Vendetta: Rise of a Gangster -- Reinvented



So after realising that the new demo probably isn’t gonna be public until the end of time, when our sun has finally collapsed and our solar system will be plunged into never-ending darkness, I caved in and played the old demo. And I gotta say, I’m definitely impressed with what I’ve seen. The gameplay is very detailed and expansive, the story is endlessly intriguing and the writing really pushes the atmosphere forward. Only problem is that the game sorta dictates your past relationships for you (I really don’t care for avenging my sister, tbh) and that it can sometime bombard you with countless names of gangsters that I soon forget about moments later, but I can look past that. If the new demo is supposedly better than this, then that’ll really be a grand feat in literature.

Screw Rosie, though. Seriously. I’ve never considered killing someone purely out of disliking them, but there’s a first time for everything, I suppose.


I’ve had his problem too.

@Vendetta, what options are there for Carina in terms of the gang, if any?


Wait! I am confused. Did Rosie when from the neighborhood handout to an LGBT member?


Check Vendetta’s last post, he explains it.


We’re talking about sweet, innocent,( abstinence ) Carina right? Cause I’m pretty sure the last thing any MC would do is get her involved in this lifestyle, unless you may have opted to let her shoot the guy at the saloon.


i’m wondering the same thing, it probably has to do with the new version rather than the old, i feel like i missed a lot XD


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On the subject of rifle rounds not getting more powerful, the often maligned AR15(.223) and it’s military equivalent, the M16(.223), both use a smaller, weaker calibre than than their predecessors, including the WWI era M1917 Enfield(.303) bolt action rifle. Switching to the weaker .223 was a point of great contention during the Vietnam War, but it was decided by the decision-makers that it was more important to be able to carry a larger number of rounds. Note that these are considered battle rifles, and in the AR15’s case, a civilian equivalent, not sniper rifles, although that doesn’t stop them from being used to snipe.


@Vendetta I remember reading before that Gina was a burlesque dancer, if we choose the option to become one too, does that mean we work alongside her?


There was talk about being able to save puppies at some point in the game if it is seriously being added I have no idea but I would like the option to get revenge for the puppies like getting him fired or evicted from his house nobody hurt little puppies on my watch and a mob boss I am pretty sure that is a very big area under my watch (Kittens included)



The Demo battle of how the Hellions being defeat by a joint coalition forces remind me of the Battle of Waterloo, where a much fancy Napoleon being defeat by the alliance of Duke of Wellington and Count Von Blucher . This shows that we shouldn’t engage with too many enemies at one-time :slight_smile:

It was a good lesson for my MC, in future i would apply diplomacy and negotiation as much as possible so that i don’t need to “contest physically” with more than one rival at a time :slight_smile:


There are game-mechanics reasons why certain ROs may end up listed as actual gang members (Adamo included), but in many such cases there is a fine distinction made between “ordinary” members and these “special” ones. In Adamo’s case, I see him more as a potential advisor if he sticks by you, and while we both know his advice is likely to be tainted by certain, strongly-held views, that doesn’t mean there couldn’t also be a few pearls of wisdom in there.

I wouldn’t worry too much. Rosie’s opinion of men in general is a self-preservation thing, but she’s smart enough to know that not all men are created equal… and you do have a shared past. Treat her with the respect and friendship she doesn’t usually expect from most men, and in time she’ll lower her guard. Not being interested in her that way can only help, for obvious reasons – there’s much less reason for her to remain wary.

Anything’s possible. :slight_smile: Just bear in mind that when you meet the real Rosie (towards the end of Chapter Two, if you haven’t annoyed her before then) she may be quite different to what you imagine… Her ‘street’ persona is just an act.

That’s one way of looking at it. The other is that you were accepted, respected, and enjoyed a status among them that few other girls ever achieved. You became an equal – in a time and place where that sort of thing just didn’t happen very often at all. I’m frankly surprised that you would choose to take offense at such acceptance… but still, yes, along the way you will encounter situations where you can choose to be directly opposed to the Hellions, to their detriment. The decision is yours.

