UnNatural - A supernatural horror game - editing complete, beta testing over



I’d love to help beta test been waiting for this game’s comeback


I would be I interested in beta testing if there’s still a spot available for me :slight_smile:


invites sent. (20 characters)


Congrats on finishing the edits. So since your old friend is always the same gender how will it work for the nb option?


in the new edits you get to pick whether Craig or Sarah is your old friend, so a nb MC can have a male or female friend.


Have you thought of having a nb option for a companion? Just a thought there.


Actually yes I have. If I can’t decide on one to introduce to season one I’ll definitely add one to season two.


I’d like to help beta test if you’re still taking testers. Loved the original.


Added you. You’ll need to use the link later on in the post as I did this on the back of the first beta test.


Gosh I did love this game, if you’re still open to more people I’d join in. Otherwise I hope for the best and can’t wait till season 2 comes around ^^


I’m now looking for nonbinary readers to read through the current version of UnNatural to see how the nonbinary path works. I should have gotten all the pronouns but I’m worried some scenes may not work like intended or seem off to a nonbinary player.


Put me in im warmed up and ready


Invited you to the beta message and added a latest link to the last post.


Sorry if my post here is necro’ing the thread, but!

Currently on my third play through with a male MC. Romanced Craig, then Lakota, so I figured I’d do Victor next since i read somewhere that he was available before I move on to female MC play throughs, but I can’t seem to trigger the romance itself.

I’m running version 1.3.6 with my android. It’s a Note 8 if thats important. Also, I did follow a romance guide, but no dice.

Any help is much appreciated!


No need to apologise in the version currently on the app itself. His romance is still bugged. But in the version on my pc and in the beta test its working. I’m just working through the nonbinary path testing atm.


Damn, that response is prompt! Thanks for clearing that up! In that case, I’ll hold off finishing this run until the issue’s fixed.

Thank you again!


I like your idea and it got me excited, I interpreted your idea has having various dialogue regarding your gender in regards to a specific case, where a monster has an Mo in regards to killing a specific sex to which the player is the opposite of. Like how Succubi usually go after men. I was hoping for a way to possibly save everyone in the previous game, I grew attatched to a bunch of the characters, and this has become one of my favorite of all the stories that I’ve read, and I’ve read over 60! If it were possible could you expand on the romance options of the characters, like so it feels real, you could have characters grow jealous of another, or even have a way to resolve conflict between a group of people.


You must definitely add a charisma skill, it’s one of my favorite from every novel that I’ve read, a way to honey coat the truth of you’re going for a sky character.


I’m all honesty I recommend a star system similar to the one that was included in Tin Star, the one book that I never get tired of reading. It includes an option for either numbers or dialogue that explains your stats, and every star is actually useful and add fun to the game in a different way.


Wow, my heart just felt the intensity of Linda’s story. I am entirely enthralled by your idea!