Way Walkers: University3--suggestions and feedback


Fascinating! I love Ra’vien!


yes, shes one of my faves as well :slight_smile:


I’m looking forward to finding out more about Feator!


what ids of things would u like to know? tbh the reason ive not written much is because there’s so darm much TO write… XD


Him and his aspect half.


So how many RO’s are there in all?


Four, two guys and two girls:



You can also attempt to date Jun and Ay’cura(e) but both of them are not long term.


Oh yeah…Jun and Ay’cure/a are…certainly there. :sweat_smile:


Shelly is also gender-fluid, if my memory serves me? Her and Kess do make the loveliest of gal pals.

Yes, you heard me, Jun.

And speaking of serving, Niclas Gillis as Sem. :heartpulse:



I can see that @Quaintrelle!


So, you need to start a fight with an older student so he’ll throw the first punch. Can’t be an offical duel even if yr in dueling. (yr trying to get him to break a school rule)



If he’s allowed into town, follow him and lure him into an alleyway?

Can he be on it? As in, could you ask him to start a fight in return for a favour?


It’d need to be in the school, and no, he cant be in on it :wink:


Steal his boyfriend? :thinking: Be his boyfriend and then dump him?


Been a while since I last played through the games, but wasn’t there talk about a way where we could get one of the bullies to confess his love to Sem? Could we pull a prank like that, then leave a not-so-subtle clue it was because of us?


The person in question is already seeing someone…but i suppose making a pass at the partner would be an option…XD


Insult his mama (or dad as the case may be).


that might be a bit too elaborate for this particular thing. But im still planning on having Clay be pranked. :wink:


lol was hopping to avoid any ‘your manna’ jokes if i could XD