Way Walkers: University3--suggestions and feedback


Thanks for answering my question.

Now I’ve just got wait for the Steam release in order to be able to play with the new changes myself. :disappointed_relieved:


Funny thing; I just reinstalled your games cause @idonotlikeusernames mentioned the new update (which was 3 months ago on the App Store), which BTW I do like the new details. However I came across this;

(Sorry for the large screenshot)


Tis OKAY I’ll add it to the list lol


@WayWalkerLeigh You have no idea how much this path hurts me


Playing the enemy route with Jun is interesting.


Yeah it’s a very stark contrast compared to Sem




pats head it’s okay, your head cannon is is true for you dont worry about any others


i feel pain only because of your twisted anti Jun paths


well, it only happens when the MC is mean to Jun :stuck_out_tongue:


Sem is not someone I would want as an enemy!


But you can be proud to admit your enemy is sem.
“I have a very crafty, dangerous…and handsome enemy his name is sem…wait am I a bond villain?”
This is the badge you can wear.


honestly, neither is Jun, not really. XD


I’ll take my chances with Jun before Sem!


You know I might actually have to put a bit of thought into who would be worse to piss off.


Awww…Sem is too cute and funny and Jun is too adorable to make enemies of. :hugs:


and handsome


Easy Mc…piss off the Mc and you get a tiny untrained ball hit you to lul you into thinking your safe then later sem and jun get angry at you becuase the Mc said you beat them up but not to do anything about it becuase they don’t want to get you in trouble and that it’s fine…so jun and sem being protective get angry at you.
Edit: subtly is getting the big npcs on your side.


If it helps, just imagine seeing them the first time without talking to them. Who would prefer to piss off more, Mr/Mrs ‘Goody two shoes’ or Mr ‘I could suck your blood with a snap of my fingers’ ? I’ll leave it up to you.


@MIGSey Jun can telepathically liquidate your brain.