Vendetta: Rise of a Gangster -- Reinvented



The whole knight in shining armor thing can get old after thousands of novels and games, and I think that may be a serious part of why I favor Lucinda over Carina. OTOH, Lucinda attracts male attention like honey attracts flies. She’s mega-hot, knows it, and doesn’t hesitate to use it to her advantage. While I don’t recall her ever behaving disloyally to the MC, I can easily see how she’d bring out the insecurities of most of her partners.

I recall a scene where the MC has the opportunity to jump to premature conclusions and blow up at her about a gift from a past relationship. The MC’s own insecurities could very easily end up driving her away. It takes a lot of self-confidence and a bit of patience to be in a relationship with her.


I am with you on that my political man is paranoid with her and jealous. He prefers Carina. College boy loves Lucinda


I actually think’s a bit unfair to characterize Carina as shy. She seems perfectly confident and secure in herself as a barmaid and if I recall right when dated she’s downright motherly and chastising to the MC.

She only seems shy at the bathhouse and I imagine that’s more her extreme discomfort at what she’s being forced into than a generally meek character. I suspect Carina’s just as strong as any other RO, she’s just introverted and loathes being a prostitute.



Quick question- will one be able to romance (as either male or female) a character that will legitimately be a part of the gangs, whether mcs or another (or their own) and be considered formidable in their own right? Or is everyone either out of the gangs, or never been in them, romance wise?


Nah, I wouldn’t say prostitude, more like she doesn’t want to be taken advantage of or something along those lines. I mean, if you did that attempted sex at the hotel way back , she is honestly scared to death, as,I guess,all the fears start to wash over her.

Edit: just replayed the demo and after doing a certain action, I suddenly remember who Donna is. Man, it’s been a long time. Least I can also appreciate the fact she’s also a no-nonsense girl as well.


This. Plus 20 characters.


Personally, I pick Carina over the others when my MC has the Black Hand background because I want to prove to everyone that my MC isn’t as cold hearted as he seems. I haven’t dabbled enough in the other backgrounds yet, but I imagine the bathhouse choice will be different depending on the other backgrounds’ personality types, if that makes any sense.


I am one of those unduly influenced persons, i assume…:sweat_smile:

Still even knowing what I know it is always a toss-up between Felipe and Carina as this scene is, or at least used to be before we get the chance to meet Adamo, which would make my mc become somewhat less interested in other cute, young guys.

From a gaming/beta-tester standpoint I have nothing in my old notes about Felipe having any use beyond that bathhouse scene too, unlike most of the girls.

Her bloody, beat-up gay knight in the case of my college boy as there is, unfortunately, no reasoning with big Jim when it comes to that girl.

Well, Adamo is more my mc’s type then Felipe, but as they haven’t met at that point…

My mc falls rather hard for Adamo, so after meeting the guy he’d certainly have less of a taste for other guys. Which is why I think it would be practically impossible for our poor author to write a male ro my main mc would like more then Adamo, even if and when the college boy background gets an upgrade and exclusive content, including ro’s. :sweat_smile:


I liked Felipe I would love offer him a place where he is not judge I liked Adamo too. Maybe I could get both together. I am picturing My little Burlesque cabaret with Adamo as chief barman Felipe as relationship person and speaker…
@Vendetta would kill me and say something this is not a Burlesque cabaret Manager business. Focus in the matter… :roll_eyes:

I know, I know but I think I should appeal for the public who has no idea about weapons or ultra violence jobs.

Maybe let a path to people who wants focus more in the business world that in the business. And investigation of Gina… That’s cool


I follow this thread pretty closely. I check it a few times a day, and while I don’t post often I have a couple times.


I actually haven’t read the demo yet. I missed this game the first time it came around. I think I joined these forums just a little bit before the original thread was closed. Vendetta existed only existed in hushed whispers. People dancing right up to the edge of asking forbidden questions about it. People comparing other WIP’s to it. “Wow, this was so good…almost as good Vendetta. Hey has anyone heard if it’s coming back?” Things like that.

Then it was finally coming back…and this time with the option to play as a woman. (Which is my strong preference) So I resolved to wait, and not read it until the new demo version comes out. I’m just wondering… is that crazy? Or, is anyone else doing the same thing?


I had the luck of being part of his testers back then so i had previous experience. My advice is try out the demo version and helping him with your fresh opinion. That way when new demo arrive you could have a good idea to compare both of them. But just my humble opinion


I am not guy so I think Adamo and felipe are a great match. And perfect for My Poison Ivy Burlesque cabaret :wink: force persuade @Vendetta to allows it :wink: I have being playing too much Yakuza 0 lol I am so focus addicted to the Cabaret business


nop, I’m also waiting, I found the premise interesting and the tag had gender choice, but the revamped demo has not yet been released, I appreciate the author creating different backgrounds that matter and adding the option to play as a woman so I prefer to wait


Gauging the poll, I see Donna isn’t turning out to be the most popular option, so I’m in the minority here when I say that I prefer to skip Big Jim’s and see Donna. That’s not to say that the characters at Big Jim’s are not interesting. Rather, Donna in my opinion is an overlooked character. She lives as an honest, law-abiding citizen (so far that we have seen) with her mother breathing down her neck, but despite all of that Donna is no pushover. She is tough, hardworking, and wields a quiet amount of power (she banished a rude, racist customer by whispering in his ear.) Donna also values her independence and dislikes an MC that uses violence to intervene in the altercation at the Diner. That Donna rejects an MC who fancies himself as a “Knight in Shining Armor” coming to the rescue is something that I actually enjoy about her character; Donna has (or appears to have) a strong sense of morality. In a game where the MC operates “on the other side of the law”, maintaining a relationship with Donna is an interesting tightrope to walk.

