Vendetta: Rise of a Gangster -- Reinvented



Sometimes i feel there is a joke or something there but dunno what it is. But I am used to it due @Cataphrak saga and @Havenstone Choice of rebels Where half of time I am confused. so I hardly doubt most of people be so dummy like me… I could be useful to check how a clumsy player could see a scene though…


It’s the old hollywood leading man height formula that we’ve come to expect and to a considerable extent have become chained to, with diversions feeling “weird” and risking unmet expectations. That said, I wonder how the new female protagonist’s height is going to compare to that of her potential female love interests. Will she always be taller too?

Lucinda would have made an awesome poster-gal for the NRA. She could have been the blonde 1920’s version of Dana Loesch. It’s almost a pity that the position of NRA Spokeswoman didn’t exist back then.

I very strongly suspect that as much as Lucinda might like the idea of being in control, she’d probably lose respect for and get bored with any man that allowed her to control him.


That’s a good suggestion, though I wouldn’t say it’s because you’re clumsy. It’s because English isn’t your first language.

Many CoG writers write to a higher-than-average level (and @Vendetta is one of them) so your experience will be invaluable for reminding them when to slow down a bit.


Not entirely unsurprising, to be fair, since in the old version they’re mostly women and all are purposely written for a male protagonist / player… More to the point, perhaps, in that version the ROs are little more than introduced in the Public Demo, and it’s not until Chapter Two and beyond that each begins to grow as a person.

Hopefully your opinion of the male ROs for a female MC will be a little different! Time will tell… :smiley:

What is it about this game that makes people want to to flex their muscles?!? :stuck_out_tongue:

Very valid points. FWIW, I’ve taken care both to not overdo it (much as I do enjoy giving the nod to the greats) and to make sure they’re often on completely separate story branches so unlikely to be excessively encountered on any single playthrough. I also have an unfortunate tendency to lapse into parody – especially if Louis Campanini is involved in that scene… :wink:

Hmm, yeah. I hadn’t really thought about it like that – very perceptive.

For the female protagonist (where I’ve been a little more careful) height differences should only feel significant where the NPC is particularly small in stature (e.g. Angel) or especially tall (e.g. Furio Rossi). For the most part it shouldn’t give a particular impression… hopefully.

Insightful, as always. :slight_smile: She does enjoy her… little games, but there’s always a deeper motive / need, even if it’s a subconscious one.

It’s a fair comment, and something a fair number of us could do with trying to bear in mind – rather than, say, always entirely relying on a good editor – although it can be very difficult to break natural tendencies (and perhaps more so for some of us than others!).


I’m currently tweaking / balancing some bits in the Hellions Revenge sequence, where our intrepid protagonist decides how best to avenge Billy the Nose (if at all) by inflicting some form of punishment on his killer, Danny o’Hara — the recently-paroled ex-Leader of the Dead Rabbits Irish street gang.

We didn’t have this very handy polling system available to us the last time I solicited feedback on this crucial scene, so it would be extremely helpful to me in tweaking things here to get a better idea of what approach y’all tend to take… If you have any particular thoughts about any of these routes which you’d care to elaborate on, please do so. It’s unlikely to be a topic we’ll be returning to in future (too much other stuff to be getting on with!) so this is the best time to raise any issues or mention suggestions.

How do you tend to deal with Danny O’Hara?

  • I don’t. Nick Morello is right — I leave the past where it belongs.
  • Personally. I shoot him, then leap the bar and make a stand.
  • Personally. I shoot him, then make a hasty dash for the exit.
  • With a raid, which I lead from the front.
  • With a raid, but I make a stirring speech and follow them in.
  • I play nice with Rosie Mallory, and then ask a favor of her…

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My MCs pretty much always have a low opinion of youth gangs as an adult and thinks anyone who bothers with “kid’s stuff” like that as something of a loser, if not creepy for exploiting teenagers. At the same time, what happened to Billy was personal so he gets it done himself.


Carina is a sweet angel and I will not tolerate any BS at all. That said, that moment, in the old demo, when you bring her to your apartment and if you had Angel, somehow she is more… ‘imposing’ if I am correct ? Also, out of curiosity, how would you be able to get that favour from Rosie?


