Way Walkers: University3--suggestions and feedback


Well, since you bought the game, you might be able to get CoG to transfer your purchase.

Eh, let me just send you a PM where I already have everything explained.


Oh nice advice thanks!


It isn’t really logical but the author said since WWU3 is all about the Illayn investigation it will be impossible for someone who didn’t support Sem to continue due to plot/writing reasons.

As for how to kill Jun, you can’t actively kill them but only defend yourself.

You need to have 70+ red (and be Jun’s enemy) but to survive the Ry’tora (by checking the vibrations with sem you can skip the whole Ry’tora scene) and Jun will try to kill you at night.
Then you will have several options to defend yourselves, some of them are physical (kicking, tackling etc) and require high Kubesh or Rhean and some are magical and require very high Rosin (just don’t try a telepathic battle, you can never beat Jun in telepathy).

If you succeed you’d kill Jun and they’d become a wraith (giving you an achievement) and if you fail you’d get killed and get the Red Death achievement.


So if he dies do you continue the story?

Also thanks for the info.

I meant the one where you have to romance Sem to not die is illogical. But @impeccably-stressed has already corrected that you don’t need to actually romance Sem. So I suppose it is now logical :slightly_smiling_face:


No, after Jun dies they’d become a wraith and tell the school that you killed them soit will be very difficult to clear your name (especially considering how red you are with more than 70 red) and even if you somehow cleared your name Jun said they’d haunt you for the rest of your life as a wraith. Pretty dark ending.


Awww. Jun curse you!!!

Well I’ll just get the achievement then restart.

Anyways, thank you!


So basically you cannot romance Ay’cure if you are Jun’s enemy? It ends terribly.for me each time I try.


You can’t romance Ay’cure as Jun’s friend either, you can take them on a date (which can go well) but when it ends they’d always say they love Jun too much and that they can’t be together with you.




Eh, Sem all the way I suppose.

I wonder if there’s a way the Mc can have revenge on Jun for that little conceited stunt. Well aside from the one where I kill him or attack him when I confront him directly after the zoo.

Anyways thanks @Frogs and @impeccably-stressed for all the help!


Welp j hit my NaNo goal of 30k in a month, but still not done Kess’s side quest. Almost though, likly tomorrow. :wink:


Keep up the nice effort!

I’m sure all the waiting will be worth it! Especially since your the one writing it. Don’t stress yourself too much though hahaha.


I think it’s about 5 years too late not to stress over WWU3 XD


Hahaha. Just take care of yourself yeah? Most of us here would want to play your Choice of Way games (Go Beleskie!!! Also Bree and maybe Angani!!!).


You seem to be doing well now, which is no small feat considering all the misfortune along the way. Respect your hard work! It’s tempting to feel you’re not doing enough, but all progress moves you further, small or big.


I finished the game in two days o__o its so good. I like how complex Sem’s character is. He reminds me of obito from naruto for some reason :joy: I dont mean to be annoying but when’s the third game?


I’m happy that you like the series, but asking for updates is against forum rules. It puts unneeded pressure on authors who also often just don’t know the answer to this question.


How many times this has been repeated across all topics is strangely funny to me.


Sooo… umm… just an observation.

It would seem that no matter how much you fill up the other stats, Rosin and Montage seems to matter the most. Like if you’re Rheanic then Rosin and Montage will determine your practical ability.

Bree, Beleskie, Rhean, Khubesh and Desmoulein are somewhat useful since they have at least a few interactions.

But… the other way seems to be… well they have no practical use. Like Angani… it doesn’t do anything (or maybe it’s just me…).

Maybe they can be more useful in Book 3? I would so like being Angani and just shielding everyone with the Purity of my Soul :slight_smile:.


Angani does have some uses, for example you can use it to convince Clay to back off without a fight or to banish that demon Shelly asks about. But yeah it’s a pretty weak way, probably the weakest one.

Also you forgot Feator, in the 2nd game this way becomes powerful and is used a lot.
You can use it to pass exams easily and excel in class, get much deeper understanding of Jun’s dream, using it to help you in the date, and it even becomes a stat like Montage that can replace other stats to pass checks (since you can basically get knowledge from your past life and succeed in everything).


You can? I’ve tried Angani, Rheanic and Rosin and still nothing. Maybe I have to be a Medium?

Oh sorry, I haven’t really tried a Feator build before or Ulic. Okay going to try now.