UnNatural - A supernatural horror game - editing complete, beta testing over



Another update of the sculpture. Really glad I commissioned it. Be fun offering it as a prize :slight_smile:


Oh look a 1 star review about the -2 condition bug…Wonderful


Thanks for the speed reply, I really appreciate all the hard work you’re doing for the updated season one and the upcoming season 2


You’re welcome. It was a silly bug where unless you romances specific people it skipped the code of a social scene which meant you missed the 2nd case


Yeah I wasn’t sure if it was just changed in an update or if actually was a bug. Though I was playing on ios so I also didn’t know if that was another contribution.


But I’ll be eagerly awaiting the next patch and I thank you again for your help


When the sculpture is finished and I have the finished piece I can’t decide whether to pay more so someone else can paint it like the cover or leave it the grey colour so the winner can choose to paint it themselves or get someone else to paint it. (Just thinking it’s suit the cyoa nature of the game letting the winner effectively customise their statue.)

What do people think?

  • It should be pre-painted.
  • It shouldn’t be pre-painted let the winner paint it themselves.
  • Either way is fine with me.

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Hmm. While I’m looking forward to seeing the finished sculpture in all its glory (especially being the first of its kind for the CoG community), it would seem to make sense to allow the winning artist to paint it themselves? That would be a nice touch, I feel – especially if that person also pledged to post a piccy or two afterwards… :wink:


In others news I’ve emailed CoG the files with the reported bug fixes (apart from the -2 condition bug which I’m believing is a cause of a mod but that is being dealt with elsewhere and shouldn’t impact the majority of players.)


I’m weird - I’d prefer to keep the sculpture raw, unpainted.


That has its appeals too. Sometimes colors distract from the details in a sculpture so no color makes you really focus on those details and appreciate them more.


Game development fact:

One of the changes made in the edits was to move a choice (What to do with the orb) from the end of season one to the beginning of season two. This decision was made because of the fact there are cases that unlock depending what you did with it. And it felt.wrong to make players have to replay season one just to experience the different cases.