@Vendetta I choose my options of Bang Rosie but it doesn’t have nothing to do with the Scarlet boy (He is an asshole And he is a great portrait of all i hate in men and bullies) It isthe issue I have with the scene . I am supposed to care but nothing in text making me care or feel rage.

As i said is a wonderful writing example of telling not showing. That works in books but not at all in games when there is a need of direct interaction and investment by the player.

Sorry if I sound rude. I swear that I am burning my neurons to trying to be sincere and political correctness. I even shut up all metaphors in my mind. :wink:

Abd to ensure ending in a positive attitude towards everything. … No sincerely the scene you did back then with our sister in the morge was a good example of shown not tell. I felt that my sister was a great woman who did all she could in a world were women was a trash merchandise.


@Vendetta, as the topic’s on Danny O’Hara: what what his crime? What did he get imprisoned for?

Also, as someone who isn’t knowledgeable on weapons, are the twin pistols better than the revolver? And, assuming we’ve the twin pistols, did we discard the revolver?


Two seven shot pistols versus one six shot revolver. Eight extra shots before you have to reload is definitely useful.


I usually charm Rosie.


It’s an interesting perspective. Thanks for that. :slight_smile:

It was a long time ago so you may be confusing her with a different RO? If anything, Carina feels completely intimidated by Angel’s reaction to her presence, as she is sulky and quite openly hostile. In fact, poor Carina can’t wait to get out of there!

No big secret, really. When you first meet with Rosie on the street, looking for Nick Morello, you have (or rather, had) two options with how to deal with her. If you’re downright nasty, she remembers. If you play nice, you later have the option of asking her for help in dealing with Danny O’Hara quietly, as an alternative to the personal hit or leading the full-scale raid on Shaunessey’s Tavern.

All considered, I think the main problem we have here is that you absolutely despise poor Billy! I’m not sure how I could even try to reword things to make you care one iota for him – or feel any need to avenge him – without literally changing everything about him and making him someone he’s not… Like ‘Nasty’ Nick Morello, Billy is very much a product of that time and place – but unlike poor Billy, Nick survived the streets long enough to “see the light”. He of course left the gang on the day Billy died, eventually becoming a police officer and a pretty decent person. But his street nickname tells you that he used to be every bit as bad as Billy – if not worse…

Is there an easy answer? Somehow, I don’t think so, but I will at least bear your comments in mind during this final revision. :slight_smile:

For the death of Billy the Nose, during that final clash between the youth street gangs (covered towards the end of the dream-memory flashback sequence). He was sentenced to serve seventeen years but someone with a lot of money and influence managed to finagle his release after just five years inside… O’Hara has powerful friends – or at least, ones who have since become powerful and felt they owed him.

As @HomicidialFrog mentions, extra firepower is never a bad thing in many situations. Those early automatics do however have a tendency to jam now and then, and your Firearms skill determines how quickly you’re able to deal with that.

As a general rule, yes, you are assumed to carry one type of weapon or the other. Exceptions are made for heavier weapons, in that you may also occasionally carry / use something like a shotgun or better – but usually for a specific purpose to do with that current scene, not ordinarily carried around in, say, a violin case or golf bag… :wink:

I’m actually surprised by just how popular that option is proving so far – for some reason (I can only assume, past feedback impression) I’ve always thought that it was a minor one. If anyone choosing this option would care to elaborate on their thinking / reasons here, I’d greatly appreciate the insight.


Sounds like I got one more target to kil… I mean “send on vacation”. Yeah that’s it! Vacation!


“What’s in the case?”

“My typewriter.”

cold sweat “You uh, you’re a writer then?”

“In a way, that’s right.”


No the problem is that i don’t despise him enough. If I despise him enough like for instance I feel for Emma by @JimD Th en the scene fully full fill their objective of make me engaged in enough to feel a strong emotional force.

I have noticed in the time I was here that Anglo-Saxon culture has not same relationship with heels and villains that my culture has. If you see a latino soap opera what we call novela or culebron. Vilains has almost if not more importance that the protagonist. As in happen in wrestling a sport also heavily influenced by our culture. We love to hate characters. I could portrait my grandmother and my grand grandmother insulting the screen when a villain appeared , They loved hated the villain. Villain is a star, a key feature.

