Vendetta: Rise of a Gangster -- Reinvented



This might have been a thing where a more detailed mc description would have come in handy. If so my Union Organizer might have stood a slim chance, as he’s the biggest of my mc’s and a bit more capable in melee then either my college kid or political bagman. My main mc is a pretty boy college kid though so I agree he wouldn’t frighten nor be able to intimidate “Big Jim” in the slightest.

Because from what I read that seems to be true and the paths only begin to diverge after the mc’s time with the Hellions.


:dizzy_face: So a little confused, my understanding is that you are considering to have the male mc’s come across Carina and Big Jim’s wife in a arguement. But here in response to Eiwyn, you are open to suggestions to dealing with big Jim.
So here are a a couple of suggestions

  1. (Basing this off old demo)How about a little improvisation/decit? When the player offers Carina a job while they are still in the room, (if) a player with an high enough awareness or streetwise will realize Big Jim/staff are most likely prepared for a situation or danger
    like this.
    Thus the improvisation/decit part, as they leave the room(with a plan now) you could have them do several things ex: The MC starts a fire with matches(if mc ambushed the tail following him earlier, as one of the items was a book of matches) where the two of them proceed to run out / scream fire. Alternatively an angry/red faced Mc walks out with Carina in tow demanding to see Jim/the owner, when confronted the mc would claim Carina has ahem, “damaged goods” that could easily infect other clients, cue to a now suddenly terrified/crying/embarrassed Carina pretending this to be true.

Alternatively, @poison_mara even better, why not have the burlesque dancer point out the obvious inexperience/shyness, and offer to take Carina under her wing to “train” her, Now if the mc chooses to does this thats a different story, what I think would be great is the consequence/ consideration at a later point in the game with her “Employers” coming to forcibly take her.


I was more to offering him other girl Instead Carina. “Like Look This girl is not tailored for this. You will only harm the business. No one wants a girl who is clumsy, and is shivering like a drunken pudding. I know a girl perfect for you for a discount. Let the kiddo, go to a nun school or a farm, Jim. She is not made for this”

Then offer the job to that other girl and pick a commission fee.


Hmm. On the one hand, by virtue of his occupation Big Jim has the least respect for women of almost any NPC you’re likely to encounter in the story, but on the other, his wife is also present – she’s the stern-faced matron running things there – and she’s the business brains behind the operation, as well as the only person in the world Big Jim actually listens to… There’s quite possibly a good case here to be made for a female MC with high Persuasion being able to quickly talk sense to the wife, at least – even though she has nothing but contempt for men who visit the place and is unwilling to listen to them. Thanks for the input – I’ll certainly give it some thought.

Excellent suggestions, thank you – I guess I was too stuck in the place and not thinking ‘outside the box’, so to speak. :smiley:

Possibly, although I’m not entirely convinced more detailed MC customization would actually have made a whole lot of difference, since you do tend to imagine your various MCs in line with their Attributes… For instance, your Union Organizer (with his starting 45 Coglioni) is actually one of those able to physically defeat Big Jim by dodging the first blow, if you manage to add a few more points to that in the run-up to that scene. Similarly, this is not a scene in which your rather less well-built Political Bagman would be very effective, with his Persuasion skill being of little use, and of course your College Grad is so far out of his depth in this environment / situation that it’s a good job Carina is there to bail him out! :wink:

Sorry for the confusion – I often forget that what I know about the various NPCs is often not yet known to players at that stage… Big Jim’s wife is the older woman running things there (“that old hag” as Lucinda refers to her). See my reply to @poison_mara above for further elaboration.

Great suggestions, thanks. Certainly lots of different approaches to ponder. :slight_smile:


If the wife is there a person with high street and decent persuasion (not need a burlesque origin) could directly negotiate with her offering a better candidate or even offering asking Rosie…

There is always the i know you know who that could help you with that nasty inspection next month you know…

I think that there is a lot of room for a no violent approach.


