UnNatural - A supernatural horror game - editing complete, beta testing over



They are just personality stats suggested by my editor. Just help people with their own character. No game affect yet.


As a role player doesn’t work. Being numbers in same level and place as will. It’s confusing. It is like suggest you have to be that or rise them. The fact that is not even in the explanation makes even more weird.

I have been 3 missions thinking about how “I should raise sarcasm. is this charisma?”
My suggestion is you instead do something like this

x character personal psychological profile
She/he/they is known for a thoughtful personality even if sometimes relies upon sarcasm.
That would in my humble opinion be tons better. And lot clearer


Okay, sorry to be a pain in the ass. But I found an infinite loop mission in Between a rock and a hard place. With romance lakota both go to the cript Well mara doesn’t want break the law so She was kick out of the mission. But instead She returned previous scene when lakota gave her the rune medalion. I have replayed 3 times so i am positive is a eternal mission loop maybe is because i chose that to be the last mission.

Now i have to break the law :sob: Also a nick pick probably only I have. I am determined NEVER given a humanity point. Well… Ren doesn’t shut up SIGN FOR POWER …again and again each five seconds :gun: this is what i useto sign… Shut up Ren


I’ll look into that. The shade power boost is coded to come in at the start of every case unless you go Azure. I’ll look into adding a variable and a choice to skip it.

But you will be pleased that when you go Azure or Master Shade it shouldn’t pop up again.


Mara only wants to be a lawful human. She wants put a lawyer firm and be with Lakota. She does not be a weird light fairy weirdo. So she no way affiliated to pick up her legacy. Ren at least is a way to say fuck azure. Still I will love a hardcore mode directly. You just don’t want to implement anything.

Another thing I have not implement any i have all powers over 10 or 5 still is automatically success. I understand is to make game playable… Still is not credible.
I want fail because my choice of not use powers or not loosing humanity. Is a hardcore choice and has to be painful.


How do you romance Scarlett in this new version? I can only partner with her too late in the story and never get to train with her or spend time her.


If Mara was pure human she would have been killed by the monster when she was 8. The only way she could have survived is if I wrote an option to just abandon your brother at the start. That or I spoil a twist from Season Two at the end of the game. Then if she survived that she would have died at the end of episode two.

Low shade powers should lead to failure. Azure should be the one that is basically an instant win.

If being human with no powers is important to you. I’d suggest you role play season one as someone else then role play the second protagonist in season two as yourself.


Have you tried following the guide on my website?


Is this for the updated version?


Should be. I’m sure I changed it I’ll check.


Ok thanks I’ll try and see if it works.


It should still work although it’s not as detailed as could be. I should add the alternate option to romance her.


I did “7500”, but then it jumps to episode 6 and I can’t choose “between a rock and a hard place”


Sounds like that jump bug let me see if I can get that fixed.


Well I have no failure with Shade. I did all cages and all stuff flawless. Also I know character is an Azure. But in character she is in denial I personally like the powers and the game. Simply I found great play with someone for once doesn’t want be a super hero


If you don’t power up your shade power you shouldn’t have been able to do the cage. I’ll look into that.

I am curious how your character doesn’t want to be an Azure is in denial but still uses the shade powers to cage the wolves. Would you mind telling me how you explain that in character.

Would you say you see the powers as a toolbox which you don’t want but you see the usefulness of using shade to capture the wolves?


Ok thanks cause I can only do one mission for episode 5 then it jumps to 6.


I’ll look into it and no one reported that in the beta. Must have been something I altered prior to submit as I did fix a few spelling errors…


Thank you because it’s been making Scarlets romance impossible.


Because is the only option is using powerz. or restart game In many many choices only options are
Use focus
Use shard etc If magic is only choice … What i could do cry to the screen :wink:


You should be able to kill them without your powers though? Of the top of my head you can kill the wolves with the gun and knife. I’ll add that to my search.