Way Walkers: University3--suggestions and feedback


I don’t think i’ll expel a student for academics (as yr more likely to get expelled for the stuff you’re doing with trying to save Illyan) but the plan is to have a little blurb at the end about finals and if u pass them or not. :wink:


The problem here is if you are a warrior you can’t beat Clay, only if you are a mage or a battle mage you can defeat him.


No, I meant telepathicly in the dance-- you can get into his head during the prank.


For some reason when I tried to fight him as a battlemage I lost and when i tried it as a sorcerer I won despite having nearly identical stats. I had high Rosin and Montage so I thought I’d win


Nearly identical is the key here-- what type of attack you make matters, as well as your major Ability.


I think I dodged and countered? When I was a sorcerer the attack knocked his sword and when I was a battlemage he dodged it easily. I had Exemplary as the major ability and like 45 Rosin and 50+ Montage in both games.


The difference might have been in Dex and strength


I looked at the code and it seems like the reason for losing is that as a battlemage it requires you to be an Energy Manipulator and as sorcerer there is no requirement aside from Rosin and Montage. I wonder why do you need this ability though


Honestly this time of night I cannot recall my logic XD


If you don’t mind me asking - how many siblings does Sem have?


Three. Two older brothers and an older sister.


He’s the baby of the family, does he have any nephews or nieces older than him?


Yes, his sister has several children though Sems not met them (she’s married into another clan and he doesn’t see her much). His brothers are not married and have no children.


If a Human and a Clan have a baby what specie would it be?


first off, happy cake day!

second, if i remember correctly, they’d be born clan, but the mother would not survive.


They are Halflings and are various levels of Clan depending on how close their parent is bloodline wise to the Originals. But mostly they will be somewhat weaker than Clan, and have a choice on if they Feed it not. If they do Feed, they are basically the same and Born Clan if somewhat less powerful as a general rule. If they don’t Feed, they are pretty much human, if somewhat stronger as a general rule.


Not always-- human mother’s having g Clan children are at risk but actually have a lower mortality rate than actual Clan women giving birth.


Huh, I don’t know why I find that so surprising. :thinking:


If you’d be a high mage and have a child with Sem could you still die?


askin’ the real questions