Upcoming Games by Lucid

It got set aside, although because it’s so far along, my wife thinks I should return to that immediately after Starship Captain. :slight_smile:


I second your wife. :innocent:. Cant wait for starship captain btw and merry christmas


Merry Christmas Lucid Hope the Starship Captain Finish Thanks for Commenting Your the best!!


Good news, the Beta Test for Life of a Starship Captain is about to begin.

Early Beta Testing is now available for my Patreons at: https://www.patreon.com/LucidsGames

Don’t worry, I’ll eventually want as much help as I can get, so in a few weeks I’ll be inviting many other beta testers.

Also, for those who don’t know, I have a mailing list: Lucid's Games and also a Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/LucidsGames


Woooooooooo. Another lucid game. I was afraid you disappeared.

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I kind of did. :slight_smile: And then after that, a pandemic hit.

I also, sort of, accidentally wrote most of a game and then jumped over and finished this one instead. Not very efficient, but if I stay on it, I should be able to release a second game not nearly as long after this one.

I’m starting to feel like a real old timer. Lots of forum names have gone silent over the years and lots of new ones have popped up.


Either way, good to have you back, man.


Welcome back Lucid.
Didn’t know you had a patreon account.

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Wooh! Glad to hear that my dreams of love between Space Cockroach and those bipedal ape things on a starship will soon become a reality. :sweat_smile:

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@derekmetaltron The space cockroach species is a fun play through. :slight_smile:

So, I was deep into a knotty problem and fully concentrating when my writing partner decided to remind me she was there with a lick up the back of the neck. I jumped out of my skin!


Bro, you need some new fuckin’ dreams.

I can’t wait for the biolumiscent aliens. Going to play as one with psionics and a cute robo dog thing.

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Aurellians (bioluminescent) are beautiful but sometimes it’s fun to play as the scourge of the galaxy, so the Linnera (cockroaches) are fun too.

Both my kids have beta tested and they both independently chose to be robots (Synth.) :slight_smile:


Don’t forget to teach your little robots Isaac Asimov laws of robotics


No child will ever master that “obedience” thing.


Well you came back. One of my favorite game authors. I hope you’ve been doing well despite the pandemic.


Yes, we all did well. Stressful and busy at times. But things are back on track lately.

Expect an announcement very soon. :slight_smile:


let’s fuckin go. i’m ready

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I am very ready too! Actually, I thought I might be opening Beta Testing on Monday of this week (that was the announcement I thought I’d be making), but I ended up rewriting a large and intricate chunk of the story, so today I’m busy fixing those errors.

The other thing is that my goal had been to have reached all 21 playthrus myself, and I am so close. I think I should reach the last endings on today’s playthru.

  1. Fix the errors.
  2. Finish last playthru (maybe 2)
  3. Fix THOSE errors.
  4. Begin the Beta Test.

Not that Monday was ever a solid date, but if I still start Beta only a few day after (maybe a week), that would be great. Getting very close now!