Vendetta: Rise of a Gangster -- Reinvented



I’ve never met someone named donna in the game but from what I see here her character seems intriguing, how can I trigger her event?


Refer to my above post


ah ok thanks
*plays her event.
Ohhh~ I definitely like her!


How come I wasn’t able to help her, the option was greyed out?


In this case, I’m not entirely sure. I played as a veteran and got the option, so I’d imagine it has to do with stats. Which character did you chose ?


A veteran as well except it was greyed out for me.


That is strange, did you say you were in touch with your feminine side ? It’s the only thing I can think off that may prevent this.


No I don’t even know where that option was?


It’s after picking your background.


Nope I never picked that. It’s alright though, I’ll replay in the morning and figure it out.


Not in the current Public Demo, no. At the moment, if you don’t choose her specifically, you (unwittingly) abandon her to her horrible fate.

See the Poll Result below, however. This will actually be changing in the new version.

Any option at the Bathhouse other than spending time with Monique, Felipe, Carina or Lucinda will leave you with enough free time before attending Gina’s funeral to drop by Ma Gioverdi’s Diner for a light lunch. Donna works there (old Ma Gioverdi being a relative, her Great-Aunt) when not attending business school.

[cue the pedant in me]

You’re slightly confusing Ma Gioverdi’s excellent eatery with Greasy Joe’s cheap hash house… You meet Nick Morello in the latter establishment. All other Diner-related encounters in the Public Demo take place where the food is actually edible. :smiley:

In the current version, the option to help Carina is entirely selfishly-motivated (“Offer Carina a job as barmaid at the Poolroom, to help out Louis.”) so is not available if – and only if – you’ve already sold the place to Salvatore Panzarelli…

In the new version (see below), you will have the option to help Carina regardless, and the offer of a job comes up if – and only if – you still actually own the place.

POLL RESULTSBig Jim’s Bathhouse

Carina romps home with a whopping 44% following, with all other options in the 8-15% range. Felipe is the second most popular choice, followed by Lucinda, and with Monique and non-VIP options bringing up the rear. Donna is encountered by roughly 18% of you, either intentionally (10%) or by default (8%) because you have time to spare before the funeral (i.e. by not lingering overly long at the bathhouse in pursuit of ‘VIP treatment’).


Carina’s overwhelming popularity is good in the sense that it’s nice to see she appeals to so many, but bad in the sense that for many she’s probably almost an automatic option for subsequent replays, which might cause a fair few to not fully explore other story / RO avenues.

In addition to fleshing out some of the other options at this stage (Monique and Felipe in particular are too brief in comparison to Carina and Lucinda) the most significant change will be that every protagonist — no matter your gender, background or actual main choice for this scene — will have the opportunity help Carina leave Big Jim’s, should you choose to become involved in her situation. Both the available options and the possible outcomes will also be expanded upon, partly due to some recent feedback comments on the subject, and partly as a result of further consideration to turn this minor branch into a more significant event.

If you are successful in helping Carina leave Big Jim’s establishment, in most cases there will also be the possibility of her coming to work for you at the Pool Hall, whether or not pursued as a possible RO, and whether or not she was your actual main choice at the Bathhouse.

Thanks everyone for taking the time to respond to these polls, and especially so if you also shared your thinking on the subject. It has been extremely useful for ‘fine-tuning’ purposes (especially with this being the Public Demo chapter) so don’t be surprised if I come up with a few more probing questions before we’re done! :wink:


Thank you I can’t leave her to go down that terrible job.


Oh you meant Carina, I thought you were referring to Donna, cause your last post was towards my last post.


Now that i had chose Lucinda, i think her story path seems unique and Lucinda seems to think that i am just someone “equal” ? a brother to her friend ? I love her style when she just wrote her numbers ( i think) , and promise not to work in the Bath house again after i paid all $300 of her debt … That is cool … I don’t know , i think i sense some mystery aura in Lucinda, i will now change my choice from Carina to Lucinda :wink:


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No I meant Donna, Carina was an older question I had asked to save her from her first customer if we don’t pick her. He answered in the new version we can.


In that case, yeah @Vendetta, Patrick’s other question is referring to Donna. (Better hope my head’s not spinning from the confusion).


I’m glad you’re broadening your horizons! :smiley: The aim is that they’re all unique in their own way, it’s just that some (like Monique) take longer than others to actually see that, which is not necessarily a good thing – hence the intended change mentioned as part of the Poll Results

Absolutely, I couldn’t agree more! Indeed, it’s my fear that Carina’s huge 44% following seems to suggest too many see this as the only “right option” (for whatever reason – and those reasons do vary) which is the reason behind the new changes.

By removing the “attempted rescue / job offer” factor from her specific option path, so it’s a more general (and optional) thing instead, it should help to better balance things there, so the “right option” is no longer so cut-and-dried as it is for many at the moment. Those who still specifically choose Carina in future should mostly do so because she’s the one they want to be with, not because they just feel the need to “rescue” her, or because of the early financial benefits she can bring working at the Pool Hall.

Sorry! The reason I assumed you meant Carina is that there is no such qualifying condition on “helping” Donna… or at least, not in the new version! Your clarification on which one you meant did nudge a vague memory though…

You are correct, in the old (i.e. current online) version, there was a specific qualification – you needed a certain minimum level of Coglioni in order to have the option to intervene with the cigar-puffing punk. This condition has since been removed, simply because it left you with only a single option, which is by definition no longer a choice, it’s railroading, hence the removal of that condition at some point between then and now.

Sorry for the confusion.


@Vendetta You have officially become my hero :man_superhero: I have been years angry authors with my motto “If There is only an option, There is no choice” First author who says that by himself…
:heart_eyes: You have won ten Mara points. :wink:


I hope you don’t mind me encountering 2 options that will end my journey prematurely in the earlier chapter …the choice when meeting Dino, so if i wait for the police the game will end , and if i refuse to take the substance Dino shot me too… are these early deaths your intention? I was wondering whether some one bail me out by giving false statement , maybe Rosie can help me out when we chose wait for police ? Or Rosie came to our rescue when Dino shoot us?