Carhalow (WIP 02.29.16)

Carhalow is this weird magical-mystery slice-of-life game I’ve been working on. It’s pretty rough, and I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing (with uploading and coding, I mean, not with the story!) so hopefully this turns out alright.

You play as a strange child growing up in in even stranger times at Carhalow Keep, an ancient castle that sits on the border of a great forest. In Carhalow you’ll be able to unravel the secrets of your birthplace, make long lasting relationships with your family, find love, impress a queen, win tournaments, insult just about everyone, and maybe, just maybe you’ll find out what makes you so strange along the way.


(UPDATED: 02.29.16)
-Part 1 99% done.
-Part 2 Sneak peek.

Carhalow Map

Please post any errors your find and point out all of my terrible and embarrassing misspellings. Also let me know if anything isn’t clear, or if there’s something you’d like added to the game. I’m open to any suggestions :wink:


It’s interesting! If you decide to add other races, please make new races, for example a humanoid blue snake race witch has tentacles, instead of the generic elf or Orc!


I like it a lot, and you write well. I would buy a game with that as the demo. :slight_smile:


@iris wow this is so intriguing :grinning: I cant wait to see more to this story! Also i really like Morgan, he`s so far such a sweet older brother!

Also i cant wait to insult everyone! Lol since my Mc is such a charming boy, also i really wonder what makes us so strange? — Maybe we are a reincarnation¨of the MC`s fathers worst enemy!!! That would be so awsome! Getting all evil and planning revenge and all that xD Maybe we got a second chance in life? or maybe we are just an evil creature, that has taken over the body of the flesh before being yet born again in a new form!

hahah omg srsly im sorry xD im just hyped! Keep up the great writhing!
Also i cant wait to interact with our father.


The way you tell the story is mesmerizing and pulls you in, so I will be eagerly awaiting your next update in the shadows. I also concur with @Havenstone would be a wonderful teaser demo for the game, before buying.

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First ,you did a good job, it’s well written and very well done the baby part.
I miss two stats: First a sly one. I decided to pretend to be a normal girl, and I am lying every time I could, and you can’t put all that political stuff in an actual stat.

Then some sort of evil/good. Even as a baby a awareness one have to know about good and evil. Or maybe a selfish/selfless.

And about how make a 3 year old gain knowledge is easy. A character could enter or sneak into his sister classes.
But great start


Thank you guys so much for saying such nice things :sob: Posting my writing gives me crazy anxiety, and this made me feel better.

@NukeboomV2 Thanks!! Blue snake dudes sound rad, but unfortunately being human is one of the themes of Carhalow. I’m writing another game on a different platform that has a few different races, however. I’ll let you know if it ever goes live!

@Havenstone Thank you so much, that means a lot to me coming from you! :relieved: I’m a long time lurker on your thread, haha.

@GloriaRose Thanks, I was hoping it would be! I’m aiming for a slightly-off putting atmosphere that leaves you wondering, haha. If you pay close attention, I’m sure you’ll piece together what’s going on with your MC by the time he’s a teenager :+1:

Morgan is an odd duck, but he’s sweet, so I’m glad he’s got some love. Also you’re in luck, because the scene right after this is dad-centric!

@Pace675 Thank you so much :sob:

@poison_mara Ohhh, an intrigue bar would be fun! I’ll definitely think of a way of implementing that.

I’m not really a fan of good/evil though, since I’m a fan of morally gray choices. Also evil/good stats always confuse me? Like I give a lot of options to do mean things, but they’re not exactly evil. Like drooling on your sister is a dick move, but is it evil? Maybe I can do a morally questionable stat, haha. If it gets too high people will start looking at you funny. Unless, of course, you have high intrigue :wink:

Oh, and sneaking into the sister’s class is an option, but it’s for charisma since Mezelle primarily teaches speech and manners. It’ll show up when you’re 4/5.


Then you always could enter in a library and look some maps or a constellation map in a mysterious tower. Something like that, Or just you ended a puzzle Morgan can’t.

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Cool story so far, the main character gives off the impression of being reincarnated.


I love this so far! Amazing plot and dialogue and such. Can’t wait for the next update. To anybody reading this I highly recommend you try it out.

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I really like that you can influence your life in so an early life stage as a baby. It’s really something different, in another game that I played you could only watch as you grew up and the choices came when you were already a child or young adult. And I love the humor in the choices you should really keep them in the final product. I saw that you character has a personality where it reads “in the works”. Does that mean we can forge their personality with the choices we make? (Please I hope so) because my default character in all Choice of Games that I played were either charming and chivalrous or as close to a player/pervert as it could get. I don’t know if you know the game Samurai of Hyuga, but there you could be both. I was a ruthless pervert because a) it is inspired by anime and has a anime setting, and b) because it was so much funnier and hilarious :laughing:


This was highly entertaining, considering there is not much there yet. I hope to see more of it!

I think we are a ‘strange baby’ because, well, we can think and reason - as if we simply had a body that needed to grow to fit our mind. Quite intriguing. :grinning:

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So far, I am very attracted to this WiP. I have an intuitive feeling this story has its basis among many of the old Celtic/Scotish tales and am dreading to find out we are a doppelganger in the old tradition…

The writing, the pace, the tone and all the mechanics are top-notch. Please keep the progress going and I really look forward to the journey my “babe” character gets to go thru.


Sounds really cool so far. The demo is great.

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First off great game, I can’t wait to find out why we remember stuff that we haven’t seen

Secondly I chose the name Zelda but everyone called me Zedel

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If you call this so so writing, I’d like to see a sample of what you call good or even excellent writing as this is quite a good start to any game.


I really enjoyed this so far. Looking forward to the next update.

Did you decide on a way for a 3yr old to learn knowledge? You could have them watch Velana’s (the sisters) classes and pick up little bits maybe?

Also do our choices (like ignore your brothers crushing hug) have any impact or are they just there for the sake of choice?

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“miles and leauges, years and ages”

You misspelled leagues. Also, I’m enjoying your game so far.

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The demo is really interesting and well written! I can’t wait for more! :smile:

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@poison_mara I’d thought about doing that, but didn’t do it because Carhalow doesn’t have a proper library. Your post just made me realize that there is ‘something like that’ though! Thanks so much Mara!

@Nadin2011 I really enjoy playing games that you can influence young characters, too! Thus… :wink:

I’ve been entertaining the idea of personality system for awhile, and even have some experimental bones set up, but I don’t have anything solid yet. If anyone could give me examples of personality systems they really liked, or they would think would work well in this type of story, I’d really appreciate it!

I don’t know about being ‘perverted’, but you can flirt with people when you’re older!

@Zolataya Ohh, that’s a pretty good guess. It was definitely an inspiration, but you’ll have to wait and see how much it carries through into the end product.

@idonotlikeusernames Haha, thank you! I’m a self conscious little weenie, so I’m probably being hard on myself. I’m just very aware of all the flaws :disappointed: Even now, I see them in the demo, and they’re driving me craaaaazy.

@Maxmansung Thanks, friend! I did figure out way for a 3 year old to learn knowledge, thanks to Mara.

Yep, that choice has an impact! I actually don’t think I have any that don’t. That one in particular effects your relationship with your siblings.

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