Way Walkers: University3--suggestions and feedback


The characters are so well-done. I’ll just take a moment to praise you cause so few authors are able to do that here.

So horayyy for @WayWalkerLeigh for actually making us wince when we make an enemy in a game! And also for making us go legit hardcore fanboy/girls for a glorified vampire that we only know through our avatar!



got to love it when being too Red makes your subconscious suggestions a touch TOO powerful…

#implant the suggestion to leave his post.
	Taking a breath, you draw-in energy from the air to fuel the spell, then gather it together into a strong, near insufferable suggestion to use the bathroom. With an exhale, you send the spell his way, praying it will work.

	*if (talent >= 40) or (((talent >= 35) or (montage >=40)) and ((major_ability = "Telepathy") or (major_ability = "Emotional Empathic")))
		The man stiffens immediately, his eyes growing wide in a sudden and all too obvious panic. He hops from foot to foot a few times, as if debating his ability to hold it, but then finally succumbs.
		*if (red >= 55)
			In a stumbling haste, the poor man waddles down the hallway away from you, leaving a slick trail of wetness behind him before disappearing around the corner. [i]Oh, ruddy Red he must have already had a full bladder! Well I guess that's what he gets for holding it. Ick.[/i] Putting a hand over your mouth to muffle your shocked gasp, you scurry for the door, and slip in unnoticed.
			*goto records_inside


If you don’t mind me asking, what are Sem’s parents/siblings like? I remember in the game Sem mentions that his dad is kinda stern and his brother snores


Also, is it possible to kill the Ry’tora?


almost 4 years since i killed jun in one of my playthrough (or that choice was added later? i cant remember :rofl:

by the way are you adding illyan as a ro in the 3 book?


@koolkat-- sem talks very little about his family in game, but it s talked about not too long ago in this thread. scroll up. :wink:

@lokidemon007-- no, you can’t ever kill the Ry’toya. you can only ever just get away from it safely, and you need to be following Semryu’s plot-line and not too high Red stat.

@djisma69-- no new ROs will be added at all in WW:U3. Also, Illyan is 24 and the MC is 14-15. ewww.


24? i did think she was only 1 or 2 years older than sem :thinking:

(the ending where we kill jun will be continued in book 3 or is a bad ending¿?)


OK! MATH TIME, BABIES!!! :smiley:

Sem is 17, and he arrived in Tar’Citadel when he was 11. At that point, Illyan was already the student liason for Lady Xeni, so she was presumably about Sem’s age, but likely older since Sem was sent to Tar’Citadel a year before is custom. So, Illyan is about seven years older than Sem.

So 17 + 7 = 25

can you tell I passed basic arithmetic? lol

Also, the end where you kill Jun doesn’t continue. Sorry, man.


How do you kill Jun?


he tryes to kill you one night if you are in a very bad relationship with him and RED (i did bash his brains out with energy balls :joy:)


What happens after that incident?


You either succeed and kill Jun, and then you’re arrested for murder and the game ends or you fail and then I believe Jun kills you.


I really wish it was possible to have Ay’cura as a romance


Just wanted to drop in to say Semryu is wonderful! Thanks @WayWalkerLeigh for relenting to our humble pleas to make Semryu an RO.
Oh and the story is… Wow! Just wow! (looks up into the sky and thank the heavens for this wonderous find)


Thank you so much! I’ve been in a hermit hole writing this past month the so glad to hear some encouragement! :slight_smile:


Hearing this makes my heart skip a beat… your ferocious writing must mean that WWU3 is progressing nicely. Oooh, I’m so excited.

Ganbatte! (ermm, that’s like ‘you can do it!’ In Japanese… though I can’t really find an English equivalent for it)


Arigatou gozaimasu! (My Japanese is terribly rusty, I have not spoken since college, and it was not good then XD)

And it is going well, if slow. I’m really hoping to have the first five chapers finally done by summer, which would be a big hump all done and a load off my mind XD


Awww I miss this game so much
Will there be a demo of the game coming one of the seasons after summer?


You can kill jun??I never had that option


I’ve been waiting! It’s the best we can do- those of us a bit older and slower! I’d grown tired of so many near look-alike stories, (fun, but too much of any good thing is- too much?). Then there’ve been so incredibly many utterly fascinating, original, crazy creative, jaw dropping, addictive WIPs which never get quite past the tantalizing starts…
All of which is part of the overall experience, but I’d love a way to help support those still trying to write their epic WIPs. I’m not the only one pining over a great game lost.