Vendetta: Rise of a Gangster -- Reinvented



Good memory. In the original version Carina was meek and helpless without our macho protagonist there to flex his manly muscles and save the day… Subsequent tweaks as a result of feedback have resulted in the current situation, whereby most of the time – dependent on specific Attributes – it’s now Carina herself who saves both of you… It won’t be changing back.


Wow, now is the MC who is helpless… Not the best change, if I’m honest.


It is logical that a big ass guy win most of mc that are no fighting masters.


I disagree honestly. While I like the power fantasy of the MC being terrifying to most (the interaction with Rosie’s overprotective and faux macho pimp is always a great laugh), it’s not terribly realistic for them to be able to intimidate everyone, especially someone that sounds about twice as big as our MC, carries a massive bat and is far more physically dangerous.

It’s also good character establishment for Carina in that it shows she’s tougher and far less meek than she initially appears.

Besides, I can’t help but notice most people who are afraid of the MC are the lesser ex-Hellions and current, starstruck Hellions like Carlo. I get the impression an MC regardless of background was a vicious little imp back in the day. Non-Hellions won’t know that and until the MC has an actual reputation among grown-up criminals, there’s no reason to be afraid of them.


So it’s ok for a criminal and veteran to be beaten up and be saved by a girl without any experience in fighting…
It’s seem a power fantasy for the NPC to me.


She has a gun to his head and a protective look in her eye. Guns are great equalizers like that.


And yet she fares better than the MC…
In fact why intervene at all? She is completely fine without any help.


It’s almost like Carina’s non-threatening appearance proved an advantage and made Big Jim blind to her in the fight so he wasn’t looking at her while she picked up the MC’s gun which Big Jim, with terrifying quickness for someone of his size, knocks out the MC’s hand effortlessly.


It’s almost like the scene was written to show the MC’s incompetence (“acting all macho”) and had to be saved by the girl and get girly power.


I personally love the idea… and like you mention , you allow readers to have choices about the situation…
@Urban… well, i thought we will have a choice regarding intervene or not? Different People will have their own reason to intervene should they want to ? :slight_smile:


How was the MC incompetent? Big Jim is just a much superior fighter.


I don’t buy this…


I’m clearly not convincing you then so we’ll have to agree to disagree.


I mean, if it can make for a good story ala that show “How I met your mother”, then it’s good:

Years later, after marrying Carina:

MC: “Kids, that day I rescued your mother, I remember it like yesterday; There I was, being dashing as ever, fighting off this brute of a man, using nothing but my quick reflexes and intelligence…”

Suddenly, Carina’s head pops out of the corridor.

Carina: “Kids, is your Father telling you about the time I saved his life, where he got his behind handed to him and I had to pull a gun?”

As the MC turns beet red in embarrassment, with Carina only offering the sweetest of smiles, he turns back to his kids.

MC: “No Christmas presents if you mention this to all your friends!”


As with every other situation in the game, it goes on your own stats. With a high enough level of Intimidation + Respect, Big Jim immediately backs down. With high enough Coglioni, you have good enough instinctive fighting ability to dodge his first blow and turn the tables on him. What you can’t do is talk your way out of this situation – Persuasion / reason is wasted on this mountain of a man – so in any other event than the two mentioned it will come down to a fight you cannot win, and it falls to Carina to swing the balance.


Then it’s fine, I retract my previous objection.


Our mobster getting thrown around like a ragdoll right after trying to act tough and needing the damsel in distress to pull his ass out of the fire is reason enough to go that route.

If one listens closely, one can almost hear the sound of hot air escaping an overinflated manly ego.

Funny stuff.


A fresh out of adolescence 140 pound hoodlum versus a 300 pound gorilla with a bat.


It would be much more fun Mara burlesque seducing like he were a small kitten . Sometimes a small rose could rise mountains and big men. I really don’t want fight tummy bath


What about meeting her outside the bathhouse (as in some other location not literally outside).

Players could off her a job which she takes then of Course Big Jim would come looking and the player could deal with him then?

For those who chose Monique or Lucinda they could mention her in a comment when the MC says it’s hard to find good staff for the bar.

Another option could be to make her known to the college grad as a former student who dropped out (obviously to look after her family) and players could track her down.