So when I see some character i hate , I am praising the author. In this context "You have been so great that achieve create a strong emotional reaction via your words. Well done you should be proud of yourself.

However I noticed that is not there in other countries. That say you hate a character or that a character makes you angry. Is a bad thing. As my grandmother said "That novela is shit. they don’t make me feel anything it is like see a tax credit discussion. "

Ohara should be make me feel angry about his behavior to rosie or pc. He is not I don’t really care of his asshole. Is not enough nasty or enough charismatic. Or anything he is just there being a little asshole with no special traid or anything just vanilla. Nick is exactly as average latino thug Girls however are very very realistic and with real deep feelings

I came from a very different perspective about characters. Villains and hate are a spice in the great works. Imagine Episode IV without Moff Tarkin or without Darth Vader Otelo without Iago

If you want make me feel something for O hara Show in him something that makes me so in my heart. Not telling me i should feel something.

And I won’t go further on the topic and sorry to bring it again I don’t want cause a fuss or being controversial again. So i promise shut up about itn


Thing is though, If you confront Angel afterwards, she was pretty much sad. I mean, it has been a long time, but I do believe that Angel is worried Carina might steal the MC or something. Course, knowing you, you’ll fix it up or something.


Kill 'em with an army. No need to be charming.


From a gameplay standpoint, choosing Rosie is the option with the least amount of risk (at least in the short-term) and the most amount of reward. The player gets revenge on Billy and the Irish gangs without drawing attention to themself with the added bonus of getting blackmail on an FBI agent. As a personal preference, I like to play characters who are clever, smooth-talkers with low combat skills. The blackmail option fits with the backgrounds I play most often (College Student, Union Organizer, Political Bagman.)

Finally, from a role playing perspective, my College Student considers Rosie a good (albeit distant) platonic friend. He knows he’s not the only one who cared about Billy, and he figures Rosie deserves a chance to settle her own vendetta against Danny O’Hara.


Even though I romance Adamo in my ‘main’ play-through (college mc, of course), I would always go for the VIP treatment at the bathhouse so that I could rescue Carina (and would justify it in my mind that my MC was ‘playing straight’ for show and that’s why he went for VIP). Is that the only way you can meet her/the other bathhouse characters or are there other options?

I would play nice with Rosie too. I like the idea of my MC having a good heart, despite everything, and feeling a platonic fondness for Rosie. Threats and violence are used when needed but if he can do something without getting violent, he’ll choose that option every time. College was meant to be a chance to walk-away from the old life, so he’d hate to immediately regress. He’s trying to be the person that college, Sean, and Gina thought he could be.

Another question (sorry) which I think comes from me being a bit thick or just having missed it on a read-through. With the present-day timeline, how far along is that in relation to going to college? Has MC graduated? Has he taken a leave of absence - in which case, would the scholarship be invalid and thus sending him back to prison?


i’m just gonna pop in here to say i’m glad your working on this again you probably don’t know me since i was just a lurker when you first started this and i’m looking forward to the reinventing of the game and i wish you all the luck in the world for this and any future projects you may work on because you truly are such an amazing writer.


Originally I went with Rosie because I wasn’t mean to her, then I was like ‘oh she can help?’ And then she did and I was quite happy with that.

Part of me chooses it because I like the idea that she and Billy were pretty close, and had he not died, something may have come from their relationship, so let her have her revenge too. Along with that, it’s the fact that I tend to play characters who aren’t mean if it serves no purpose (manipulation/gain/etc), so they would be sweet to Rosie, because having a lady of her vocation is a good source of information, honestly. And this proves it- so that’s why I have my mc do it. It also stops him from being recognized by police for any attacks, and while it may not be true revenge, it doesn’t get (as much) heat on mc, while also setting up the idea for more working with Rosie.

TBH, I think having a series of contacts with people in the underworld, like Rosie, would be a brilliant set up for information- because people think so little of them, and they act it up, so they have every opportunity to get the best information and be flies on walls.