UnNatural - A supernatural horror game - editing complete, beta testing over



Yes, and I had no problem romancing him before the update.


Okay thanks. Ill look into it when I get home.


Hi there,
I would like to ask two questions: will be there update on Apple devices and if romances still have gender requiremnets (Ashley or Austin) ?? I ask second question because i have read on these blog that you planned to make all romances available regardless of the gender of our character.


There should be an update for Apple devices not sure why its not done it yet. @RETowers is there any issues that you know of?

as for romances Ashley and Austin still have gender requirements (I don’t remember changing them) Victor can be romanced by both now but that was the last one changed iirc.


checked the code and that particular statement is meant to read as Sarah’s parents wish she was like you as in not gay. I may have to reword it slightly.


Its a past scene but at the time its like the present, I’ve altered it to this.

He was five, only three years younger than you. But you don’t remember being that much of a scaredy-cat at his age though.


Oh thank you for explaining… now i understand sarah’s frustration …


An update on the sculpture I’ve commissioned for a prize.

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Any more issues? If not I’ll submit the updated files this weekend.


Have you downloaded the latest version of the app on your iPhone?


Someone was asking and when I checked the stand alone version of the app seemed to be the old version. I don’t have an apple device so could only look it up online.


Question time. When you play which cases do you choose?


Since i accidentally got Denise killed on one i think . I choose the cases with less collateral damage. Also I’m sad Ren’s gone even when you choose Shade Path.


The Omnibus tells me it’s game version 14376. The app itself tells me it’s 14135.


Curious I wonder if it updated In the omnibus but not the standalone app.


I just downloaded the game app again and it still says 14135.


@RETowers looks like there IS an issue with the iOS version


I love the game, it’s just with the updated version of the game it seems to be impossible for me to romance Scarlet since in Episode 5 it only allows me to do 1 of the 3 cases available instead of 2. Is this a bug or am I just going insane?


It’s a bug. Got it fixed in my version. Just got one more issue to fix then will submit the updated files.