Most anticipated HG WIP?

Oh, well, Bannerlord is the lie you tell to your kids.

Bannerlord is a dream of any Butterlord.

Bannerlord is the game which started development 6 years ago.

Bannerlord is the game with the devs that release dev logs explaining that they added grass in game and it is green.

Bannerlord is the game that won’t release ever. Or once this generation is dead.

Fact: Millions of people have died since its announcement. Billions more will until we gain access.


Yes, i think i remember reading that the author was under contract to finish some other project first, but that was 2 years ago!

And… I think it’s starting to become more of an Half-Life 3 than Bannerlord for me :laughing:

Too many! But I’ll only mention top 5 of those that really stood out for me:

*Breached: the Archangel Job- just recently played this game and boi it was awesome! A better and upgraded version of Life of a Mobster. Totally anticipated!

*The Wight King- I cant wait for this game to be updated! Demo’s still short but the action is already gritty!

*Wayhaven Chronicles book 2- I think it’s an unspoken rule that it’s required to mention this game in every ‘most anticipated games’ thread

*Freak: Amidst the Neon Lights and
*The War for the West- this two are just gigantic games that I can’t wait to come out (esp wftw) hopefully this year but I don’t think so :crying_cat_face:

*Fallen Hero: Retribution - my most fave CoG getting it’s sequel! What I love about this game was it’s not just a great game, it’s also a great book. There are plenty of CoGs that has a good gameplay but sucks being a storybook. Def my most anticipated game this year!


Thank you to everyone who mentioned the sequel for SYP! :blush: That really helps keep us going. It’s already been delayed longer than I wanted because…woof, 2018 has been rough and dang ol’ life is constantly getting in the way of precious writing time! :confounded: But, it’s on the way, I promise!!! This forum and the fans are so awesome and supportive, it means a lot.


For me, it’s as follows:
(In no particular order)
Wayhaven Chronicles, Book 2
Lords of Aswick: Voice of God
The Oval Office
Quite App-parent
Seven Heirs of Ophaesia


Thank you @Semaru, @TheWarsOfStars, @Foxboi, and @ultravioletgaia for the mentions! This absolutely puts me to shame as to how slow my progress as been… I’m incredibly sorry :sweat:

However, I shall contribute to the list as to the top 5 personally most anticipated HG game in the WIP forum! (In no particular order)… (And yes, I’m a lurker…)

… Wow, looking back at everything, my game is over 3 years old… What the hell have I been doing with my life?

Also, another game that deserves an honourable mention, A Drop of Night - By @Ylva


Definitely BREACH: The Archangel Job by @MichaelMaxwell ( the person above xd ). No words can describe how much I love this game, It’s just too good!


The Shadow Society by @Carawen (Great WiP, Good fanbase, and an amazing author!) Like Wayhaven, when people just can’t agree on who the best RO is, you just know that each character is very well written.

The Oval Office by @Spyder . Never thought I’d love a WiP all about politics. This one is definitely something special.


Life of a Mercenary @Jerieth
Samurai of Hyuga 4 @MultipleChoice
Hero of Daria @lucid
Zombie Exodus Safe Haven Parts 3 and 4 @JimD


Samurai of Hyuga 4 by @MultipleChoice
Fallen Hero: Retribution by @malinryden
Villain: the Catalyst by @ToxicDreams
Breach: The Archangel Job by @MichaelMaxwell
Vendetta Rise of a Gangster by @Vendetta
The Operative: Fires of Revolution by @spytim


Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Two by @Seraphinite
Unnatural: Season Two by @Nocturnal_Stillness
Can’t. Freaking. Wait. :smile:


Quite App-Parent: The Parenting Simulator. @hustlertwo
The next parts of Zombie Exodus Safe haven. @JimD
Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Two. @Seraphinite
BREACH: The Archangel Job @MichaelMaxwell
Vendetta: Rise of a Gangster @Vendetta


I’d say Seven Heirs of Ophaesia and Life of a Mercenary are my top 2, but really anything medieval will certainly pique my interest.


Is amazing and soo addictive. I can’t say enough good things.

I love anything Arthurian literature related

[The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Two (WIP)](http://Wayhaven 2)
Can’t wait to catch up with my favorite crime solving vampires


Guenevere all the way. And Kriotopia, of course.


Guenevere very unique humor first time id consider playing as a female protagonist and samurai of hyuga

Kriotopia is the result of someone wishing on a monkey’s paw that they would create one of the most memorable WIP threads in this forum’s history.


Seriously, it should be an end-game level dungeon where at the end you fight the final raid boss called The Dankness.


Wayhaven 2, Guenevere and Way Walkers 3

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They did succeed though! Most people find it very memorable. Those who saw it, of course.


Of course. sniff

Stop it, I’m going to tear up again!