Way Walkers: University3--suggestions and feedback


You do know how precarious calling a possible Incarnation of the 12 annoying is, right? :stuck_out_tongue:



And besides Owen isn’t annoying, he’s cute and adorable and if a real incarnation of one of the 12, a total badass (unless your Angani, don’t ask). And can he be my Ro? Joking… or am I?


Nah, Sem is the one who is cute and adorable. :heart_eyes: Jun is merely adorable and my mc still finds Owen to be annoying (he’s probably gonna be the incarnation of the Red later on). :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: no Incarnation of the Red. He’s stuck in the Pit where Rhean threw him.

Now, his twinflame however…


The one whose Way is Conflict resolution?


That would be the Red. :wink:


Got it. Autocorrect is being difficult. I like the young exemplary talent.


I wonder what incarnation would he be. He seems mostly talented in Rosin but he dislikes fighting so it could be something like Desmoulein too


I was wondering. Is there an achievement guide to Waywalkers? The healing hands achievement is something I have been trying to get. And well
… the opportunity to heal someone doesn’t evrn come up.


It’s a part of this new nonbinary update where there will be a scene where you meet pure ishim students.
One of them will try to eat some poisonous fruit, either fail to stop them or just let them eat it on purpose. Then you’d get the option to heal them, you’d need to be an energy manipulator with high Rosin (40) and Montage (45) or high Des (40) and medium Rosin (30).


It’s been a while since I read the two novels that came out. But I’m looking forward to seeing what happens when MC and Semryu do to save his friend.

I suppose my only complaint is that there’s only one viable romance option. MC gets asked out by Aycure only to be ditched by him because he loves Jun. The other people you can ask out are flakes too.
It’s fortunate that I like Semryu anyway, but it’s always good to have more LIs in Hosted game stories


Um…I believe you will be surprised to note that the other people you can date (besides Ay’Cure/a) are actually full-fledged romances with their own scenes and everything.

There romance options are as follows:

  • Sem (of course)
  • Umbrave
  • Kess
  • Shelly


Well, I tried to romance some of them in the story and they rejected me at the dance. Maybe I did something wrong in the playthrough, maybe not.


Oh yeah thanks! Just got it awhile ago.

I was also wondering if there is a posibility to be Red, enemies with Jun and ask Ay’cure to the dance? (The look on Jun’s face :slight_smile:)


There is an invisible relationship stat that tracks how much they like you over the course of the night. Generally, as long as you choose options that let them talk about their interests and you react positively to them, they’ll like you and continue dating you.

@JustinM you should be able to ask Ay’Cure/a out even if you’re read. :thinking: But of course, if I remember correctly, it’ll end pretty…spectacularly. (although that particular ending might only work if you had pranked them in the first game, I don’t remember, I’ll have to double check)


Thanks for that!!!

Anyway does anyone have a clue on the codes for surviving that encounter with the Ry’tora? I had Rosin and chose to flick it with an energy ball… then it mauls me. But other times I survive
Is it random? Or do I have to be not red?


If you’re enemies with Jun and either not helping Sem investigate Illyan’s case or have Red over 70, you will be killed, no exceptions.


Where is the logic in thattt?

Well… I suppose dating Sem is preferable than to be eaten. But I thought this was the route in getting the achievement to kill Jun? Cause if you’re dating Sem and you suggest killing him he makes another suggestion?


@JustinM oh my gosh, i’m so sorry, i misunderstood the code, WOOPS.

When it says ‘with_sem = “true”’ I understood it as in a relationship, when really it means you’ve agreed to help him investigate the case. Sorry again!


Hahaha it’s okay. Must be nice to see the code. :disappointed_relieved:

How do I kill Jun though?