UnNatural - A supernatural horror game - editing complete, beta testing over



My sculptor has given me a birthday present today (I reached level 35 this fine day).

Enjoy some photos of the nearly.finished prize for my next art competition. (@defenestratin you’ll like this especially)


Hello! New to everything here, if I may ask a few questions, don’t want to be annoying so they’ll be quick.

Is Julie Woods going to make an appearance in Season 2?

Is the psychologist that worked with you during your early years in Season 1 ever going to make a return? Or were they just meant to be a background character?

Hope I didn’t bother you. :sweat_smile:


Julie Woods will have more books hidden. The psychologist is just a background character I thought you were referring to the lawyer who you can meet if you get into legal trouble.


Thanks for the quick reply!

Shame about the psychologist, would’ve been great to have a relationship like Daredevil has with the Priest in Netflix’s Daredevil.

Also want to ask if this thread is the right one to be asking these sort of questions, noticed the latest were about bugs within the game.


Yes this is the right thread :slight_smile:


Spelling errors.

“It is just a nightmare. Go back to bed,” you reply, stifling a yawn.


But you don’t remember being that much of a scaredy-cat at his age though.

Add a comma after the bolded word.

Of course you were able to shrug off most of damage

Put ‘the’ after the bolded word.

We’re here for you Oliver remember that.

Change it to:

We’re here for you, Oliver, remember that.

You walk back towards the exit, but as you pass the shelf on incantations, and charms , which

Remove the space between ‘charms’ and the comma.

We usually use fingerprint technology but it’s been playing up lately so we’ll get you on the database as soon as its back up and running.

Change it to:

We usually use fingerprint technology, but its been playing up lately, so we’ll get you on the database as soon as its back up and running.


Thanks for these I’ll add them to my list. Much appreciated.