UnNatural - A supernatural horror game - editing complete, beta testing over



the gun and the knife did nothing i repeat the scene until it worked it happens in several places only works magic


I’ll find out the stat checks when I get home.


In By tooth and claw the first werewolf the stat checks are;

If you want to shoot it.

*if (firearms) and ((werewolf_lore + mental) > 30) or *elseif ((werewolf_lore + mental) >40)

then it depends on your ammo if its silver you will kill the werewolf with either result.

To stab it.

*if (physical + werewolf_lore) >55

Both the above let you kill the werewolf without your powers and if you fail these checks having a rapport of 26 or more your partner will step in to save you.

the stat checks for shooting the other wolf is the same as above only this time you need your gun loaded with bronze rounds.

tbh the best option is for hybrid rounds which are a beta path exclusive in season one but will be researchable in season two.


If that was rthe
first mission with marcus I had no problem to use the hybrid or melee. The problem is later in game I have no way use melee or guns it just fail and enter in a loop when i have to use focus or shade or whatever to advance. Is fun because I made magic cages with 5% but with 50% in guns i do nothing. I will replay and write each time i found one of those loops.


please do because I went through the game trying to make it possible to do at least a limited power run.

just checking the code now and physical >45 is enough to help kill the vampire. When you point out where you think you found a loop make a note of your main two stats physical and mental it may be as simple as lowering the checks.


I’ve double checked the code and refusing to go to the crypt only should result in a 1 point drop to reputation thats it. it shouldn’t affect your next case. I’ve made a change in my version and someone is checking it out for me to see if it still skips a case.


It was the last mission available so like they kicked me out there was no more mission so game enter in the loop of force the mission again due is that or do nothing


hmm okay thanks I’ll look into it some more.


I’ve found the reason why the mission gets skipped in Episode 5 and that is fixed in my version.

Now got to figure out what causes the game to say denise is dead when she wasn’t and why when mara chooses to not break the lore in episode 6 why it loops.

Everything else seems to be sorted and no-more issues have been reported yet.


Fixed the issue with the game saying Denise is dead.

Only got to figure out the loop with choosing not to break into the crypt.

@poison_mara so what exactly happens you choose between rock and a hard place and you refuse to do the mission when you find out you have to break into a crypt. Then what actually happens?


The boss is angry and send me to the base. In that moment the love scene where Lakota gives me the rune medalion happens and the mission appears like is the only left i have to choose it. So the scene of the mission happens like it never happened before. If I choose again I wouldn’t break the law all replays itself in a loop. However, if I choose break the law the scenario keeping going forward as it should


okay try the link I messaged you see if it still happens.


Okay looks like all bugs that have been reported have been squished.

Just making a few tweaks to make certain things more clearer.

Has anyone else had any issues not mentioned above?


Not an issue but just wondering how to make Daniel not get killed by the Werewolf on the first mission with Unit Alpha?


You need an awareness of 1 to spot Jack in time to shoot him or 2 to spot him in time to tackle him.


Ok thanks been focusing to much on physical stat.


I had just start to read it again, my apology for unable to screen shot in from my phone … i chose the childhood friend as Sarah , when she was bullying me with her friends, i chose " why you do it? we used to be friend " … then the page turn , in first paragraph at the end of sentence there was a label {friend . it is a minor error , but i thought just to tell you …

and perhaps there might be some confusion if we chose Sarah as friend , when sarah start explaining why she became a bully, she said she looks at boys differently but her parents wanted her to be like “me” ( the MC) , i feel weird because i play as a male and Sarah is a girl , so why her parents want her to be like me ?

anyway, i love the updated version so far because the story had added lots of story that made it feel “alive” :slight_smile:


That first one is fixed in my version I’ll look into the second issue.


I tried romancing Craig twice, but there were no more romance scenes after the hospital one.


Ill look into this. Have you tried following the guide on the website,?