I also think that Donna and the MC are an interesting couple because—on the surface—they are very different people. Donna grew up with at least one parental figure, she dislikes violence, and she works a steady, legal job. The MC is an orphan, uses violence to get ahead, and works a series of shady jobs. Watching a romance between the two of them unfold—successful or not—is interesting.

Lastly, Donna is a hardworking lady that shoulders a lot of responsibility. Making her smile after a long day working at the diner gives my MC the warm and fuzzies.

And, you know, if we get close enough, perhaps enterprising MC’s could (pending Vendetta’s will) invest their ill-gotten gains in improving Ma Gioverdi’s Diner. Don’t want to end up like Al Capone, after all.:wink:


I think I have only went to dona once centuries ago lol. I jyst remember end sleep in her part It happens went I felt totally being sermon by a npc… So I never thought I will suffer her again… I am a terrible tester lol. So I will punish my self going over a paladin nun chat…

Not saying is a bad character, she is not . It is just certain morality paths are like acid rain to each other


I am the same so you’re not alone so I have no idea, who’s who at the moment. :joy: I heard goog things about this as well so I was thrill being able to play as a woman.


A quality that both attracts him to and, I imagine, would make my mc incredibly frustrated with Adamo at times. Likewise I also imagine Adamo would have had a far more stable upbringing than our mc, despite Gina’s best efforts.


Lucinda Lucinda Lucinda did you expect anything else? Lol

Although I wish I could save Carina as well as she doesn’t deserve to be there.

Ideally I would help Carina which I think would impress Lucinda enough to come find me :wink:


Is there a difference between bathing and using the sauna, as opposed to simply bathing?


Food for thought, thanks. In hindsight, the asexual / aromantic options tend to be of the “if you don’t want this, then just ignore this option” type, which (mostly) neatly prevents that relationship heading down a romantic route, and which I can at least blame on my noobness all those years ago… :smiley: Unfortunately, I no longer have that handy excuse.

I’ve already made it possible for a female MC to just be platonic friends with any of our main female NPCs (to avoid unfair bias in favor of a male protagonist, since each of those girls can play an important part in their own way). I’ll have another, closer look at this side of things and see what can be done about extending opposite-sex relationships to also include the possibility of platonic friendships (and suitable scenes), rather than the game always assuming romance must be on the cards simply because you didn’t chose a gay option when presented (which is pretty much how it’s still treated at the moment).

Thanks for raising the issue, and sincere apologies for the oversight.

Hmm, I’ll have to tread carefully around spoiler territory here!

Overall, it would be fair to say that a straight female or gay male protagonist would probably have more chance of a successful relationship with a fellow actual gangster. There are however two female NPCs who would qualify as genuine gangster material as the story unfolds, one of whom is bisexual. Neither are easy romances (but for entirely different reasons) but both are at least a possible Happily Ever After.

This is the “available to all Backgrounds” situation at present. Primary background characters have additional ROs, some of which may or may not be gangsters themselves (i.e. it varies for the Nurse / Soldier starting Primaries, and will for future Primary Backgrounds as well).

You’re absolutely correct – he was originally intended to later just “pop up” as a potential rival love interest after our MC settles down with Adamo… (Adamo would ‘introduce’ Felipe as a friend of his, making for an awkward moment if you had already met him at the bathhouse!) but sad to say, I never got around to developing that side of things further. It’s still a possibility, but in any event Felipe is a potential gang member under particular circumstances.

It is at least intended to be possible to play that way (one of the reasons why we actually have so many “No, I don’t want to do this” type options), and there are now certainly enough semi- or mostly-legitimate businesses in the game to be able to build a reasonable (and mostly legitimate) little business empire for yourself… but it won’t be possible to completely avoid brushing up against the criminal underworld in various ways. There’s probably a limit to just how “clean” you can remain and still prove successful – it’ll be interesting to see the results of playtest attempts to do just that, though! :wink:

Given your shared and obviously very strong preference for female roles, I’d actually be interested in hearing your take on things from both points of view – ‘before’ and ‘after’ the new version – so I agree with @poison_mara’s advice!

[ dons his foil hat as someone has clearly been reading his mind ]

There’s a very good chance of meeting Lucinda later, regardless.

Yes – usually you sweat more! :smiley:

Flippant answers aside, yes, there is a difference. The clue is in the narrative, but it only comes into play under quite specific circumstances so is very minor in the greater scheme of things.