Way Walkers: University3--suggestions and feedback


Doubtful. The issue as to why Clan die in childbirth comes down to how they work biologically with regards to bleeding out; as a High Mage and even as a regular human, the biology is different and thus they don’t have the issue. Example: High Mage Clanswoman Erin Manna has never had childbirth issues.


Why do Clan women die in the first place? I remember Sem said without blood they can’t get oxygen and die, is it because of that? But for a human losing a bit of blood won’t be fatal (unless it’s a lot)


And how close is Sem to such a bloodline?


It has to do with their healing factor-- if Clan are cut, the blood all rushes to the cut area to heal it. How ever, if the cut still has something in it, say the classic sword in the gut, the blood will just keep rushing to that area, unable to heal around said object. It’s essentially the exact opposite of a human, if we’re stabbed leaving the object in is preferable, if Clan are stabbed, for the love of God take it out. Now, if a tear is your lady bits and the thing stuck in you is a baby… well, that’s how Clan women bleed out in childbirth.


Then as a human it won’t be any more dangerous than a normal childbirth?
I thought the child would feed from your blood or something






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Well there was this Twilight childbirth scene once which wasn’t very nice so I thought it would be like this :cold_sweat:
By the way what is the technology level in your world? I thought it was medieval but I read somewhere that’s it’s a post apocalyptic world with things like trains?


Never, ever think anything in WW is like Twilight lol.

And I depends upon the time-frame and country. There’s a 10k+ history across 12 nation’s. It varies extensively.


What is it like in Tar’citadel? I thought it’s medieval cause you ride there by horse and there weren’t really mentions of non-magical technologies in the game


Except for the fangirls tripping over themselves for the vampire, that’s pretty much the same, lol

That said, Sem is as far away from Edward Cullen as you can get, so all that trippin’ is completely justified, in my opinion.


Sem is much better looking!


@Frogs – same answer still applies-- depends on the time frame. lol

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I meant it during the WW 1/2 time period


Ah. The best description for that would I guess be 'atlantian steam punk"


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What do you mean by atlantian? Are there things like guns, cars and ships? Would you be able to use any of them?

By the way Sem once said something about the Clan people coming from 8 people close to Rhean who got turned in the old world by Prothidian. Prothidian wanted to destroy the world and he apparently succeeded.

What was the old world like? Was it like a modern world or an ancient one? And who is Prothidian? Is it the original Red dragon that the Red followers believe in? What is his altar? And how did he destroy the world?
Sorry if it’s too many questions :sweat_smile:



No cars guns or modern ships. It’s honestly a kind of alternative technology evolution due to magic and it’s honestly too complex to explain fully. DX

As to the rest…go read the novels. Most yr spoiler alert questions are answered there ;p


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