Vendetta: Rise of a Gangster -- Reinvented



Shit. I had a gut feeling that I got something wrong there but thanks for the clarification!


I’m just using it to get revenge on my sister’s killer(s) then will go legit with my beloved Lucinda.


There was also help from Luciano while the troops were in Italy and Sicily. He got the word out.


Probably the best approach on similar topics, too, all considered. So much has changed both story-wise and mechanically (as in, the sequence of some events, and more variety in actual scenes to make replays more varied & interesting – especially in the most familiar, opening stages of the story), that specific feedback based exclusively on the existing, much older version of the game is quite often already out of date… General impressions is never a bad thing to take into account, though, as it does still help to guide current and future developments.

I agree, although I can’t take the credit for this. It was actually an old feedback comment from @Havenstone that really got me thinking on the subject, and which resulted in a return to the City Morgue / identifying Gina’s body scene as the game’s Prologue. As this also now allows you to establish the MC’s gender at a very early stage, it makes the subsequent “game setup” section (other overall game settings, choosing a background) smoother to go through, too.

Precisely my conclusion, too!

No worries, Mara – your natural charm also comes across very well, and the fact that you really care about the subjects you raise means that only an idiot would take offense instead of paying very close attention. :slight_smile:

You really see Lucinda as someone perfectly happy to be shacked up with a boring, straight (in the non- @idonotlikeusernames sense), I-pay-my-taxes, upright ordinary citizen? Wow.


Very true. There’s a really excellent article on this whole subject, for anyone interested…


Hey who said Anthony Luciano is boring she’ll get her chance to dance she’ll be happy. Besides as a bagman I’m all about exchange of info and favours nothing illegal about that :wink:


You are the charming one :wink: Sadly the world is full of them :wink: you know. And I will stop before I cause a uprising of anger or something. :crossed_fingers:


I am hoping for the ability to have different territories for the different peoples within my sphere of influence where for example its an Irish neighborhood the people I have in charge of that area are Irish even though that sounds weird (and probably wouldn’t work in practice) I would enjoy that


Equally I hope Adamo can accept life with a devoted boyfriend who wouldn’t ever be comfortable with or able to stay on the “straight and narrow” for too long. As a businessman my college boy mc would be a bit like Nicholas Cage’s “Yuri Orlov” character from “Lord of War” as that movie even features a scene where he tries to go straight as a businessman and exploit developing countries legally. And while he is seemingly successful enough at it to keep up his lifestyle in the end he can’t resist the temptation of the arms trade. My mc is a bit like that in that while he likes to appear entirely legitimate he can probably never entirely give up the excitement and opportunities that come with his various rackets.

Which makes part of Morello’s outburst in the diner about my college boy mc “being back on the streets” when he has other opportunities now spot on . Then again Nick does know and knew both the mc and his sister well-enough and he seems competent at psych profiling now.


Very true – it was just too good an opportunity not to tease! :stuck_out_tongue:

I suppose in certain ways Lucinda is really a bit of a gold-digger, in that she just wants her man to be successful and so be able to share in that success (and bask in the reflected glory…) – and, of course, to fall down and worship at her feet, preferably on command!

Then again, I may just be teasing again. :innocent:

Understood. :wink:

It is actually possible to a certain extent as the eastern edge of Hell’s Kitchen (i.e. bordering the Docklands district) is still staunchly Irish. Businesses or rackets owned / controlled in that area could be placed in the hands of Irish gang members, if or when you manage to recruit such. Likewise, the western edge of the Kitchen – initially controlled by the Sicilian Mancuso Clan – is under threat by gangs from the neighboring black ghetto of Burnham Heights.

Despite my teasing in regards to the luscious Lucinda, very little is actually fixed in stone so far as ROs are concerned. At the end of the day it should always come down to Character Attributes (especially the new Mentality stat – see Dev Blog #5) and the ‘pillow talk’ options you choose… I will of course be relying heavily on beta test feedback to make certain this is indeed the case with every long-term RO – i.e. in those cases where you manage not to somehow alienate them quite early in the relationship!

He is indeed extremely wise and perceptive for his years… I suspect many players will make the mistake of underestimating him somewhere along the line… :wink:


I swear to god, if you do something to Carina, I…WILL…GET…ANGRY!!! :rage:


It’s funny but I don’t like any of the ro I interacted so far. Even if they were well written I hope now there are a female path I will find one. I have problems to romance men in game historical accuracy… Due my personality, you don’t believe but I am a direct not non sense girl that goes and say what I believe and I am direct and love take the initiative. That goes awful even today’s society Imagine before.


You sir should expect a horse’s head in your bed soon. My contacts assure me it would be quite easy to arrange.

I intend to try and get Lucinda into movies she seems the perfect Diva type that would do well.


Too many Godfather references. :wink:


At this point, we are already leaning towards Godfather. Honestly, the only game that probably doesn’t have anything leaning towards Godfather is the video game Mafia 3, in terms of story of course. Correction, the atmosphere rather.


There are never enough godfather references :-p


we need mre goodfather references! ( and some Scarface references too )


I may be on the losing side here, but too many popular culture references in my opinion would ruin a story. One or two would be fine, I appreciate a good chuckle but any more than that would break my immersion, as brilliant as Vendetta’s writing skills are.

Yes, I’m a blast at parties, thank you.


You’re not alone. I’m in total agreement. One or two well placed references can add to it while an overabundance would just wreck the experience and take away from the story/game.


I am worse I have no idea whatsoever about mafia so I don’t get any of the jokes.


Which would definitely be something for the author to consider. After all, I’m sure you aren’t the only one, and writers don’t want their audiences to get confused or lost.