UnNatural - A supernatural horror game - editing complete, beta testing over



Yeah…at least three people of the team were dead, but the achievenent unlocked anyway…


Thanks I’ll look into that.


I had same error too ,lol I even don’t bother about the members still achievement


Hello for starters i just wanna say great game i’ve waited long time for this updated version and it was totally worth it :grin:. I bought it yesterday on Steam, but i have some problems, in chapter five when i finish one of three missions after briefing game take me to the next chapter without chance to play another mission. Is it some bug or that’s how game works in the new version. Also are they new requirments for romances because for some reasons even if i choose romantic choices in first chapters (with Craig or Victor) romance route doesn’t seem to progress later in game.(Also sorry for my english it’s not my naitive language)


Thanks for the bug reports. I’ll get them sorted asap.


The game doesn’t recognize that I paid for it after this update, I had this kind of problem before.


If I remember right you have to clear the cache for the purchase to kick in.


Just tried that now and it doesn’t work. I purchased it in 2015.


Okay you need to email support(at)choiceofgames(dot)com they should be able to help you. I can’t fix an issue like that.

If that email is wrong just use the one in the app itself.

Edit: also it might be clear data not cache had a review that mentioned they had to do that.


People who purchase the Steam version will want to verify their downloaded files before doing anything else.

Basically, left click on the title in the Library of Steam and chose: the “Local Files” tab of the Properties option and then the “Verify Integrity” option. This will normally over-write any corrupted file and also force updates that have not triggered for whatever reason.


Sorry can’t resist posting this here. It’s trending at #9! Can’t believe it.


50,000 downloads? Holy cow!


The art does look amazing. And so far I’m liking the new update so kudos for the hard work you put in it. Can’t wait for season two to come eventually :slight_smile:


I re download it to fix the issue with catche yesterday. Sadly i can’t give more stars @Nocturnal_Stillness Well done… I hope you still giving character stubborn to not use powers and be human a chance . and desert eagle to the win


I am glad to see unnatural at #9 because it is personally my all time favorite hosted games game


of course your stats get little boosts in checks thanks to relevant lore or learned skills which should make it easier for a no power playthrough.

an example would be a check against shooting a werewolf would actually compare your mental AND werewolf lore against the check to pass and having firearms training results in the require check being lower than without.


Quick question what type of ammo did you take on “By Tooth and Claw”?


I’ve fixed the coding errors reported so far but still looking into the people die but you still get the achievement for everyone survives.

the second mission skipping hasn’t been reported by anyone else so @Szymon_Struk could you tell me which mission you did before it skipped.

I think I’ve located the issue with Denise not dying but being said to have died can someone just confirm what ammo they used and how they beat the first and second wolf.

Now tomorrow I’m off to Wales for a week on a family holiday. So I’ll wait a week to see if anymore bugs get reported then will blitz them all when I get back.

So hope all of you are enjoying the revisions.


Is there some sort of guide to getting the different epilogues?


no full guide but basically the epilogue you get depends on a few things.

  1. where the SRT gets shut down or not.
  2. what you do after the attack on the HQ speficially whether you choose to stay and help or not.

In all in the revision there are four base epilogues; one and two can occur if SRT stays open while three and four occur if they shut down