Vendetta: Rise of a Gangster -- Reinvented



I may have to help Carina out then and wait to see my beloved Lucinda. She is worth the wait.


Wish I could do so but I have a tendency to lose interest since I can’t play as a female yet so I will not be able to provide feedback on those. Dx

Probably if I get the time. :thinking:


I mentioned this in my last comment but yes - Carina every time. I think in my head I pretend that my gay MC runs into someone at the bathhouse who pays for MC to have a massage as a ‘sorry to hear about your sister’ sorta thing, haha! So, yes, I would also like to vote for more platonic scenes with her :slight_smile:

I love the sound of the Adamo vs Felipe thing… but I have to pick her, I can’t just leave her there! Bleeding heart, me.


Just remember not to bring her for dinner with Angel. I may or may not have chewed out Lucinda afterwards…then got chewed out by Angel. Why can I never get a good dinner ? (P.S, I know with Monique, it’s cool and friendly but still. Seriously though, it also means you, Vendetta, do a damn good job in character development.)

Edit: Ok, I really need to stop fan-boying. I feel like I may weird you out, Vendetta.


If my crazy feedback and rudeness didn’t scare off @Vendetta you are perfectly fine and safe lol :wink:


For my MC, the popular Veteran one, it’s not really being the knight in shining armor, but more the death of a late sister who made hard sacrifices to make a better life for their sibling. In that way, a uncomfortable nervous Carina, doing this out of the love of her own siblings. Well, let’s just say this is a opportunity for him to be the good Samaritan him & Gina never had.

Now of course this is all after I replayed the demo a couple of times, so here’s my impressions of some of the other RO’s.

Monique: I only played the demo, and interaction with her is pretty limited, I don’t really connect or get any emotional response from her. I think it would be good to flesh her out a bit more in terms of personality than looks.

Lucinda: Well besides being charming, prett–proffesional, and alluring. The main plus is that she was friends with Gina and may provide more insight on her death.


I’m torn here. I like having Carina working at Gina’s, but I also really like Donna. She’s an impressive woman.


Combined with the extremely heavy Carina bias in the current poll, and previous comments on this subject, the conclusion seems to be that Carina is often as not chosen for varied reasons other than the pure RO possibility. So…

Spoiler time! (And a quick query.) In the new version, our female MC visits Big Jim’s Bathhouse purely for ablution purposes, but in doing so witnesses an altercation between Carina and Big Jim’s wife and has the option to step in and maybe help Carina leave the place – much as our male protagonist does if he actually chose Carina.

Given that this option is available to all female protagonists, I’m considering the possibility of extending this to include all male protagonists. In essence, regardless of your actual choice at the bathhouse (for RO purposes or otherwise) our MC would always witness the altercation and could choose whether or not to step in. If successful in helping her leave, the position at the Pool Hall would be offered.

Would this be a better / fairer approach? Thoughts appreciated.


I think it would allow more people to encounter such a popular character easier, so yes.


Yeah, it would give people who take a more mercenary approach to the bathhouse scene to pick one of the other, previously mutually exclusive ROs.


@Vendetta No, bad Vendetta bad… You should NOT assume based upon entirely on gender Why Character goes to a “Bath” . It sounds like a girl couldn’t want the service and that all man wants… Mara would totally chat and have stuff with colleagues in the professional services. Maybe hire someone she consider good. Ifi want a bath i have one at home lol. Give a choice don base it in gender. There are aro guys too.

Edit And About Carina let everyone save her. Is the commercial correct choice. As give metagamers option to get their optimal performance. I as role player well is okay. Even if I prefer not being railroad to save her. But is a good idea for most people so go for it


Definitely love that idea!


Unfortunately, you’re reading more (or rather, less!) into that simply because I chose to give away the least amount of spoiler information necessary in order to pose that particular query… Of course there are other options available to the female MC during that scene – my point was simply that they all have the option to intercede on Carina’s behalf, whereas at present a male MC does only if he specifically chose her, which on reflection is perhaps no longer the best approach (especially considering the popularity of that choice, and clearly for far more than RO reasons).

No – bathhouses existed for a reason! Later on you can improve your living accommodations / situation, but at the start you suffer under the same poor, very primitive (by today’s standards) conditions as almost everyone else living in that particular neighborhood.

Having no choice is being “railroaded”. Choosing whether or not to get involved is the exact opposite.


I have not interacted with anyone in the baths.

With that caveat in mind, based on the poll, people’s postings and your spoiler, it is my belief that allowing both genders attempt a save would work in exposing Carina to more people easier.

What I do think should be different is the way that the two genders go about saving her.


Ah well Then good work all the prevent spoiler subtle talking is confusing me as i don’t know what is only one choice or the only one. I am more for the rude rash hard spoiler talking ;). In Spanish in that time people used tin can big to bath launch the water over your head. I was no thinking in modern bathrooms in home.


I don’t think so. Due there are lesbian that could go to the services similar to heterosexual male. etc. Maybe the way people react to our actions should be different from gender. But not why or how we act.

I totally would enter there and punch the asshole trying to force her or something or just offered the guy my services instead Carina I would love choose that for my burlesque . As i said choices! i love them


Bearing in mind that (as one earlier comment astutely observed) “there’s just no reasoning with Big Jim”, I’m open to suggestions if anyone has any interesting ideas.

Big Jim backs down in only a very small number of cases, and a similar amount of the time he can be physically defeated. Most of the time, however, it’s actually Carina who does the “rescuing” as only her timely intervention saves our protagonist suffering a humiliating defeat.


Could a npc offer herself or himself to The client in exchange Carina. I mean for a Burlesque as Mara has sense, a bonus money and a future worker as waiter . A win win…


Wait, just wondering, in case my 13 year old mind is foggy as hell, didn’t once the veteran was able to intimidate Big Jim when escorting Carina out ?


Yes I was able to do so with high intimidation. And sometimes with high charisma or something like that. I always save her talking