Way Walkers: University3--suggestions and feedback


Yeah there has already been much discussion about the imbalance in the stats…part if it is purposeful for thouse who like to play games on ‘hard’ mode…but it’s mostly because the whole game just got away from me and the Illyan plot which took over just doesn’t rely as much upon Angani as I’d originally intended it to. The original game had the MC also getting the option to follow the rules and go against Semryu for the full game-- following rules, recruting help from teachers, ect --but given Sem’s unexpected popularity and the sheer largeness of the game I ended up having to scrap that additional plotline, thus rendering both Angani and Dezmoulin less useful. I’ve tried to bring them back in a bit where I can, but sadly there’s not been a big plethora of ideas for it that will fit the current narrative. DX


Well there’s still bool 3 right? Maybe Angani can have more uses? Like protecting everyone against the onslaught of the Red?

Also, is there actually a way to banish the demon shelly talks about? @Frogs say Angani, but I’ve already tried Angani…


Yeah well as said there’s not a lot of spots to put it. “Protect against the onslaught of the Red” is technically Rheanic. Not to mention vauge XD

And Angani makes the demon a bit more uncomfortable, but I don’t remember the code off the top of my head.


I mean like the story of an Avatar of Angani and her twin-flame. Where she used a spell to turn him into Achilles without the weakness. Can’t we do something like that?

When I read that, I knew Angani was for me :slight_smile:. I mean I didn’t even allow Sem’ryu to kiss the Mc cause that wouldn’t be pure right?


Does that mean we get to finally use Rheanic Spells?

Sorry for the vagueness. I don’t know what’s going to happen in part 3 so… I guess I have no choice but to be vague?


Really, that was unexpected for you? :confused: Sem is so cool and cute and awesome to my mc, so how could I possibly not like him. :grin:


@JustinM – a bit extreme but I’ll consider it. Also Angani allows kisses between teenagers despite what some might say. :wink:

And you’ve been doing g Rheanic stuff since moment one. :stuck_out_tongue: it’s one of the more useful stats.

Honestly Sem was written with the intention of ppl love/hating him the same way as I did Jun… so like, yes yr overwhelming adoration took me very much by surprise XD I mean I know you all love Jun too, but dang to you all also HATE Jun to a level Sem just doesn’t reach lol


Can we just talk about how this game will let us have previous marriage with best husbando.

That alone makes this game the best.

But with the awesomeness of everything else…


I still can’t get over being able to being married to Sem in a previous life. ;^;

What if we had kids, guys. Where did we live. What did we wear at the wedding. ;^; Sem is gonna hate my character when she finds out, she’s gonna scream so hard.


I’m more interested in making Sem and Jun regress to deal with Jun’s lingering demon that my mc couldn’t, due to high Montage, as his former sister. So he’s hoping that maybe Sem as his/our former mother will have better luck. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This is so horribly embarrassing but I’m honestly at the same boat! I am mentally regressing to 14 just thinking about it. This is both mortifying and unbearably exciting, I love friends becoming awkward couples.
The whole past lives adventure has gotten bigger than planned, according to @WayWalkerLeigh’s previous comments, so I expect a lot of giddy embarrassing moments for us rabid fans!

You can never know what makes certain characters click. For me, it’s mostly well written dialogue, which is something that isn’t as common in CoG games as it could be (most authors seem to prefer narrating conversations than actually transcribing them).


How can someone hate Sem :c
He’s just so nice and cool and loyal and friendly (and he’s pretty good looking too).
While some people can dislike doing pranks and think it’s childish I don’t think anybody can say Sem isn’t a good friend, he’s like the best friend you can have who will always be there for you.


Oh yes thank you!!!

But that… wouldn’t be pure right?

I knew it! So Rheanic is protection… but along the way of shadowa right? And Angani is about the protection of the soul?.. or purity of the soul to protect the body…?

Wait what…? Really?!

… so is Sem previous husband or parent? Or is this a variable thing?

Also… can you honestly banish the demon in the library? @Frogs say Angani… but I tried Angani…


You can’t banish the demon entirely and always have to wait for an exorcist but Angani/Turin does have some effect on the demon at least. Still better than blasting it and doing no damage to the demon but making a hole in the ceiling instead lol


Really? I do prefer the blasted ceiling though


Dyslexic duh moment #438:
‘before they come to a stop at the bottom of the small stairway-- a tousled pile of twisted limps and cries of agony.’

twisted limps lol


Haloo halay i finished the recruit Kess vin! over 36k! hat means the full ‘chapter’ of recruiting is finally DONE. Will post journal update with full progress update soon. *faints *



We are glad you feel better now and nice progress as well! =)

Looking forward to more news!


@WayWalkerLeigh those content patches you’ve done for your first two games, did you have any difficulty in getting CoG to publish them?
Since I noticed that very few CoG do substantial content patches post-release and of those most are minor you and @JimD with his upcoming patch for SafeHaven are the only ones I know of who do or have done significant content patches.


Not really, no. TBH they were eager to have it and happy to have it as an excuse to raise the price after so long (and they were right I was undervaluing my games at 1.99 considering their replay value). But this might have to do with factors I’m unaware of; both me and Jim have very well selling games after so long, and I can’t presume to know if other patches wouldn’t be veiwed as money makers or not considering the time spent. Or it might be a non factor and it’s just because Jim and I are both nerodic about our games and our fans and writing to make them awesome in general lol. But for what it’s worth the standing understanding I’ve always had with CoG is if I have an update, just send it in and it’ll be added soon as they are able. They just request that we save them up in waves so we’re not giving them a new update every single time someone finds a spelling error. XD