UnNatural - A supernatural horror game - editing complete, beta testing over



Can anyone tell me how to unlock epilogues? I just recently went back and play this game again but I can’t seem to unlock it.


You get an epilogue when you complete the game. Which one you get depends on your actions in the last episode and your reputation. A key point is going to save your brother or not both lead to different epilogues depending on rep.


Working through editing Episode 6 atm and there is particular point where my editor (tagging you @Fiogan so you can elaborate your point :slight_smile: ) isn’t keen on a part of the episode and although I can see where they are coming from I’m doubtful others would see it as how they see it. It might even be a cultural opinion, so before I make a decision about whether to remove or keep it I thought I’d post it and get some opinions from my female readers as this is something that only happens to a female protagonist. Just have a read and just tell me what you think…

For clarification this bit takes place between a female protagonist and their younger brother. The point my editor has is that not all girls would mind being called big especially if they are a more physical player. From my pov and the intent of the scene was a female protagonist would simply be saying to their brother that not all girls would like being called big not the protagonist herself.

My choices are;
1)Leave as is.
2)Alter the text to say "For future reference some girls don’t like to be called ‘big’…"
3) Delete it.

[Also when the brother says big he means in general its been a LONG time since you last saw him (over ten years so he last saw you at the age of 8 and now your 19-20]

He stares up at you. "This is weird!" he announces suddenly.

"What is?"

"You're big!" he says, impressed.

*if (female)
  You hit him lightly.
  "What was that for?"
  "For future reference that isn't something you ought to say to a girl..."
  "Fine, still true," he replies cheekily.


If this is what you are getting at, then he’d be more likely to say:

This is with the brother being a young adult himself … if he was 8, then the “You’re big!” would be ok … but even by 8 that is a little iffy imo.

Your editor is correct that not all girls would mind being called “big” depending on the context.

Hope this helps.


That’s the thing though. I’ll have to put the next bit in spoilers.

your brother is killed when you are 8. At this point in the game he is revived so he is still 5 so he’s seen you go from being 8 to 19/20.

Edit :I’ve just removed it it’s not story critical and if I have to do explain the scene fails anyway so it’s easier to get rid of it. :slight_smile:


Hi All

The editing is nearly done now. So I’ll be looking for some beta tester to test the new and revised content soon. If you’re interested please let me know and I’ll add you to the list, If you beta tested it the first time and are in the last pm thread about it I’ll post the code to access the beta there too


New cover art for UnNatural courtesy of @defenestratin (


Does anyone know how to start a relationship with Scarlet? I did it accidentally the first time and I can’t do it again. Knowing that her surname “Tepes” means she is descended from Vlad or not doesn’t boost it or drop the relationship bar.


Editing update:

Okay, finally finished the edits now. It passes quicktest and its now going through randomtest.

so its time to betatest the new content (including new scenes, revised scenes and a new nonbinary option for the PC.)

So if you’d like to beta test the new and improved of season one let me know here and I’ll add you to the testing group tomorrow.

Thanks everyone for your patience and a big thanks for @Fiogan for going through it all (sorry for some of my bad writing habits!) and @defenestratin for doing a fantastic job with the new cover.


I volunteer

(20 characters)


If a spot is still open, count me in.


I’m interested to see the re-edited version of the game. I really think that, with all these fixes, the game would shine.

So sure, count me in. I can’t promise frequent testing (what with college and me beta testing 2 other games) but I’ll try my best.


@aao @ArchangelVoldemort @KingHenry

Invites sent.


I also volunteer to help if you’d like more testers.


Invite sent. (20 characters)


If you need more testers, I’d like to try since I have a lot of freetime at my hands these days.


Invite sent. (20 characters)


I’ll test if you need more eyes


Invite sent (20 characters)


@Nocturnal_Stillness I’d love to help beta test pls, i LOVE this game!