probably the quickest and easiest (also funniest) summery of the subject:


Oh, poor you. I wish I could send you flowers (sunflowers) and a fruit basket. But since I can’t, the best I can do is:

I always drink lots of honey lemon when down with a sore throat; hopefully that eases your throat as well.