Way Walkers: University3--suggestions and feedback


I will finish. This i promise. It just become more than anticipated.


Let’s just continue to wait patiently, support her on the sideline, and not stress WayWalkerLeigh. I’m sure she is already doing her best to get WWU3 out. And as she says, she has been furiously writing this past month, and is aiming to get the first 5 chapters out by summer. So that’s light at the end of the tunnel for us all. :slightly_smiling_face:


Sorry @WayWalkerLeigh, I meant to reply to Elbertina in my above message but instead must have pressed the wrong button and replied to you. Please just ignore the message. Thanks.


General update


While I am greatly disappointed in you over your belief in sanity being a good thing, I hope you don’t get to much stress and have fun cuddling pushies(no idea just gunna guess that’s some kind of animal plushy) hopefully arts and crafts stuff stays fun for you as a teach. :+1:


These are pusheens :slight_smile:


The one on the left looks like a furry heart with a nose and eyes I can see hugging it…

However the one on the right gives me memories of mogwai and water…:sweat_smile: please don’t get the mogwai wet gremlins are evil pranksters unlike sem.

I admit those are cute and huggable and I’m not a hugger.
Edit: I hope I’m not so old that no one else remembers mogwai…:sob: I watched it in the 90s granted.


Drake i was born the year Gremlins came out, please dont make ME feel old…lol


So I shouldn’t say I was born a year after you then and watch both when I was 10 in the mid 90s? Your only old if you feel old
Half the time I feel like a teen the older half like I met king Richard.


I feel ya man. I spent half my life being told I was so mature and looked so much older and now.every thinks I’m ten years younger. XS


Are there stuffed kittles?


There are a few of them still knocking around too. So many snuggles


Soooo… I liked the whole medium talent in the original waywalkers. Would be nice to see more of that. Maybe help a classmate connect to a lost one.


Awww, do creatures as cute as pusheens appear/exist in WayWallkers’ universe?

On a totally irrelevant note, I love your nails… I love the WayWalkers star on your nail; it’s so intricate!
I did my nails too *squeals in delight * but it’s nowhere near as cool as yours.


Have a great week!


A plushie Ry’tora would be cute to see.


Quick need of help-- you have to deliver a plate of sleeping agent-laced chocolates to knock someone out…what do you tell them so they will eat them and not be suspicious? So far i have "secret admirer sent them’ and ‘these are from x person you know who thinks you work hard and deserve a treat’.

any other options?


“These are mine. Don’t take any!” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Free samples for the school?


You are selling chocolates to raise money for your school club or charity.


No matter what don’t eat these