Way Walkers: University3--suggestions and feedback


Hurm. That’d be a tough one, but perhaps possible. Nice.


You can focus on their fear of failure. Each actress would get a suggestion of failing the show and the rival mocking her afterwards. The suggestions would make them insecure and ruin their performance.
Also you can plant a suggestion of stage fright that will make them nervous around that many people and fail.


Break a leg. Literally. Have them stumble in a very bad way. (It’s a classic of sabotage)


Ah so very,.very Red. Love it XD


Possibly a bit too harsh but…what if the MC psychologically undermines them with backhanded compliments?

“Oh, I wish I could just go out there without my hair or makeup done like you do!”

“Most people look bad with your hairstyle, but yours is actually cute!”

“I love that you just wear anything!”


Lol one of them actully tries this on Kess and you can defend her . Working on that now. :wink:


Maybe the MC makes off-hand suggestions like “Oh I know this director loves it when you do something unexpected!” basically persuading them to do something wild and ridiculous, making them look silly.

And maybe if the MC has low persuasion/charisma it can backfire and the director loves it.



How dare they try and undermine my darling, Kess!!

I’m so mad…I’m gonna give you scathing comebacks for the MC to use just in case you use any of the comments I suggested for the rival!

Rival: Oh, I wish I could just go out there without my hair or makeup done like you do!
MC: Well when you have natural beauty like hers, you don’t need any help to look beautiful!

Rival: Most people look bad with your hairstyle, but yours is actually cute!
MC: I know? Doesn’t she just look a vision of loveliness?

Rival: I love that you just wear anything!
MC: Haha, agreed! When you’re as talented as Kess you don’t need costumes to help your performance look better.

Nobody messes with Kess. She’s too precious, damn it.


Kess can also hold her own:

“Oh, it’s all in good fun,” she replies flippantly, though you notice there’s a certain embarrassed pucker to her lips. “I meant no harm.”

“Meaning harm and causing it aren’t mutually exclusive,” Kess tartly returns. “For example, if I tell you your make-up looks like a rabid blind dog applied it with their tongue and yet it is still your finest quality, I’m merely stating fact, even though it might do you a harm in hearing it.”


Calling Dr. Sem, cuz we’re gonna need some ice for that third degree burn!


I’m actually plugging away nicely-- kess’s side quest is over 15k today. :slight_smile:



It’s so nice to hear WWU 3 is going well. I have just discovered the WWU series and I was appalled that I didn’t discovered this sooner.

I am looking for Book Three!


Internally screams
Internal screaming intensifies
ScREamING SO lOud Now
“Ouch.” Right I forgot I got slipped discs. lol.
Oh my god, WW:U3 is in the works. I’ve been waiting for this moment since I was in high school. I’m in University now and I just feel so happy. You can do this! You’re amazing! We believe in you!


kess is over 22k now…probably going to hit 30k.

in fact, pretty much very scene i write is hitting about 30k now adays. -_-


Do a scene where everyone has sore throats and can’t talk too much. Or have to keep quiet in the library. And tied to chairs so they can’t move around either. That’ll keep these rowdy children in line!


Can you tell us if the Mc is an avatar? I have been hyped about that since the first game!!!


The mc isn’t an avatar, can’t remember where this was first asked, but I certainly remember @WayWalkerLeigh 's answer. Sorry to disappoint you.
If anybody in this game is an avatar it probably isn’t Sem or Jun either but that annoying little kid Jun befriended. Or at least that’s my best guess.


There was this post


Eh at least I got Semryu.