It seems my suggestion has started a conversation after all - Mara is so mean :stuck_out_tongue:


Your fault give a role player expert in dialogue checks options is like open the Pandora box . I am not even saying the options I would use if this where a table rpg. I am just focus in common vanilla choices. :wink:


Question: we can pull a gun on Jim, so why can’t I simply and silently put a bullet in one of his knee caps and walk out? Why do I have to always go for a kill shot? No fighting, killing, or Carina even needed. Seems like a huge oversight. Jim can be as “fearless” as he wants, but, I have a gun, so why not use it to incapacitate him instead of risking a fistfight/argument? Better yet, just to ensure our safety, why not blow both his knees? Then maybe Jim tries to get payback later for permanently injuring him?


That was written so long ago I really had to actually think about that to remember my reasoning at the time! It was something along the lines of:

At the time of making the decision to help Carina leave, you have no way of knowing just how unperturbed Big Jim would be by the sight of a gun stuck in your waistband – that, surely, should have made most guys in his situation immediately back off. There was no reason for you to assume you would really have to shoot anyone, hence no initial option to just do so “for no good reason”.

That said, thinking about it some more (hindsight being a wonderful thing), there’s perhaps a case to be made for those with good Awareness to instantly see the real threat Big Jim presents, and to then have the option to disable him along the lines you suggest – if you also have reasonable enough Firearms skill to draw, aim and fire before he steps close enough to swing.

But to just come out armed and ready to shoot? No. That would assume a level of knowledge about the Bathhouse / Big Jim that you simply don’t possess at the time of being with Carina and offering to help her leave. After all, even assuming that somewhere in the building there’s hired muscle to keep the peace, out in the hallway there’s just an old woman.


I beg to differ. We’re already at the entrance, basically speaking. And there’s a scene already being made. I’d argue it’s not as big as a stretch to use bullets as you present. Part of playing the role of a gangster, especially one in the Prohibition Era, is that you get to quit giving fucks, as Giorgi would put it (cheers if you get the reference).

My point is, my character is 6’ of psychopath, with a bit of a mixture between fat and muscle. I hope you are still leaving room for roleplay and aren’t simply making the game “realistic.” In my headcanon, give my guy a bat to even the odds, and Big Jim is big dead. After a bloody and extremely painful battle of course, but still most likely turned into a uomo morto.


All of them are still built like cute guys, but since the Union Organizer specifically was first hired both as a strike breaker and by the Union for his size I do envision him as being really tall and muscular.
My other two boys are still very fit, washboard abs and all in my vision but male beauty alone indeed wouldn’t be enough to deter Big Jim there. My political bagman would probably be the classical hunk, while my college boy is even prettier but has a slimmer built (being about as tall and slim as Goro Majima of Yakuza series fame as far as his built in my mind’s eye is concerned).

So as far as physique goes, imho, my guys are all cute and well-built in their own ways. :wink:

Most anticipated HG WIP?

Fair point – consider the option included for that reason alone.


Duly noted! :smiley:


In the demo when you pick Carina she tells you its her first day and you’re her first customer. Can we still save her from having her first customer if we don’t pick her?


How do you meet Donna? I’ve played the demo a whole bunch of times and I’ve never been able to run into her. What do you do to meet her?


Isn’t she at the diner, where you can go eat? ( If I recall correctly off the top of my head).


Nah, she doesn’t show up at all. At this point I’ve played a veteran, an ex-cop, political bagman, and union organizer, and she’s nowhere to be found.

It all reads the same-- I go into the diner, I talk to Nick, I eat, I have the option of going with Mangano’s boys or going home, and that’s it.


You are going to the wrong diner. The other has Donna and her Sicilian mother …


I’m always going to Ma Gioverdi’s diner.


Don’t select anyone at the sauna, choose the last option. Even though you’ll get Felipe as default, you aren’t locked in with the other girls or him.


Thanks! That’s what I was missing. :slight_smile: