Vendetta: Rise of a Gangster -- Reinvented

Yes, it’s back — and bigger and badder than ever! Will it actually be finished this time around? That obviously remains to be seen, but I’ll certainly give it my best shot…

You can read all about the many recent enhancements to the game / story in the series of Dev Blogs posted below. I’ll also from time to time be posting blogs and actual excerpts from the development version of the game to Vendetta’s Facebook page, or if you prefer you can simply follow on Twitter to be kept informed of such.

NEW PUBLIC DEMO: TBA — but coming together nicely. :slight_smile:

OLD PUBLIC DEMO: You can still play this (very old) version online, but do note that things have changed substantially since then in many different ways.

Story Synopsis

In this Interactive Novel you assume the role of a young adult on the verge of delving deep into the shady criminal underworld of a major city during the American Prohibition Era (1920-1933), with the initial aim of seeking to avenge the brutal murder of a close relative.

Where the story goes from there is entirely your decision. Perhaps you will pursue your family vendetta, and perhaps not. Perhaps the lure of power and wealth will instead become your main driving force, as you strive to claw your way up through — and aim to dominate — the ruthless, violent, blood-drenched criminal underworld of the Roaring Twenties.

Perhaps only your dark side will dictate your actions… The Choice is yours, and yours alone.

The time has come to don your fedora and pearl-gray spats, polish your diamond tie-pin, slip those brass knuckles into your pocket and the revolver in the waistband of your pants, then take up your tommy gun and slap in a 50-round drum magazine… Your destiny awaits.

(And now, alternatively…)

The time has come to slip into the black satin flapper dress, don your cloche hat and heels, slide the slim stiletto blade into your garter and the revolver into your rhinestone purse, then take up your tommy gun and slap in a 50-round drum magazine… Your destiny awaits.

Good luck!

Game FAQ

A selection from the game’s Facebook page, emails, and some anticipated queries… I’ll also occasionally add here any genuine FAQs from this thread, when I spot a common theme recurring.

Q. What are the new Female Roles / Backgrounds?

The female roles at present (i.e. not entirely fixed in stone, if feedback over time suggests something should be changed) are as follows. The male counterpart and their shared main Character Attributes in descending order are also shown, for comparison. Where a particular Attribute may at first seem odd (e.g. high Firearms skill for the Nurse), it will of course be explained in that character’s backstory.

WWI Veteran Nurse (Veteran Soldier. Firearms, Awareness, Intimidation, Toughness).
a veritable Florence Nightingale… once upon a time.

Street Gang Leader (Street Gang Leader. Streetwise, Intimidation, Leadership, Toughness)
a tomboy with brains and agility, and tough as nails.

The Prizefighter (Paroled Convict. Intimidation, Awareness, Toughness, Firearms).
a battle-scarred local champion both in and outside the ring.

[ As a result of feedback, ‘The Prizefighter’ role has been replaced with… ]

The Enforcer (Paroled Convict. Intimidation, Awareness, Toughness, Firearms).
no compassion, no scruples, no limits. “Pay up—or else.”

The Grifter (College Graduate. Leadership, Business, Persuasion, Contacts).
“The dumb mark always deserves exactly what he gets. Always.”

The Black Widow (Black Hand Member. Toughness, Firearms, Intimidation, Persuasion).
“Just say who, when and how. I don’t much care about the why.”

Ex-Pinkerton (Ex-Police Officer. Awareness, Streetwise, Firearms, Toughness).
the detective and the criminal wear versions of the same mask.

[ As a result of feedback, the ‘Ex-Pinkerton’ title has been replaced with… ]

Private Eye (Ex-Police Officer. Awareness, Streetwise, Firearms, Toughness).
the detective and the criminal wear versions of the same mask.

Business Entrepreneur (Business Entrepreneur. Business, Contacts, Persuasion, Leadership).
if it’s green and folds and it ain’t laundry…

The Suffragette (Union Organizer. Persuasion, Toughness, Leadership, Intimidation).
she knows exactly how to get what she wants, when she wants.

Burlesque Dancer (Political Bagman. Contacts, Persuasion, Toughness, Streetwise).
beauty, poise, charm—and the ferocity of an alley cat.

Q. Is there a non-binary protagonist option?

Sad to say, there is not. I did attempt one quite recently but my efforts fell so pathetically short of the mark (albeit in my own, demanding estimation) that I ended up wiping it all in embarrassment and frustration. I am however attempting to include at least a non-binary NPC in the later stages of the game, with the hope of learning from feedback and so improve my capability and understanding in time for my next project.

Q. Will the new Chapter One Public Demo alone really be as long as a typical complete game?

“As big as” would probably be a better way to put it (i.e. in word count / total file size). Many games are far more linear than Vendetta, and focus far more heavily on the story alone, so a single playthrough of such will be longer than one playthrough of our Public Demo. I just naturally lean very heavily towards variety, depth and breadth, with the overall aim of offering much more replay value. It’s just a personal preference in game design — each to their own, I guess?

The downside is that it’s also much, much more work than is actually “economically viable” at the present time / current market size, so I certainly would not recommend this approach to any budding new authors considering their own first Choice Game design!

Q. Why don’t characters more often actually use the nicknames they’re said to have?

It’s a common fallacy that 1920s gangsters all had nicknames by which they routinely called each other. The likes of “Scarface”, “Machine Gun”, “Mad Dog”, etc. were for the most part dreamed up by crime reporters, all the better to sensationalize their articles. Hollywood seized on this in the 1930s & 40s to make their screen characters more sinister and menacing, and the rest, as they say, is history.

With Vendetta I’ve aimed for a sort of middle ground, going with the common misconception (it would be distinctly odd if no one had a nickname, right?) but for the above reason, not something often used when actually speaking to each other. Such names are more likely to be used in the story when discussing a third party — e.g. when Vinnie (‘The Viper’ :smiley: ) Mangano mentions Joey De Grazio and contemptuously comments “I hear they call him ‘The Scourge’ now…

Q. When, oh when, will this thing be finished?

How long is a piece of string?! Seriously though, if I had to put a ballpark on it, with the work still to be done, the need for a final intensive beta testing stage (for balancing purposes more than anything) and then all the preparation to ready it for publication, I really can’t see this happening before 2019. Precisely when in that year is the real question mark, but we should certainly have a much better idea by the end of this year.

Q. OK, so when will the Final Beta Testing phase take place?

How long is a… ehm, when we’re good and ready for it! With all the many improvements and new additions still undergoing intensive alpha testing, tweaking and initial balancing, a final closed public beta is still many months away.

My current plan is to do it in three phases with ideally at least 100 extra new testers in each round. The first phase testers (mainly drawn from the old mailing list of around 140-150) will tackle a whole Chapter at a time, focusing on the main story and the two Primary Backgrounds (See Dev Blog #6) in particular. Once that’s well underway and we’ve tackled the main issues, the second phase will start and is intended to focus on Secondary Backgrounds and the more “gamey” stuff. The third and final phase will play (almost*) the entire thing in any way they see fit, to see if they can pick up on anything overlooked by the earlier rounds… Earlier testers can also take part in the subsequent phases, of course, but this way we’re also bringing in “fresh eyes” and hopefully a new perspective for each of the later rounds.

  • = by ‘almost’ I mean you won’t see any of the main story endings, very few of the (dozens of) Achievements, nor any of the ‘special’ scenes or purposely hidden / rarer bits such as the top Opportunities and certain… conditional story paths. All in all, a fair chunk of stuff will be reserved for final publication.

Q. That sounds… OTT. But can I join the final beta anyway?

It’s a deep and varied game, and there’s a lot of ground to cover! It would be unrealistic (and unfair of me) to expect only a relatively small number of people to do everything I’m hoping to achieve here… Besides, the fewer narrative inconsistencies and / or game logic bugs remaining to fix after publication, the better!

I’ve opened a second, separate mailing list (the existing old list will have priority, for obvious reasons) and you’re more than welcome to sign up. Just click on my user name and send me a message with your email address. If you think you were on the old list, feel free to PM me and check that I have your current address in the list, not a now-disused one (and if you can remember what that actually was, even just roughly, that would help in finding and replacing it with your new one).

As experienced playtesters may recall, the Vendetta Beta website enables you to ‘Quick Save’ your character before every significant choice, and also to ‘Clone’ your character at will to (e.g.) head down different main routes for more efficient testing — as well as delete saves which are no longer needed.

All being well, this time around there is also intended to be an in-built system for very easily submitting targeted feedback as and when something occurs to you during play, or when you spot something that you feel is perhaps not quite right. Ideally, the feedback system will also prompt you along the way at certain times (e.g. at the end of a particular story path) to answer particular questions on that section — using simple polling to which you may also attach additional comments if there’s anything you’d care to elaborate on — before resuming play.

However, do please note that this time around the Vendetta Final Beta site will also require registration / login to participate. If you’re not able and willing to actually provide feedback as you play, please don’t sign up as I’ll only have to boot you to make room for someone who is willing! Thanks.

A Quick Poll

Check out the female background roles mentioned in the Game FAQ above and choose the three you would be most interested in playing. Feel free to elaborate on the reason(s) why, and especially so if there’s also a reason why you would probably not play a particular one…

  • WWI Veteran Nurse
  • Street Gang Leader
  • The Prizefighter
  • The Grifter
  • The Black Widow
  • Ex-Pinkerton
  • Business Entrepreneur
  • The Suffragette
  • Burlesque Dancer
  • I would probably just stick with the male roles.

0 voters


Vendetta Dev Blogs

Dev Blog #1 (Gender Option)

Earlier this year I was finally able to return (yet again) to intensive, dedicated work on Vendetta, starting with a complete re-coding from the very beginning to finally make proper use of all the new ChoiceScript features introduced over the last few years — and to improve on / rewrite all the early noob stuff to take advantage of these.

In addition, some of the excellent new ChoiceScript features, such as arrays (a very useful and much more efficient way of storing, accessing and manipulating game data), also opened up some really cool new possibilities for the game itself, due to Vendetta’s existing basic design — especially in terms of rackets, businesses and gang members. Naturally, I then went off on a tangent to also introduce some of these exciting new design concepts / expansions to the game… ho hum.

Although I’m still a few weeks away from releasing a new working Public Demo (it has grown quite a bit — the new Chapter One demo alone is likely to be roughly the size of a typical, complete Choice Game, all on its own), I’m so very pleased with how things are shaping up that I figured I’d finally post some news to confirm that it’s all still happening.

There have been so many significant changes & specific improvements made to Vendetta recently (quite a number based on popular feedback gleaned over the years, you’ll be pleased to know) that my plan over these next few weeks, prior to releasing the actual Public Demo, is to elaborate on things with a new post every few days — if only to whet your appetite!

Where to begin? Hmm. Let’s start with the first really, really big change…


Just one of six new ‘Overall Game Settings’ (more on the other five soon), Vendetta has finally moved with the times and gone co-ed, with nine new Female backgrounds to choose from in addition to the original nine Male ones.

As a huge portion of the game had already been written from a very masculine (some might even say, testosterone-fueled) perspective, a fair chunk of the female side of things involves conditional narrative — not to mention a fair number of completely new and separate scenes — so now also adding considerably to the overall replayability factor… for those who don’t have a particular gender fixation, anyway!

Yes, I know we’re supposed to write these things with little if any actual gender difference in the story. Frankly, I had a bit of a problem figuring out how to make crucial scenes like the barbershop, gent’s outfitters and Big Jim’s Bathhouse work from a female perspective… I either had to dump that kinda “manly stuff” completely and substitute it all with something more gender-neutral (not my preferred choice, as all those scenes are important to the story for one reason or another) or write completely new scenes / alternatives to suit. I opted for the latter approach, happily accepting the extra workload to make things more gender-specific where and when needed as the story unfolds.

It’s an approach I’m continuing throughout, wherever there seems good reason to separate things a little, and hopefully your feedback along the way will help guide and tweak things… In general, a female protagonist will of course be just as able to punch, kick, stab, intimidate, maim, shoot and generally rampage her way through the story as might a typical male character — if so inclined. Neither the rather grim nature of the game / story or its violent and brutal 1920s underworld setting will change just because the romance options do. It is what it is, as they say, and so it will remain.

Although most of the actual Character Background titles and stories vary accordingly to better suit the game’s era and setting, the actual starting Attributes (Leadership, Intimidation, Persuasion, etc.) are identical to their nine male counterparts. The only Stats difference when playing a female character is that the ‘Coglioni’ label is replaced with ‘Toughness’.

I should also emphasize that there is no Broadsides-style gender-flipping involved, at all. Every character in the story remains who they fundamentally are regardless of your own choices (or gender) — as in real life. This is just a personal preference on my part, as something I feel works best for Vendetta despite all the extra work it involves. What this does mean however is that there are more scenes / variations involving those characters who were lesbian or bisexually-inclined anyway — such as Rosie, Monique and Angel — while a number of existing straight or bi male characters have now become romance options for a female protagonist (as well as introducing some completely new characters to balance things out a little).

Gender inclusion is a huge change for Vendetta — mostly because so much of the story had already been written from a purely male perspective — but it’s by no means the only improvement in the latest development version of the game. I’ll be discussing some of the other changes, both large and small, over the next few issues.


I’d also just like to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for all the overwhelming support, patience and understanding over the years, and for the many emails and kind messages received along the way. Life can be a very bumpy road indeed, and there have been a few times when it seemed Vendetta might well end up with all the other corpses in the overcrowded graveyard of abandoned WIPs. I remain as determined as ever that this will never be the case, and a very large part of that is down to you guys 'n gals.


Dev Blog #2 (New Business Opportunities)

A long one this time, detailing one of the significant new game enhancements I’m most excited about, which occurs during the ‘Weekly Events’ period.

Experienced playtesters among you may recall that the Weekly Events stage kicks in at the end of Chapter One and then occurs fairly regularly thereafter (roughly every 3-6 main story scenes, depending on previous choices made). These are the times in the game when you receive your regular Weekly Take from any ongoing businesses and criminal rackets, can spend your ill-gotten gains buying goodies (clothes, cars, jewelry, etc.) to improve your overall Appearance — and by extension, also your Respect in the underworld — and it’s also the time when you decide on what your main ‘Free Time’ activity will be over the coming week.

The only real problem with the popular Weekly ‘Free Time’ system — according to feedback — was that it presented too many varied and tempting opportunities but you could only choose a single one each week. Do you finally open Gina’s Speakeasy behind the Poolroom front and so greatly improve your future Weekly Take, or do you focus on some much-needed Firearms practice? Do you pursue romance with Carina, Monique, Lucinda, Donna or Adamo, or do you aim to intimidate and shakedown lesser local criminals for some extra cash? Do you continue establishing yourself as a Union Organizer or Political Bagman and steadily increase your sideline income, or do you finally buy the smelly Fish Market so you can later invest in Alky Cooking behind the scenes and thereby dip a toe in the lucrative bootlegging racket? And so on… Decisions, decisions!

As a direct result of this very useful feedback, I resolved to separate the ‘business’ side of things (e.g. Gina’s Speakeasy setup and the Fish Market purchase) from the more ‘personal’ stuff, leaving only the latter as Free Time options — on the very solid grounds that (as a number of you pointed out) with ‘business’ stuff you should arguably only need to stump up the cash and set things in motion, not actually have to devote an entire week’s personal Free Time to a single such endeavor… Business stuff removed, this would still leave lots of interesting ‘personal’ options to choose between for your main Free Time activity, but shouldn’t be anywhere near as confining (or frustrating!).

This complete separation of Weekly Events ‘business’ from ‘personal’ stuff did, however, also inadvertently open up a whole new world of exciting possibilities. And so off went I on another of my no doubt ill-advised (but impossible to resist in this case!) feature-creep intrepid adventures…


The new Business Opportunities stage occurs immediately after the Weekly Accounting period (during which you receive your regular Weekly Take from any existing operations) but before the Weekly Shopping stage, meaning that your Money Clip will be as bulging as it can be and ready for some carefully-considered investment.

There are many New Opportunities already now possible in the game (and the system has been devised to be easily expandable in both quantity and variety, as ideas occur or feedback suggests) ranging from small, shady, back-alley deals to significant investment opportunities resulting in new business ownership, or even control of a new criminal racket.

The system is also highly flexible so, no matter how many opportunities you are presented with in a single week, you can properly review each one in turn before making a decision about which to actually pursue, and in what order. You are limited in your decisions only by the amount of cash you actually have available at that precise moment in time.

Opportunities will also be presented whether or not you can actually afford them… not to rub salt in, but for general & future reference! By the same token, many Opportunities are also one time only deals — pass on it this week and it may not be available next week. Or ever again.

On the positive side, while most Opportunities will require an immediate investment, some can actually earn you an immediate cash lump sum, which is then also available to invest in a different new Opportunity on the same week. Indeed, how well you actually juggle your finances each week (remembering also that important Weekly Shopping immediately follows this section…) will now prove even more critical to your long-term success as a rising gangster / wannabe Mob Boss.

So far, so mechanical. However, this being a Choice Game, you’ll be pleased to know that each and every New Business Opportunity is actually entirely story-driven. This whole new aspect to the game was a great opportunity (no pun intended) for me to expand the ‘Vendetta World’ and introduce a host of new sideline characters, and to elaborate on some existing minor ones. Certain acquaintances — like lowlife dope addict and streetwise wheeler-dealer, Harry ‘The Hustler’ Larusso — you may even come to know quite well…

In essence, what I’ve mostly aimed for with this huge new expansion is to make Business Opportunities more kinda storyline ‘asides’ along the way, rather than a purely mechanical construct just as a means of introducing more shady deals, businesses and rackets to the game.

There are essentially four overall types of Business Opportunities:


So-named because, once available to you (as determined by a main story event or actual choice on your part), a ‘Regular Opportunity’ remains available each and every week thereafter — unless you actually do something to cause it to no longer be available…

One such opportunity, for example, is a loan facility provided by ranking Ginelli Mob member and Hell’s Kitchen’s top loanshark, Giulio Scarponi. As with other Opportunities, you can fully review this option each week, meaning (among other things) that cash borrowed from Scarponi can if you wish be immediately invested in any other Opportunities available the same week. At a cost in future weekly ‘juice’, of course.

I’ll likely expand on this (and similar Regular Opportunity possibilities) in a future News Update, since these are quite detailed and involved features in their own right, each having multiple options to play with every week.

The other three types of Opportunity are all classed as ‘New Business Opportunities’, of which up to five different ones may be available to you each week (in addition to any Regular Opportunities you might have available that week). These ‘New Businesses Opportunities’ are broken down into three distinct types:


These are the Opportunities automatically occurring as a direct result of actual main story events, or perhaps a choice made along the way — such as finally setting up Gina’s Speakeasy, or buying the Fish Market as a front for the alky-cooking racket. Some of these Opportunities (such as Gina’s speak) will remain available every week until either pursued or permanently declined, while others (like the Fish Market) do have a strict time limit for story reasons but are not generally one time only deals as with the two other main types outlined below.

Many Fixed Opportunities can also occur as a direct result of previous ‘New Business Opportunities’. For example, if you pursue the ‘Spotted Opportunity’ (see below) to install Slot Machines in the Navy Street Poolroom, there will later be a Fixed Opportunity to consider expanding on this and also install these one-armed bandits in other suitable premises. Without first actually spotting the opportunity, however, no such expansion of the racket would be possible.

Bear in mind that you are time-limited to dealing with a maximum of five New Business Opportunities each week, so the more ‘Fixed Opportunities’ you have recurring each week (i.e. without making a firm decision one way or the other), the less you will be able to benefit from other types of opportunities… ergo: the only bad decision is no decision!


The availability of Spotted Opportunities also depend to some extent on main story events or, in some cases, as a side-effect of a choice made along the way, but will mostly occur as a direct result (or again, sometimes a side-effect) of certain ‘Free Time’ activities… As a general rule, however, they are all one time only offers — i.e. a New Business Opportunity has just been spotted (by whatever means, or for whatever reason) and you must now act quickly or lose the opportunity for good.

Spotted Opportunities are semi-random in that you can never be sure (no matter how much you replay!) in what order each might appear, or if a particular Opportunity will occur at all during a particular play-through… One of the two things you can be certain of is that the chance of the next one occurring is cumulative throughout the game, and thereby through your own actions, choices and specific Character Attributes you can greatly influence just how frequently they might occur.

The second thing you can be certain of is that Spotted Opportunities generally increase in potential value (both in terms of Weekly Take and Net Worth) the more of them you actually manage to ‘spot’ during a single play-through — while also having the knock-on effect of also making even more Fixed Opportunities available as a direct result of spotting such lucrative new opportunities in the first place (e.g. the Slot Machines example mentioned above).

It’s no great leap of logic to assume that your ‘Business’ acumen and’ Awareness’ attributes can both play a significant role in spotting new opportunities.


The final group of New Business Opportunities are directly linked to your Underworld Respect and, by extension, also your ‘Streetwise’ and / or ‘Contacts’ attributes. This means you will generally receive this type of new Opportunity throughout the game regardless of how much time you devote to the ‘business’ side of things (‘Fixed’ opportunities) or deliberately spend hunting down new (‘Spotted’) opportunities — i.e. simply by building a growing reputation as a prominent local gangster.

That said, Lady Luck also plays a significant role here. If you’re very lucky then these things can come pretty regularly, but if you’re just plain unlucky, they may be quite few and far between… Such is the roller-coaster ride we call life.

The one similarity ‘Reputation Opportunities’ do share with ‘Spotted Opportunities’ is that these also generally increase in real value the more of them you manage to pursue during the course of a single play-through, with the highest level ones actually being the rarest and most valuable New Business Opportunities possible in Vendetta — assuming, of course, that Lady Luck deigns to smile on you.


If you’re curious, two examples of the new Opportunities system (one Spotted, one Reputation) were posted to Vendetta’s Facebook page, which is where I’ll likely in future post more stuff from the development version of the game, should you be interested in seeing more of that sort of thing before it’s actually released.

Dev Blog #3 (Main Game Settings)

The latest development version of Vendetta also incorporates a number of overall Game Settings designed to better accommodate a range of different play-styles and individual preferences, gleaned from feedback over the years (not just for Vendetta, but also many other WIPs and even published Choice Games). My philosophy is that at the end of the day this is your game, to play in whatever way you see fit. Call it the Burger King approach to Choice Game design… (no, not chargrilled, but rather “Have it your way”!).

In addition to selecting your character’s Gender, there are five other Settings governing various aspects of the story and the underlying game mechanics, three of which may also be toggled at certain stages during the story (just before starting each new week, or before resuming from a Checkpoint Save position after dying horribly!).

At the very start of the game, an Overall Game Settings screen available from the game’s Main Menu enables you to easily select all six of your preferred options in one single choice.

Of the ‘toggle’ options shown below, the first of each pair is the default setting in the event that you choose to skip the Settings screen and head straight into the story (in which case the default Gender option would be as a male character, unless you have already decided to play as a female during the game’s Prologue).


  • Interactive Novel (Full Prose)
  • Choice Game (Abridged Prose)

Vendetta is a wordy affair (to put it mildly). If you prefer a somewhat more succinct approach, you should select the ‘Choice Game’ style rather than the default ‘Interactive Novel’ style. Doing so cuts down on what some readers might deem “excessive prose” along the way.

This is also worth considering for later replays, e.g. where the intention is to hunt down missing Achievements, search out less-traveled paths, or even just to reach mid-late game stages in the shortest time possible.

You are able to to toggle the Game Style setting at various points throughout the story.


  • Game Mode (Achievements On)
  • Story Mode (Achievements Off)

Game Achievements are enabled by default but may be turned off should you prefer that your reading pleasure not be rudely interrupted (or your immersion in the story ruined) by those niggling little pop-ups.


  • Bite the Bullet (You can die — lots)
  • Take it Easy (You can die… less)

Vendetta depicts a cruel, violent and dangerous world, and one where the possibility of meeting your maker lurks around virtually every corner… It is intended to be challenging, rewarding and suspenseful, and to encourage the (typical) player to proceed cautiously and with due care & attention to detail. The default Difficulty setting is therefore ‘Bite the Bullet’.

Should you much prefer just to sit back and enjoy the journey, however, you can select the ‘Take it Easy’ setting. While it’s by no means a Fedora of Invulnerability, it will at least insure that not every poor decision you make may result in your demise.

Note that some Game Achievements are however achievable only while Game Difficulty is set to ‘Bite the Bullet’.

You are able to toggle the Game Difficulty setting at various points throughout the story.


  • Pure Skill (Few random factors)
  • Lady Luck (Positive random effects)

Should you prefer something more middle-of-the-road, leave your actual Game Difficulty on ‘Bite The Bullet’ and instead select ‘Lady Luck’ rather than the default ‘Pure Skill’. This setting kicks in mainly (but not only) in the event that you fail a crucial skill check — and when Lady Luck deigns to smile on you, she may well save your bacon (or have some other, generally positive, effect).

The chance of enjoying a successful lucky outcome is however still directly related to your actual character stats. Where, for instance, at a particular stage the game is checking for a skill level of 50 or above, there’s a much better chance Lady Luck will smile on you if your actual skill is 45 rather than only 35.

If you really want to be as bullet-proof as it’s possible to be (which is still no guarantee of absolute invulnerability, I hasten to add!), you should select both ‘Take it Easy’ (Difficulty) and Lady Luck (Chance).

Note that some Game Achievements are however achievable only while Game Chance is set to ‘Pure Skill’.

You are able to toggle the Game Chance setting at various points throughout the story.


  • R.I.P. Rewind (Checkpoint Save On)
  • Do or Die! (Checkpoint Save Off)

Vendetta occasionally saves your game by default, allowing you to immediately resume from a (fairly) recent point rather than always having to restart from the beginning in the event of your untimely demise. You will also be able to toggle your game Style, Difficulty and Chance settings before resuming from a Checkpoint Save position, should you so desire.

Feel free to disable the Checkpoint Save feature if you enjoy a real challenge — or if you’re just a glutton for punishment…

Note that some Game Achievements are achievable only while Checkpoint Saves is set to ‘Do or Die!’, Game DIfficulty is set to ‘Bite the Bullet’, and Game Chance is set to ‘Pure Skill’.


Vendetta now also includes a Cheat Mode. To enable this for a particular play-through you must choose three specific Game Settings: ‘Story Mode’ for Game Mode (Achievements OFF), ‘Take it Easy’ for Game Difficulty, and ‘Lady Luck’ for Game Chance. After confirming your chosen Settings, the game will in this instance — and only this instance — ask if you also wish to enable Cheat Mode.

If enabled, Cheat Mode maxes all pertinent character stats so you can never fail a skill check of any description. It also ensures that you will always have enough cash in your Money Clip to do whatever you wish to do. A nice outfit and decent starting weapons are a bonus.

In essence, Cheat Mode effectively removes any real challenge from the game but in doing so opens up every possible story avenue for exploration regardless of stat checks or other game mechanics, with the two exceptions of Character Background and Gender-specific narrative. It is primarily intended for those who have played the game to death the ‘normal’ way but are still curious what other story paths or options may as yet be undiscovered, or which were perhaps hidden or otherwise unavailable during previous play-throughs.

Should you change your mind about using the Cheat Mode, simply entering the Game Settings section from the Vendetta Main Menu will automatically disable it again before you begin.


Vendetta Dev Blogs Cont.

Dev Blog #4 (Detailed Opportunitues)

With the splitting of ‘Business Opportunities’ from personal ‘Free Time’ options each week — and the subsequent huge expansion of the New Opportunities system that this redesign enabled — it also opened up the intriguing (and rather varied and ambitious) possibilities of what have come to be called…


Regular Opportunities are so named because, once triggered in the game, they remain available to you each week thereafter until / unless you actually do something to cause them to no longer be available.

This part of the Business Opportunities section is still in its infancy, in that there are at present only a limited number in the game due to the level of detail and varied options (and subsequent coding complexity!) each involves. The first two are fully complete and alpha tested and there are one or two more exciting ideas I’d really like to properly squeeze into this section before the game is actually released, but some of the more ambitious ideas for expansion here will have to wait for a future update (i.e. at some point after the initial publication — if the game proves reasonably successful and worth developing further, that is!).

Regular Opportunities are essentially either unique features requiring regular (i.e. ‘Weekly’) interaction during the course of the game — such as the first one detailed below — or are greatly expanded / more detailed businesses or racket operations also now requiring Weekly interaction / regular active ‘management’, such as the second one detailed below.


Giulio Scarponi is a ranking member of the powerful local Ginelli Mob and Hell’s Kitchen’s top loanshark, dealing mainly in significant loans to prominent citizens and rising underworld figures, not ‘street level’ petty usury. If someone he knows and trusts is willing to vouch for you, he may be willing to also extend to you his services — on a trial basis, at least. This is possible as early as the first week in the game (i.e. within Chapter One, which is the Public Demo chapter).

Scarponi keeps his finger on the local pulse and knows his business well. Initially your credit limit will be just a few thousand, and at a quite eye-watering rate of weekly interest… In time, as he comes to know and trust you, your available credit limit can rise steeply and / or the interest rate drop significantly, albeit steadily. It is possible to have a credit limit in the tens of thousands and at a very low weekly juice rate — unless you prove inept at managing your finances over a period of time, of course.

Each week, during the Business Opportunities stage, you are responsible for paying the weekly ‘juice’ on the amount currently owed. The ‘Scarponi Loan Management’ section provides this option, among others (such as paying a lesser amount, pleading poverty and perhaps paying nothing that week, or paying the full juice plus some of the principal owed, or paying the juice plus the remaining loan in full). If at any time your available credit is higher than your current loan, you can approach Scarponi to borrow more.

Being part of the actual Business Opportunities stage, the Scarponi Loan Management section allows you to fully review your options each week (including all the other Opportunities available to you that week) before deciding how best to juggle your finances accordingly. For instance, there could that week be a New Opportunity for which you may need to borrow more cash from Scarponi, or perhaps one potentially earning you an immediate cash lump sum which you could instead use to pay off more of the principal owed, so reducing future weekly juice payments.

It’s worth bearing in mind that your total Net Worth (the sum of everything you own or control, from the shirt on your back to the largest bootlegging operation on the Lower East Side, and which is the best true measure of your actual overall success to date) has a direct bearing on your Underworld Respect — by which so many other things are affected — but your Net Worth is itself reduced by the current value of any debts still owed.

It goes without saying (but is still worth mentioning) that Scarponi does not enjoy being made to look the fool.


The second, quite detailed ‘Regular Opportunity’ already fully implemented in the new version of the game enables you to also run your own loansharking operation (albeit ‘street level’ petty usury to begin with), investing your own — and / or another’s — cash on the street to earn weekly ‘juice’ from those unable to obtain legal loans.

It’s now possible to dip your toe in this racket very early in the story (again, as early as Chapter One / the Public Demo) as Your Uncle Luigi – better known as Chuck ‘Bruiser’ O’Keefe — will, under particular circumstances, offer you management of his own local loansharking operation (rather than a lump sum of cash ostensibly towards the cost of Gina’s funeral expenses). Should you take him up on his offer, the racket moves to your direct control and you split the weekly juice with him, and will then be able to expand it using your own cash — from which you keep the full Weekly Take for yourself. If things continue to go well, Chuck may also invest more on the street himself from time to time, under the same 50/50 terms as the original agreement.

Chuck’s man Rocco ‘The Bull’ Bagalia will keep an eye on things for him, but experienced playtesters may recall that Rocco holds our protagonist (that “wet-nosed kid”!) in little regard… Suck it up — Rocco is his most loyal man, and has your uncle’s ear. And, who knows, one day you may even be able to buy out your uncle a piece at a time, and eventually take complete control of this very lucrative racket and its huge expansion potential.

Total control could prove vital in the long term. You can adjust the ‘operational policies’ of this racket — i.e. the way you run the racket, the kind of people you target, the methods you employ in its operation, and the weekly juice rate you charge. However, while Chuck has a stake in it, Rocco calls the shots to some extent, limiting your ability to always do what you may think is best. You will of course be able to expand the operation in size by investing more of your own cash, or even withdrawing some (except for Chuck’s stake) as the need arises.

If it helps, think of running a Loansharking operation as being your own personal, high interest savings account in the Cayman Isles: it’s somewhere to invest your ill-gotten gains away from prying eyes — the majority of which is ‘locked away’ and cannot be withdrawn without notice — but it also earns you much better interest on your ‘savings’ than it would sat in an ordinary instant access account, or stuffed in your pocket… or in our case, your Money Clip.

The downside is that you may also occasionally have to resort to violence to ensure prompt payment of the weekly juice… and not everyone will have the means or ability to repay your loan in full on demand. It’s also possible that some loan defaulters, in fear for their physical well-being, may disappear from the neighborhood entirely, taking some of your cash with them — and especially so if the racket starts to grow too big for you to properly keep your finger on the pulse and anticipate such attempts before they occur.

It can also take a bit of time to get your money out on the street earning weekly juice for you, depending on the amount made available for investment in loans (which you place in the ‘Loan Fund’), appropriate skills, your operational policies for this racket, and the amount of time you are able or willing to devote to actually running the racket.

When running a loansharking operation there is also be a special ‘Free Time’ option available for you to purposely spend extra time managing this particular racket, should you choose. Doing so will significantly enhance your active presence ‘on the street’ and thereby reduce the risk of loan defaulters / loss of capital, increase the racket’s profitability, and most of all significantly improve your ability to get more cash out there faster and earning juice more quickly — or to recover it more quickly if you decide to call in some or all of your loans from the street.

Should you reach the stage where the racket has grown beyond your ability to easily handle alone as a ‘sideline’ thing, you will also have the facility to appoint a specific underling to manage things on your behalf, earning a percentage of the profits for themselves in doing so but freeing more of your own time to devote to other matters while still allowing the racket to be expanded in scale and profitability. The Free Time option will however remain available to you for specific use — such as when wishing to quickly invest a significant chunk of extra cash on the streets and get it earning for you, or to add your own abilities when calling in loans.

Dev Blog #5 (New Modus Operandi)

With all the changes and improvements made to the latest development version of the game, the Modus Operandi (Show Stats) screen has also undergone a complete redesign, with some significant new additions of its own.

Originally one (and potentially fairly long) page, it has now been broken down into several sections for convenience. In addition, for your ease of use, each of the main options is tagged ~new* if that section contains information which has been added or otherwise updated since last viewed. The tag disappears once viewed.


The default display when you go to your M.O. screen, Personal Details shows the Character Name and Background, a summary of your finances (current Money Clip, Weekly Take and Total Net Worth, plus any debts owed), a mention of your personal Weapon(s), and a description of your Appearance. The main actual new bit here is a ‘Morality’ stat.

Morality is shown as a bar ranging between ‘Stone Killer’ at one extreme and ‘Good Samaritan’ at the other. This personality rating keeps track of your essential “goodness” (or lack thereof).

Regardless of how other Underworld figures may view you (your Respect rating), or indeed, the wider public in general (your Public Image), this is who you truly are — initially based on the specific Character Background you have chosen to play, but over time increasingly reflecting the actual decisions you make. Or don’t make.

In the longer term, your Morality may have a direct impact on the type of options available to you in particular circumstances, but mostly it will influence the opinions, feelings and actions of those few people you allow in close enough to get to know the real you — your lovers, close associates, and early (or later, main) gang members.


The first optional section available (so selected by default when viewing Personal Details, ready for instant access) this page shows the current ratings for your nine important Character Attributes, being a combination of skills, abilities and other personality traits — namely Leadership, Intimidation, Persuasion, Awareness, Coglioni / Toughness, Business, Streetwise, Contacts and Firearms.

The only real change here is that, when playing a female character, ‘Coglioni’ is instead referred to as ‘Toughness’.


In this section may be found details of how others perceive you (such as your ‘Underworld Respect’ and ‘Public Image’ ratings & descriptions), and some useful perceptions of your own — such as known or suspected vendettas against you by one or more of your rivals in the underworld.

The main change here is that your ‘Gina Vendetta’ (a progress bar roughly indicating how close you are to discovering who was responsible for your sister’s brutal death) is now also accompanied by a textual description summarizing the latest clues you have uncovered along the way… Although never intended as an actual “murder mystery” story, that aspect does now figure rather more significantly in the main storyline — but is still to quite an extent dependent on your own decision whether or not to actually devote vital ‘Free Time’ to pursuing your family vendetta.

Pursuing this vendetta actively — at least from time to time — can potentially earn you considerably more Respect in the underworld (and especially among those who really matter), but will also gain you more, and more dangerous, enemies.

Should you uncover enough clues along the way, one of the main possible Game Endings for the story is the chance to wreak your revenge… or perhaps fail miserably if your planning or execution is faulty. You will have to rely on your judgment of others as much as — if not more than — your own skills and abilities, but at the end of the day the real question is, who can you really trust?


The overall ‘Suspicion’ bar displayed under this section of your M.O. provides a general idea of just how much ‘heat’ you have been generating overall as a result of your criminal activities. It’s the only bar able to exceed 100% — in which case it would be highly advisable to go “on the lam” for a while!

There are six Law Enforcement agencies represented in Vendetta, each with their own area of jurisdiction. For instance, the Bureau of Investigation (the forerunner of the FBI) are primarily concerned with Interstate Trafficking, be that stolen goods such as jewelry or automobiles, or perhaps being involved in moving persons across state lines for “immoral purposes” (the Mann Act of 1910).

Being sentenced to a prison term is one of the main possible Game Endings in Vendetta. Prior to that happening, however, you will likely have every opportunity to bribe, intimidate or shoot your way out of trouble, or perhaps even to sidestep or halt an investigation which may otherwise result in your arrest. All such events are summarized in this section of your M.O. along the way.


This section of your M.O. is focused on “your gang” — the collection of individuals (usually, but not always, also criminally inclined) who are willing to accept your leadership and work with / for you in some capacity. If a person you are currently dating also comes to work for you, or perhaps shares in a new business partnership, that person will also become a “gang member” and join the displayed list.

New gang members may join you as a result of main story events or specific choices made along the way, as a side-effect of a ‘New Business Opportunity’ being pursued, and also as a direct result of a ‘Free Time’ option devoting your efforts (if successful) to finding a particular type of individual. Both the maximum number of possible gang members (originally twelve) and the variety of characters able to join you have increased substantially.

The listing of current gang members now includes a ‘Brief’ for each (a short reminder of noteworthy appearance or traits) and their ‘Role’ in the organization. The latter, in particular, may change for particular individuals from time to time, such as when promoted and given new responsibilities, or perhaps when assigned to operate and manage a particular business or racket for you in order to free more of your own time as the organization and its operations expand.

In addition to the expanded gang members listing, other new changes in this section include an indication of how well-armed your gang is overall, and how much transportation is available. Both factors can play a significant part in the main story at certain points, and naturally both ultimately come down to how much you are willing (or able) to spend along the way.


These two sections are very similar, split only to differentiate between (outwardly) legitimate and hidden criminal operations, respectively — and also to keep each section to a reasonable size, since either or both listings may now grow quite substantially as a result of the ‘New Business Opportunities’ aspect of the game.

The other major new change in this version of Vendetta is that there is considerably more variety and detail involved for many businesses and rackets. In addition to each having a listed ‘Manager’ (usually, but not always, a particular gang member), some can also benefit from filling additional important roles — perhaps a ‘Hostess’ for social meeting places, or a ‘Sales Drummer’ for those businesses or rackets able to expand their activities (and increase your profits) using… a little encouragement.

Similarly, specific businesses and rackets can now gain special bonuses referred to as Income Boosts, either as a result of a main story event or choice, or by pursuing a particular New Business Opportunity. All such bonuses are listed accordingly for each business or racket currently benefiting from such.


A brand new addition to your M.O. for this version of Vendetta, ‘The Word on the Street’ section provides additional detail on the background setting of the Vendetta world and many of the characters encountered.

Our story takes place in the 15th Ward (the “Bloody Ould Fifteenth” as its original Irish inhabitants aptly nicknamed it) — a sprawling, crime-ridden slum district on the Lower East Side of Grim Harbor City — and is set chiefly within the densely populated, Italian-dominated area of Hell’s Kitchen within that ward, from where hails our story’s protagonist.

The Word on the Street provides general background details of the Kitchen as well as five surrounding areas within the 15th Ward, and also more-specific details of the known (or at least, rumored) underworld activity and leading figures within each of the six districts.

As you progress through the story and your knowledge of each of these locations grows, so will additional information become available within the Word on the Street section using a system of dynamic menus (in that sub-menus and options will become visible only when you actually gain the more-detailed knowledge each contains) — including a few potentially useful clues and insights…

As with the main sections of the M.O. itself, the game keeps track of which sections of the Word you have recently viewed in order to easily direct you to any new or updated information (using the ~new* tag displayed on menu options, where applicable).

On subsequent replays with a brand new character, all sections will once again be marked as ~new* (being a fresh game start). For your convenience, however, there is a menu option available to “Mark all sections as viewed” and thereby ensure that only genuinely new information learned by this character will be marked as ~new* as you progress.

It’s worth noting that you can also access the detailed Vendetta ‘Game System Information’ (the game’s Manual, for want of a better word!) section at any time via the Word on the Street sub-menu of your M.O. and — as when perusing the Word on the Street section itself — you can simply use the ‘Return to the Game’ button at any point once you have found the specific information you were looking for.

Dev Blog #6 (Story Enhancements)

In this, the final issue for this series of Vendetta Dev Blogs masquerading as ‘News Updates’ (not the intention when I started writing them, it’s just how it turned out!), I would like to talk more about The Story itself, and specifically, how it has grown and evolved as a result of feedback (and, in some ways, perhaps also as a result of my own tentative growth as a writer — if not so much in ability, at least in confidence!).

A good example of this is the decision to finally include a female protagonist option in a story so obviously originally aimed at a somewhat niche audience; one we can for argument’s sake simply call “guys who like gangsters”.

What admittedly took me completely by surprise (but in a nice way) was the sheer number of female players who also quite clearly enjoyed earlier versions of the story. Some of Vendetta’s most ardent fans were women! It was something of an eye-opener, to say the least, and is the main reason why today we have a female protagonist option. So, with hand on heart, thank you, ladies — your support and kindness achieved what the hateful, bile-spewing critics could not. Maybe there’s a moral in there somewhere.

Vendetta was always intended to be “sandboxy” in style, to allow you to play the game, set your own goals, and develop your character in any way you see fit (albeit within the obvious time constraints on my part). This was also the driving force behind all the new stuff I’ve been discussing recently, by which I mean much of it is actually optional and you can ignore or skip it should you choose. While I always intended for “the game behind the story” to be about building and running your own growing criminal organization as you progress, this is by no means the only way to play and need not be your own main aim, or even figure very heavily at all. While having maybe two or three income-earning ventures would certainly help to provide you with the nicer things in life (improving your personal Appearance, and thereby also your Respect on the street), even this isn’t strictly necessary. You can in fact even remain “a lowlife bum” if you wish — just be prepared to generally be treated as such!

One of the things even experienced playtesters may be surprised by (and hopefully, pleasantly so) is Vendetta’s new main story focus on relationships, both with other major characters in general and the various romance options in particular. Frankly, on reflection I was seriously guilty of giving the story’s “gung-ho” side too heavy a prominence, especially early in the game. Very few early scenes did not, almost inevitably, lead to violence of one sort of another. Although Chapter One still has to establish the overall game style without room for any possible misunderstanding (being the Public Demo), we do now tone things down a little the deeper we head into the story — or at least, make it increasingly more optional.

In the current version of the game, while the grim setting and basic nature of the story remain unchanged, there are now more scenes which do not always have to end in bloodshed. It feels considerably more well-rounded to me but, as always, I’ll be relying heavily on feedback to make sure we have the right balance, especially in terms of the now-more-gradual development of romantic relationships… (well, in most cases — certain characters simply know what they want and are not at all shy about saying so, or even taking the initiative if the opportunity presents itself).

That said, do bear in mind that in Vendetta you have to deliberately choose to pursue an ongoing romance using a Weekly ‘Free Time’ option when available, even if just one time to kick-start that particular storyline. This is a deliberate design decision with the main intention of providing a relatively comfortable degree of asexual or aromantic play, where preferred. It also has the added advantage of further expressing your likes and dislikes in a way that the story can adjust and react to in various scenes along the way — such as how faithful (or not) you choose to be, to use one prime example.