In which case you’ll be delighted to know that you can state this very early in the game (your overall philosophy in life, as a part of the “childhood trauma” thing in the middle of the MC’s backstory, before it heads into Chapter One), which has an effect on both your starting Stats and in some future scenes.

So something good came out of the delay, after all… Cool. :smiley:

More so than many of these things, yep – it’s a fair comment. It is however entirely deliberate, in that I definitely didn’t want any sort of “blank slate” MC for Vendetta, but rather someone with a turbulent past and all sorts of prior connections – you’ll understand why as the main story unfolds… I have however made sure it’s possible to shrug off all of this as much as you want (well, after the opening Chapter, anyway) and simply go your own way, including how much Gina really meant to you and whether or not to pursue your family vendetta.

There may be the occasional twinge of conscience suggested in narrative, but I’m of the opinion that most of us have those whether or not we’re prepared to acknowledge them, even privately to ourselves.

Most of which you will doubtless encounter again in future (… unless they’re ones you’ve killed / had killed / alienated along the way!) so in time will become more familiar.

The new Word on the Street section of your M.O. (Show Stats) will also be useful in reminding yourself of / familiarizing yourself with the people you have encountered, and where each actually fits in the greater scheme of things as the story unfolds.

Awww, poor Rosie! :smiley: Seriously though, you’ve only seen her act – as the MC is perceptive enough to note during that street encounter: She sure would’ve made one damned fine actress…

Carina is a genuinely nice person and doesn’t want to be anything else. The hardships she’s faced in life have only reinforced that determination, not twisted her into becoming someone else. In my view that shows remarkable courage and a certain strength of character, but it does mean her options as a “gang member” are extremely limited. Still, it shouldn’t be too hard to find a role for her in which she would excel – just don’t expect her to ever become something she’s not.

Clearly something happened to Rosie over the past five years to make her evaluate her own true feelings and desires, and to reach certain conclusions about herself. She is not the girl she was, nor even the women she often pretends to be.

Heh, nope, our NPCs haven’t changed. This is all “old version” stuff, but if you’ve only ever played the Public Demo / Chapter One and not the old playtest (which ran to the start of Chapter Three at one point) then you won’t be aware of much of this.

Excellent stuff, thanks for that. :slight_smile:

Sad to say, most of the roles which our protagonist (both male and female) may chose for themselves served only to severely disappoint big sis Gina – sometimes even to the extent of angry arguments, recriminations and bitterness, never properly resolved before her death.

Following in her footsteps and also becoming a Burlesque Dancer is one of these. Gina is all too aware of where that life leads, having witnessed for herself all the ways it can end up (her own death ultimately proving her point), and that’s the last thing she would want for you.

It was entirely tongue-in-cheek on my part. Sorry! :wink:

In which case you’ll be pleased to know that you should have ample opportunity to put your theories into practice… Good luck! :smiley:


Great!!! I can’t wait to screw the Helions! I just don’t like being called lucky pet. However, I can see other characters helping them as if they were her family. But like name is Vendetta i could see perfectly That the character decided take revenge in all her childhood and start again over they blood.

However my con artist will be past is past like Nick… And my black widow will be pro helions.


Thank you, this time i want to become Duke Wellington instead :wink: gaining a powerful ally like count von Blutcher…


NEW POLLBig Jim’s Bathhouse

The last time we had a poll on this subject — way back in the dim & distant past — the results were unfortunately heavily skewed by what the players at that time already knew about one of the girls in particular, since they’d already read Chapter Two as well…

Many of you guys haven’t had your opinion unfairly biased in this fashion, so it seems a good time to try again. There have also been some changes made in the new version to parts of this particular scene as a result of all the previous feedback (and also now including our female protagonist’s visit here, which is from a mostly very different perspective) so I’m especially looking forward to being able to compare the results of this poll with one that we’ll have again after the new version is made available — to see if all the changes have had the desired effect…

