UnNatural - A supernatural horror game - editing complete, beta testing over



The missions i talk about were „The trouble with fae” and „Between a rock and hard place”, maybe skipping to the next chapter is connected with romance route i choose. In previous version of the game, part of the characters(Victor, Ashley, Craig/Sarah) get their first romance scene after first mission in chapter five and in updated version i got none. I hope that help :slightly_smiling_face:


I meant which case did you do before it skipped.


Either of them, i try both and each time it skipped to chapter six


Hi nocturnal_stillness I get the Denise dying bug when I use silver rounds on the first wolf and the shade blade on the second one.


Okay thanks I’ll look into them when back.


I had the same bug with Denise supposedly dying but not actually. I used the hybrid rounds, captured the first wolf with Shade gauntlets and shot the second one.


I think I’ve spotted the part with the issue. I will fix it once I’m back from holiday.


It says 100,000 downloads now… :neutral_face:


I find this error after decide confront Craig and his bullies. I don’t know if was reported

“Shut up! Why are you always so nosy?” he yell{friend_s}.

Craig punches you again and laughs. “Maybe next time you’ll have a growth spurt,” he adds, finally climbing off you.


Yep it’s fixed in my version. On family holiday currently. Waiting to see if any more bugs pop up. Thankfully it seems to be the same few which is good. Keep posting ones you find. It all helps :slight_smile:


Just think of that number. 100,000 people have taken an interest in this game. That’s massive. And it’s all text.


Yep but then consider that is Google alone the app store is meant to be a higher number.


I think Google store has already surpassed Apple for HoG.


How are people finding having the newgameplus codes in the completed achievements?


Had a review that said the character shouldn’t be in high school as if he was 5 in 2013 he’d only be 13-14 in 2008(I assume he meant 2018). Odd thing is the MC is 8 in 2013.

The sentence from the game is “At five years old, Alexander was three years younger than you.”

That to me clearly shows the MC is 8 at that point. Is this not as clear as I thought.


I think it can be confusing to math challenged people.

“Alexander, who was five at the time, was three years younger than you.” is how I would rephrase it.


My opinion is the person is like me not native and the order of the phrase is complex. To the point of thinking you have five and your brother 2


To be fair, as Eiwynn said, I did think the MC was 5 years old and Alexander was 2 but I just went with it.


Thanks I’ll rephrase it.


A question I had two stats that aren’t explained anywhere @Nocturnal_Stillness I am insane? I have Thoughtful and sarcastic .