Overall, what I’m aiming for is for “the story” to essentially be driven by your relationships with other characters, and for “the game behind the story” to be your ability to head towards building a growing criminal empire — should you choose to do so. Melding the two seamlessly, while still allowing you to focus on either one over the other (should you prefer!), has been by far the greatest challenge. I’ll be relying on you guys 'n gals to let me know if it indeed turned out the way I intended, and if not, where I need to focus greater effort to make it so.


Another way in which the main story is fully intended to take prominence, should you prefer, is the concept of Primary Backgrounds.

The current version of Vendetta splits the eighteen (nine female, nine male) available Character Backgrounds into ‘Primary’ and ‘Secondary’ protagonists, starting with a single Primary of each gender (WWI Veteran Nurse / Veteran Soldier respectively). The intention is with future updates to promote more of the Secondary backgrounds to the Primary list (probably one female and one male each time), as a means of expanding the breadth, depth and replay value of the game.

Although all of the backgrounds have varied starting Attributes and other such important differences — and throughout the game there are specific advantages to each at different times, as well as such as narrative flavor differences where appropriate — the Primary backgrounds concept has the most ambitious potential for future expansion of the Vendetta world.

Vendetta has been designed from the ground up to allow each of the eighteen backgrounds to have its own unique and fully-fleshed-out storyline threaded throughout the main story; its own special scenes, unique plot lines and specific ‘missions’; new characters and romantic interests to engage with; perhaps more new businesses, rackets and weekly Opportunities, Events & Free Time options; and of course its own unique Game Achievements to aim for.

As you can probably imagine, it’s a tremendous amount of extra effort to fully elevate a Secondary background to Primary status (ergo: the others will have to wait until the main game itself is released!) but the Veteran Nurse / Veteran Soldier starting Primary Backgrounds should at least serve to better convey the whole concept and its exciting future potential.


If you managed to actually stay awake during all my reminiscing, pondering, digressing and general rambling along the way, I hope you’ve found some bits in the last few ‘News Updates’ to tweak your particular interest.

While I’m painfully aware that we cannot hope to “please all of the people all of the time”, I hope you agree that with this “reinvented” version of Vendetta: Rise of a Gangster I have at least taken into consideration a very broad range of feedback over the years and have tried to improve on the original concept in many different ways. It may not be the best thing since sliced bread, but hey, that’s okay — I’m more of a crusty loaf kinda guy anyway… I like to slice things my way. :wink:



Welcome back - I appreciate the reprint of the blogs and setting up the WiP thread here. As time marches forward, I trust Facebook less and less.


And with the new EU Copyright directive Facebook may soon be the only “platform” we will have left, ugh!
But, Yay! It is back.

Again, yay! More Adamo centric content. :heart_eyes:

The college kid is still a primary background option, I hope?

Awww…so we can only be a vet in the demo now. :disappointed:
I used to like college kid best, followed by political bagman and union organizer.


commence screaming at the top of his lungs. It has returned !


glad to see you and your WIP back @Vendetta! if you excuse me…put on my old old suit and fedora hat…I need to to do a few things :face_with_monocle:put the revolver in my waistband


Thanks, it’s great to be back. :slight_smile:

Nope, but when we get around to voting on which Background pair should be next in line to be ‘elevated’ from Secondary to Primary, I suspect College Grad will be within the top two or three, if not the most popular choice – it was always one of the preferred backgrounds for many, often either their first choice or second choice after Veteran Soldier.

Nope, again! Possibly poor wording on my part…? To clarify: all of the old backgrounds will still be available to play (including in the new Public Demo); nothing has actually been taken out as such.

The difference is that Veteran Nurse / Veteran Soldier (the first two Primary backgrounds) now have substantial extra scenes threaded throughout the main story, from very early on (i.e. including within the new Public Demo), as well as other background-specific stuff mentioned in Dev Blog #6.

It was essentially a (time constraints) choice of either adding “a bit more flavor” stuff to all 18 backgrounds throughout, or really focusing on what the old feedback indicated was the most popular background (Veteran Soldier) and put all the extra effort into that one – and including its new female counterpart. All the other (‘Secondary’) backgrounds remain playable though, they just won’t (yet!) have received the special treatment of a Primary background.


You know, we could always do a poll, just to see who people would pick as the primary background, just out of curiosity plus as possible interesting statistics.

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When you choose the black hand background at one point it say “la mana nera” instead of “negra”

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Hmmmm…I guess I always was a bit queer then, since my fave was college kid, but the vet was nowhere near my top choices. Possibly this has to do with my preference of either INT or CHA focused characters over combat ones in traditional and computer role-playing as I play and regard College Kid as mainly intelligence focused, the political bagman as a delicate mix of cleverness and charisma and the union organizer as being a prime rabble rouser (charisma).


Hmm, it wouldn’t hurt. I’ll come up with something and edit the OP. :slight_smile:

La Mano Negra would be Spanish, La Mano Nera is Italian and therefore in keeping with the game’s setting. Worth a google to see the difference, since both are the names of (different) historical groups.

Pretty much, I think. If the old poll proved anything it’s that we’re all very different animals, but most Vendetta players fell into one of two broad categories – those who enjoyed blasting their way through, and ‘others’. The Soldier was the clear leader for the first group (with Black Hand Member second), being a basically good guy in a bad situation.


YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSS!!! I loved the old demo and I’m so glad you’re back!:grin:


OMG! I’m hyperventilating with joy! Welcom back @Vendetta and wish you well xD

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are you gonna continue the story or will you reconstruct the whole story


I am fucking shaking in excitement over here! I’ve missed this game so much.


this was one of my favorite demo’s of all time i hope it gets completed because i can’t wait to play the full game, i really hope Angel hasn’t been removed i really liked her Character



Hi Vendetta so glad you’re continuing this story again! It’s also great that you’re including a female option, despite that messing more work and writing for you.

Some questions though 1.) do we have a meter bar for relationships/friendships? I remember that most pass/fail checks are based on your personality stats, but what does having a high friendship/relationship with someone means - does it unlock hidden options?

2.) I’m very excited to see how you write the female option! If some female characters are not bi/lesbian inclined, can we still have the choice to be good friends with them? I’m thinking characters like Donna - she’s so shrewd and business minded that I’d be but sad if a female mc can’t be good friends with her just because she’s not romanceable by a female mc.


Could u give us a bit of summary


I’m glad that the story is back and can’t wait