As usual, if you’d care to expand on your answer here by explaining your motives / thinking (no matter how simple and obvious it may seem to you), I’d appreciate the insight. If nothing else, it helps me avoid reaching the wrong conclusions — or the right conclusions but for the wrong reasons! Been there, done that…

And while you’re posting… if there’s anything at all about any part of this scene that you don’t like, no matter how trivial it may seem to others, please don’t hesitate to mention it. Likewise, while healthy discussion is always a good thing, please don’t denigrate comments made by another. I’d hate for valid points of view to be stifled just because someone fears being ridiculed for expressing their honest opinion… Thanks guys.

Which option do you prefer at the Big Jim’s Bathhouse scene, and why?

  • I just bathe / have a sauna, as that’s all my MC is interested in here.
  • I bathe/sauna, but purposely to spare the time to meet Donna instead.
  • Monique, the “redhead with a sensual smile and smoldering eyes”.
  • Carina, the “shy, raven-haired beauty in her late teens”.
  • Felipe, the “strapping young man with a brazen, appraising gaze”.
  • Lucinda, the “gorgeous, willowy blond I just noticed entering a room”.
  • This type of scene has no place in a game, no matter its era / setting.
  • I haven’t replayed enough to form a real preference of any kind.

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I like to think of my MC as a closet asexual and usually aromantic so it’s shameless metagaming on my part but I can’t leave someone like Carina in there and she brings too much to Gina’s to pass her up as an employee anyway.

I just hamfistedly pretend my MC purely wanted a massage until the sob story came out and he hired her out of sympathy. I’m sure they had a good laugh when my MC tells her that one day.

I’m not sure if it’s too much to ask but I’d appreciate being able to meet and date ROs more platonically, I struggle to roleplay as allosexuals these days, to the point I couldn’t get into the otherwise good Rent-A-Vice. But I wish my MC could take the likes of Carina out as a platonic friend.


Redhead Nuff said, my dude.


I assumed as much would seem really out of place


Oh, that is pretty sad. Tbh the main reason I wanted to play as a burlesque dancer was because I thought if we worked in the same profession, my MC could’ve potentially supported her better.


In real life I tend to gravitate to gals like Carina, and I do enjoy being her knight in shining armor in many of my play-throughs. Nevertheless, in the game more often than not I go for Lucinda, the strong-willed blonde bombshell, despite not liking the circumstances of the initial meeting where she comes to you after servicing someone else. Feh. But rescuing her is fun too, even if you don’t need to break her out the way you do Carina. Her link to your deceased sister is also a big plus. A major part of why I like her has a lot to do with the later interactions however. Carina is sweet, loyal, and a great resource, but with Lucinda there is an intoxicating element of risk and potential danger that goes well with the theme of the game. She’s a kitty cat with extremely sharp claws. Lucinda and Carina are thus my two favorites here.

Monique is fun and wild in a free-loving, no strings attached way, which I suppose is exactly what most bath house customers are looking for, but the later interactions kind of felt like empty calories to me. Felipe isn’t my type, and Donna who? Just kidding.


i chose the Carina option simply because she is more my kind of girls and i play most of my characters as if they had a hero complex

there is also that a young, shy and ‘pure’ woman would be the oddity in a gangster setting instead of the normes of strong willed middle aged women (the whole rarity = value , also play a role in that appreciation)

also being a big bad guy who has a soft little thing to protect just goes well with how i imagine my character and is pretty much the option with the most ‘drama’ and ‘sweetness’


I am a heterosexual girl so well My personal favorite is the men there . Like a guy in that work is interesting. Carina , well I hate being a knight in shining armor i helped her in the old demo and that but personally i don’t like her as she has some attributes i despite so i don’t like her as ro or even a friend. Lucinda is okay but you can’t trust her one bit … As burlesque i probably should go try hire Lucinda