Upcoming Games by Lucid

That will be his next release, it says so in the description of „a futuristic space story.“ :grin:

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I thought he was working on a kingdom sim?

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I think COG could use more sci-fi so that was my first choice. If I ever felt confident enough a nice hard science fiction game is one I’d want to write, lol. Definitely some good options though! Most of them sound fun

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I love the results! I was careful to really make the list complete and real, so everything on it has gone through my head to varying degrees. From an intro, to a short demo, to outlines on paper… my WIP folders are bulging. :slight_smile:

Which type of story would you like to see me make? Feel free to choose more than one. - Guest on StrawPoll

It’s cool to see the top 6 and how they have outpaced the others a little.

Have you read The Magicians? It was a fun take on an adult school, or closer than Harry Potter, anyway. I agree. I’d try to bring a sense of realism to it, while maintaining high fantasy and wonder. #3 on the list, at the moment.

I wrote a novel, over 10 years ago, and polished it a few times. I shopped it around a little, but no interest. It takes place in a school for magic in a fantasy world. I’ve been considering turning it into a Choice game. Since it’s a complete novel, it would give me a great plot and solid cast of NPCs right away. That’s pretty tempting too. :slight_smile:

It’s #4. It might return. I think if I did, I’d gut a lot of the plot and redo it. Some of the same story, but I’d need to refresh it to make it work. It was the engine that I was focussing on, and it would stay the same. Hero of Daria is a very strong maybe. :slight_smile:

Like @Nadin2011 pointed out, I’ve set the Kindom Simular aside and gone head first into Starship Captain. Kingdom Sim was very interesting and it my come back some day, but it was even more mechanical than Hero of Daria, but with less pay-off, because it was a resource manager.

Life of a Ruler is #1 as I write this. It would be very fun. There’s just so much to do at every age from child, to teen years, to ruler, to an heir of your own. Wars, diplomacy, romance (for state and for love), churches… It would take place in Daria, so full of magic and exitement too.

Modern Day Magic is #2, at the moment. I think this could be very good too. I ran a very popular Play-By-Post game for a few years, so I have a pretty good background and lore stories to grow from. This was a surprise for me, to see it so high on the list.

#5 Life of a God would be awesome, but I’m a little bit worried about offending anyone. Don’t worry, I’d keep real world religions out of it. I started this one and it was getting interesting, but I got tied up with another game and never came back to it.

#6 More fantasy. I agree, there’s always room for another of these great stories. I sometimes wonder about another trilogy, but it’s an enormous commitment. Hmmm… :slight_smile:


My answer is quite simple…

(But Star Captain, Dreamwalker, Superhero, Pirate, Comedy Date, Assassin, Ruler, Movie Star, Cowboy and Groundhog Day especially.)



May I ask what you mean by that? Less stats, classes and quests etc? Or revamping the whole „dreamwalker“ thing?


This sounds so interesting. I’d like to see something like that too


I just mean that I’d take it out of the game, and then rewrite it all back in. I like the plot and it’s fleshed out, but the actual words were just place holders. I’d like to write it a bit cleaner, and it would help me remember it all and set the pacing properly.


Nice really excited for this one. Always love revisiting Daria…and my Lord Noct lol😂. But ahh really would have liked the academy game but that’s just me always a sucker for magic. But I love your games and can’t wait for starship captain!


I love all Lucid games so all is a win. And he could make that magic game later!!

I imagine some nasty poisoning ways to the life of a ruler… Or everything really… :tea: :skull:


If you want a little inspiration or guidance for Life of a Ruler, I suggest looking at Carhalow. I think it was pretty good at the time :slight_smile:. Sorry that its an older WIP, but when I read on how you want to do a game where you are a prince/princess going through the years, this immediately came to mind.

Blizzards make good writing days. Welcome to Canada! (I updated the first page of this thread too.)

If I can’t find my car, then I can’t go to work, right?

No clients for my wife either, her business sign vanished:

A good writing day.

A little snow on my BBQ cover.


So is that everyday in Mario cart snowla-i mean northern Canada?

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Oh, that’s right. Blame Canada.


It isn’t called the “great white north” for nothing, right Cata? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

At least Canada isn’t feeling as mean and vindictive this time. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


If that ever happened in the UK we would think the end times have come… :joy:


We’ve had a really mild winter, until that happened. We got all that snow overnight. It was the biggest dumping of the year. Biggest in several years. :slight_smile:

Ironically, this one came from Texas! A low pressure system sweeps north and gives us a blizzard. Science is weird. :slight_smile:


Ah Texas, where mother nature decides it will be 80 degrees Fahrenheit one day and 30 the next.

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Im Exited for Daria a kingdom sim when will it realese in Dashingdon